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This Mask did not exceed my expectations. I did notice a brighter, more glowy appearance after taking the mask off. But I don’t think this is worth its huge price tag. I did end up returning the item because there are a thousand other mask that have the same claims. The claims are as follows. “Pure 24K Gold and Colloidal Gold to help improve the appearance of firmness and impart an opulent glow”. I did notice this mask giving me a little bit more color to my complexion. Sadly have to say this is a miss; this mask would be suited perfectly for people in their 30’s and above. I think the reason why this mask didn’t perform its full capacity is due to the age gap as Peter Thomas Roth products are more geared for the older audience.

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'Nother headcannon, that totally doesn't have anything to do with my own experiences nah. Yuri is short as hell. And has a baby face as far as I can tell. He also dresses like every punk teen I know. So when he goes to a restaurant, even if he's the one to approach the host, he gets totally ignored, and his "parents" get asked if they'll be needing a kids menu that night. And every single time, Yuri just loses it.

This whole HC is 24k of pure gold.

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Leia's badly-hidden crush on Cassian Andor

leia organa, princess of alderaan, is all of fourteen when she is introduced to captain cassian andor

(he is not fourteen. he is thirty-two, measuring by a standard galactic calendar, and heavy with so much loss that sometimes he is surprised he can rise up in the morning. But he Believes In The Republic the way some men believe in the force, despite how tired he is; he is so tired and there is blood dripping from his hands, scarlet imprints where he walks and—)

it is senator organa who introduces them. my daughter, he says, like that is supposed to mean anything to cassian.

princess, cassian says, in absence of anything else.

……if you want to know what cassian sees, it is a slender not-yet-for-a-good-while-yet-woman, pale as the shade of alderaan will allow and mulish—that’s the word for her jaw, though her eye are different, bright. Leia sees something different entirely, rough and coarse and wholly lit on fire, believing. This is her first real introduction to her father’s dangerous hobby, and there is Cpt. Cassian Andor; rough and a little dismissive, and yet still profoundly committed.

(only able to achieve the latter because of the protection afforded him by the former)

She spends more hours than she will admit, later, doodling his name on her datapads. The dashing separatist spy isn’t a remote fantasy to her; she has a name, and rough stubble, and once he leaned close to her and his breath smelled of betel leaves, because he’d just come back from—-

it isn’t important (it is very important)

even before scarif, cassian is about as interested in bail organa’s daughter as he is in swift execution. but leia? she never forgets. And afterwards, only picks principled criminals, with roguish smiles, and hearts of pure 24k gold.

On some days, your typical cabinet of beauty products just won’t do the trick. Sometimes, a lady needs opulence. That’s where Peter Thomas Roth’s 24K Gold Pure Luxury Lift & Firm Mask comes in. Made from real gold, this new face mask is for those who want a skin-care routine that’s more bling than basic. Below, I recount my experience with the first beauty product that made me feel like a queen. KELLEY HOFFMAN

Last week, a pot of gold appeared on my desk. Even though no rainbows or leprechauns were in sight, it felt like something that appeared out of a magical fantasy. At a substantial five ounces of lavishness, I opened the jar to examine what was inside.

The silky, gilded formula felt like gold jewelry melted down into a rich dessert. At first, my instincts were to conserve, so I applied a very thin layer over cleansed skin. It looked mostly invisible except for a shimmery sheen. I reread the instructions and it said I should actually apply it quite generously. So, I applied a thick, metallic layer of the most luxurious formula I’ve ever touched. Then I rubbed the excess on the back of my hands and neck for extra coverage.

There wasn’t any scent I particularly noticed— if I had to describe it, I’d just say it had an air of fresh cleanliness.  I left it on for ten minutes and felt a nice, cooling effect. While it didn’t look like I was wearing metal all over my face, the mask was definitely golden. Not only did it make me feel regal, it was, by far, the most fun I’ve ever had with a skin-care item.

When my ten minutes were up, I used boscia’s Konjac Cleansing Sponge to help wipe away the formula. My skin felt baby soft to the touch and hydrated, thanks to the formula’s glycerin and hyaluronic acid. Ingredients like 24K gold, colloidal gold, and caffeine offered a lifting and firming effect to help my skin feel tightened. Peridot, an ingredient made from an ancient green gemstone, helped make me look re-energized. Suddenly, I gave off a youthful glow. Trust me when I say this mask is as good as gold.


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Peter Thomas Roth / 24K Gold Mask Pure Luxury Lift & Firm Mask


【MMD】 TiK ToK – Shinju Kobayashi

(Marth has got the moves. O_O)

I need to like get something out my chest:

gold does nothing to your body

having gold flakes in your food or in your face mask etc doesn’t make it any more effective of healthy.

Gold goes through your body totally unaffected, if the body would pick up the gold and use it there wouldn’t be any gold flakes left in your poop.

And if it WOULD pick up most of the gold flakes it just means you didn’t eat pure 24k gold. But probably 18k or lower, which means you just absorbed the extra metals that are mixed in the gold. And that’s prob not always a good thing.

Gold in food is just a fun fancy extra thing, it doesn’t harm your body nor does the body affect the gold itself since it’s a “pure metal”.

The thing with gold that makes it special is that it does not rust/oxidize like most other metals do. Only exception is something called “royal water” which can dissolve it.

So if you see a product that “contains gold” remember that it’s just for show, also just there to make the product more expensive.

Also remember that brass, silver, copper and aluminum also comes as “leafs” and brass is often used as “gold imitation”. And trust me you do not want to eat any of those metals. Especially silver holy shit do not eat silver.