pure 24k gold


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I need to like get something out my chest:

gold does nothing to your body

having gold flakes in your food or in your face mask etc doesn’t make it any more effective of healthy.

Gold goes through your body totally unaffected, if the body would pick up the gold and use it there wouldn’t be any gold flakes left in your poop.

And if it WOULD pick up most of the gold flakes it just means you didn’t eat pure 24k gold. But probably 18k or lower, which means you just absorbed the extra metals that are mixed in the gold. And that’s prob not always a good thing.

Gold in food is just a fun fancy extra thing, it doesn’t harm your body nor does the body affect the gold itself since it’s a “pure metal”.

The thing with gold that makes it special is that it does not rust/oxidize like most other metals do. Only exception is something called “royal water” which can dissolve it.

So if you see a product that “contains gold” remember that it’s just for show, also just there to make the product more expensive.

Also remember that brass, silver, copper and aluminum also comes as “leafs” and brass is often used as “gold imitation”. And trust me you do not want to eat any of those metals. Especially silver holy shit do not eat silver.