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  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: I can't stop thinking about Cinnamon Roll Goofball™ Melissa Benoist and Goth Nerd Goofball™ Katie McGrath giggling and messing together on set and how silly they'd be together and how they must make eachother laugh a lot when filming especially considering their easy-going nature and their relatively light-hearted scenes and-

i can’t believe i get to tell my children that there was once a time when gifs weren’t allowed over 1mb. when gifs have only 25% of its area actually moving, and the rest was a static still frame over the entire 18 frames.

look at where we are now. gifs under 3mb are allowed. i can gif anything now. 540 widths scare me no longer. cyans and magentas can no longer hold me back. 50 frames that display the entire shot, no longer having to split it into two different gifs. the creation of the universe cannot stop me. 3mb is power.

good concept: captain Yamaguchi + vice captain Hinata going to Hinata’s place to discuss volleyball stuff and as they’re talking seriously Natsu is playing with Yama’s longer hair. Everytime he comes back from Hinata’s place it’s something new. He sometimes shows up to practice with cute bows and clips and braids. Natsu is happy that Yamaguchi visits so much because it’s more fun to play with long hair.

watching earlier episodes is so fucking hard now because not only do you have to navigate orion’s cringey meta-gaming but watch out for the vax’ilmore sexual tension you could cut with a knife and any good and pure scanlan moment because all of these things are painful for completely different reasons

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you are beautiful! and you are starlight! and you are smart! and wonderful! and you deserve love and respect! islamophobes can go screw themselves, because they are wrong. they are so very wrong. they will go down in history as the assholes they are. you are a star and your light can never be diminished. no matter how many assholes try to hurt you, remember that you are glorious. you are better than they are. you are so strong and if you want i will personally fight anyone who hurts you <3

OMG darling this is such a good and pure message 💖 Thank you so much and the same goes to you 

here’s a new oc, he’s a tall and burly Warhammer who has fought as a warrior against large and brute monsters, even though he acts violent and brute in battle, he is a sweet and gentle giant who wouldn’t even hurt a fly, he tends to be shy around others, afraid that he can’t control his super strength, but is the greatest friend you will ever have, he doesn’t like to be pressured however, if he is under enough pressure he will go ballistic. it is very hard to take him down, he once fought over 6 powerful golems and defeated them all, still able to stand with a few bruises and cuts, he is married and had 3 beautiful children. he is abnormally big and tall, being able to tower over normally tall objects and be able to pick up short objects like they’re just medium teddy bears, he talks in a slight russian accent. he is a good and pure giant man

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femmeroadhog: this fandom is so toxic uwu

femmeroadhog: a post about how it’s kind of skeevy that people are putting roadhog into a Good Pure relationship with a woman pre crisis, and then only showing him having attraction to men after an apocalypse? wow, this is a great opportunity to say op is being biphobic, even though the concept that there’s a “correct” gender to settle down with in the capitalist western structure is something that harms bi people too! if I just say something enough, it has to be true

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so you hONestLY think it's not "problematic" to ship terumob? oh it's so bad to ship and adult with a minor, BUT HEY if you wanna ship TWO underage character THAT'S SO GOOD AND PURE! are you fucking stupid? yeahhh there's TOTALLY nothing sketchy about shipping TWO children, deeefinitely not something PEDOPHILES WHO WANT TO SEE *ONLY* CHILDREN would be into. you've gotta be kidding me right now, how much more uneducated and sheltered can you get? great job misunderstanding literally everything.

first of all, im 15. keep that in mind whenever u decide to send me an ask abt a ship w 14 year olds (who i dont ship sexually anyway)

second, i see where ur coming from, anon. i get why u feel uncomfortable seeing this kind of ships, so im gonna tag everything ship related as their corresponding ship names (’terumob’, ‘ritsushou’ etc) so u can conveniently blacklist them.

if thats not gonna suit u then feel free to unfollow me, ur entirely in control of what u see on ur dash (almost)

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