I have massive respect for fanfiction writers who write angst in their fanfictions because I would just make my OTP get together in like the first sentence and then have 30+ chapters with no plot just fluff.

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I like the idea of Genji being trans. Coming from a family with pressures to be a certain way, and not dishonour the Shimada name, he was terrified of coming out. When he finally plucked up the courage to talk to Hanzo about it, Hanzo barely bat an eyelid, and was only worried about if binding hurt. In later years when Genji got his cyborg body, it was bittersweet, because though what happened was tragic, at the same time his new body was perfectly sculpted and masculine like he'd always wanted.

Honestly this is so perfect I agree with you

Trans Genji needs to be protected at all costs. He’s a precious baby.