“Outside of wrestling I live a very kind of, quiet life. I never felt like I quite fitted in the kind of, banter filled environments of Ireland. I was a little bit of an introvert where you know, I’d rather sit in the corner and just listen. I guess some people like doodling or jigsaws where I’ve kind of never grown out of the whole lego thing.” -Finn Balor on living the Lego Life


Negan in Every Episode » The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be
We did it all of us, together even the dead guys on the ground. Hell, they get the spirit award, for sure. Today was a productive damn day! Now, I hope, for all your sake that you get it now that you understand how things work. Things have changed. Whatever you had going for you, that is over now. […] Welcome to a brand-new beginning, you sorry shits! I’m gonna leave you a truck. Keep it. Use it to cart all the crap you’re gonna find me. We’ll be back for our first offering in one week. Until then ta-ta.

And finally Vex is finished, which means the ladies of Vox Machina are done!  I wonder if I do the gents if I should keep the current banners or use a different phrase, but I think I might keep it for consistency.

I think I got a good had at rendering the fur of Vex’s mantle but it’s a bit of a tedious process.  I decided not to fully render Trinket in the same manner so the there would be a bit more balance to their pose.  Didn’t want him to be so busy, y’know?

Also if things turn out well, I’ve got a reeeeally ambitious one planned out for Matt Mercer, but we’ll see how it goes.

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