Bob Morley IRL

A lot of ppl were asking about how he is IRL. So I thought I’d just write this up instead of sending endless repetitive tweets!

He was so…there’s nothing fake. There’s nothing contrived. He is who he is & sometimes he’s embarrassed by that, but then he laughs and the tension oozes away. He doesn’t pretend to be ANYONE but himself. And doesn’t apologize for that. if you don’t like him, whatever, as long as you’re not in his face about it.
And Bc he was so, is open and honest it just made me so much more infuriated at the ppl who think he’s annoying or an asshole. Bc you just don’t get it. I’m not saying he’s better than anyone else. But he understands how to be better. And that in and of itself is better than a lot of people.
He is sweet. So attentive to his fans. He has this warmth that he exudes, you just, you feel so comfortable. If he speaks to you for 2 mins or 10 for those moments he makes you feel like the most important person. And then sometimes you actually realize you are important (not gonna lie, my heart is still filled to the brim with unshed tears bc of him saying what he did to me. ANYWAY)
Going to this con.
I knew it would be great. I knew taking a pic w him would be something special. But I got to meet him. I got to know him. I got to see him. And you never know how a celebrity is going to be in real life. Even at a fan orientated event. But I think he gathers some sort of internal strength fr fan interaction. He never stopped smiling. Even at the end when he was tired & done and spelling eluded him!
I think he is probably THE MOST genuine person I’ve ever met. It would be SO easy for him to just smile and nod and still be loved & adored but that’s just not who he is. He doesn’t want to be that on a pedestal celebrity who looks upon the masses.
If anything he wants it to be reverse, he wants you to feel more important than he is. Which is so silly. Embrace your importance Bob, you wouldn’t be who you are to all of us without it.

I hope that is a satisfactory answer to everyone asking how he is, if he’s really as sweet as he seems etc. :)