💝🌸Happy birthday to our soft/hard wonderful snoopy jungwoo💖

This pure & wonderful “angel” deserves the world cause he’s a soft caring talented “angel”✨

I’ve been there for most of your ICONIC moments and I’m very blessed for that like damn essketit dude…. haha sorry…. but I’m starting to get sick so I’m extra soft and im dying but you’re over her thriving and living and I appreciate that and you and uwu,,, UWU💖🌸 but happy birthday to this big uwu and I hope you spend it having fun🌸💝

🌷✨Happy jungwoo day✨🌷

wig though today this butch femme couple came in n we had the cutest conversation n the butch ran back in afterwards to buy a big bunch of flowers I was like r u in trouble lmao n she was like yeah I ate all the cheesecake last night

Patton knows how to calm down his kiddos and make them stop fighting.

Roman needs an artistic and expressive outlet.

Virgil needs something to fidget with to calm his nerves.

Logan needs a puzzle that will require intellectual brain power.

And Thomas needs a happy and familiar distraction to comfort him.

While it doesn’t solve the problem, it does calm the intense moment. By getting them under control, they can actually talk and start to work through things.

Patton is really good at what he does.