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Momma waz pregant,,, so had comfy purch to slep on.. but then momma went away and come back.... no comfy lump and a smal hareles cat???? Knew cat get all atenshun so wen smal cat go to slep, I SCREM to wake up. Smal SCREM back????? Momma puts me in a crATE???? ROOD!!!


015. Daddy

Summary: You call him daddy

Ch: Tommy, Arthur, John, Michael, and Finn.

Warnings: Daddykink, sexualish

Tommy: Tommy eyes fixated on the papers in front of him, brow fluring as he concentrated on the words scribbled in a tiny font. “Tommy it’s almost o’clock.” He takes a second to meet your eyes, then right back at the paper.

“I’ll have Finn walk you home love.” He paused, “I have tons of work.” You sigh, earning a groan from Tommy. 

“Tommy you promised we go home at 7, and now it’s 9 and you’re not even leaving with me.” Tommy sat back on the leather chair, now you had his full attention. “I’m sorry baby, I promise I’ll make it up to ya.”

You pout, only making Tommy feel more guilty as he looks at the woman he feels madly for. “I don’t want you to make it up to me.” You didn’t care if you sounded like a baby throwing a tantrum, you just wanted to go home with Tommy and actually get some sleep.

“Please Daddy.” He took that one word, embedded it into his skin, and stood. Neatly organizing the papers into one pile, and then pushing his chair in. “Let’s go baby girl, you owe daddy a lot.”

You smirk, pressing a kiss against the column of bare skin on his neck. “Anything you want Daddy.”

Arthur: The sudden smack to your rear made you jump, swinging you fist to only get it swallowed by the giant hand that caught it. 

“Relax Sweets.” You smile at your boyfriend. “You scared me daddy.” Arthur’s lips twitched to a smirk. “Keep calling me that and you might have a problem darling.”

You always loved teasing him, testing him until he couldn’t take it anymore. It was kind of a game the two established and it lived on in everyday life. You teased, and pushed, Arthur lasted as long as he could.

 “You ever think I wanted a problem?” Guiding your hand up his chest, only lead to a low growl rumbling inside his chest.

You grab the create of beer next to you, walking out of the door that led to the back of the bar. A cheer came from the men that waited for their beer.

John: “John I swear on Christ himself if you don’t pick up the fucking tooth picks you keep spiting everywhere I will fuck you up.” John snorted at your comment, as he began picking up the discarded tooth picks.

“I don’t know how you’re talking too.” You roll your eyes, a smile forming on your face, as you heard John from the other room. “Fine daddy pick your tooth picks up before I fuck you up.” 

John smirks, “That’s my girl.” John’s arms found you, wrapping around your body. “How are you today?”

His voice was sweet, but his eyes black with lust. Your hand traveled from his stomach, to his neck, tracing the thick, firm muscles on the way there. You press a kiss against his neck, making him tense instantly.

“Such a tease. “ He mumbles under his breath, hosting you up on the nearest flat surface, that being a desk. His hands trail up your bare thighs, bundling your dress up to your waist with his fist. “Spread ‘em for daddy sweets.”

Michael: The moment Michael pet his lap, and mentioned you over, you knew he was wanting you. Just the intense look that followed you across the room. You do as your told of course, straddling his hips.

Smoke fell from those perfect, plump lips, as he dragged another. “You know how you said you wanted that purse we seen the other day?”

You look at him questionably, but you knew exactly where he was going to. “What are you talking about daddy?”

Michael smirked, placing the cigarette in the tray. “My sweet pea knows exactly what I’m talking about.” His hardness strained against the layers between you both. “Can’t say I do daddy.”

The word sends another shock through his cock, only to add onto it, you push all your weight onto him. His hardness twitched against your panty covered wetness. “You’re so in for it baby girl.”

Finn: Finn has always been the youngest brother, and will always be looked on as the one that needed to be protected, and forever the baby of the family.

Finn finally told his brothers about dating you, but they only thought of it as something he made up, or longed for. Finn rolled his eyes as everyone stared laughing around the bar. 

No one believed Finn would be the one to get the new, hot barmaid, the laughing kind of made your blood boil, as you sensed Finn as well. Walking over to the little window and opening it, led to the room becoming completely silent. “Do you need anything daddy?”

Finn smiled from cheek to cheek, as you purched over the sill, breast slipping slightly out of your shirt, showing just enough cleavage for every man here to want you. Finn shakes his head, “I’m good my love.” You nod, the moment you shut the window, the room went into cheers.

A few hours later Finn sat at your bar, you smile cheekily, pouring him a glass of whiskey. “Thanks for before, they’ll always see me a little kid.” You nod, as Finn takes your hand in his.

“So daddy huh?” You laugh as he wiggles his eyebrows. “I just thought it would make the moment more intense.”

Finn leans against the bar, lips finding yours for a deep and strong kiss. “I like it.” He mumbles. You leave one last peak against his, “Okay daddy.”

A day as a nelson

Thank you for all the re-blogs and kind words towards this little fic. This is part 2 and the ending hopefully it lives up to all the expectations :D p.s i am still crap at editing. This is just a short rap up and you never know it could lead to other fics


part 2

His blood was thickning with rage as he looked into her eyes, a moment of regret took over him when he placed lucy’s hand beside her. He shouldnt of stopped her, but then he thought about his parents he knew no matter what was said about them she would still get in trouble.

Rhys’ eyes turned to lucy’s and she felt the ice melt away and warmth flood him. He gave her a tight lip smile and rubbed his thumb across her knuckles. Suddenly she felt soft warm arms rap around her shoulder from behind, Declans chin purched on top of lucy’s head after giving her a peck on the cheek. 

“shes not even worth it sis” Rhys sighed as his eyes flicked back towards denny. Out the corner of his eyes he could see lucy slowly nod as the tears she tried to hold back slid down her soft face.

“rhys… let me explain… its not what it looks like” Denny paniced as she tried to grab Rhys’ arm but he quickly pulled away from her touch like she was a desease.

“NO” he shouted in reply, and suddenly the whole canteen froze as there eyes couldnt pull away. But he didnt care he just continued. “NO HOW FUCKING DARE YOU! How dare you slag my mum off like that in front of everyone. Why because she has more body fat then you! Why because she isnt classed as pretty in your eyes. You dont even fuckin’ know her.. Dont you ever talk about my parents relationship like that you stupid cow.” 

“maybe she isnt mainstream beautiful in your eyes but that doesnt make her any less beautiful in our eyes… your pathetic denny. Mrs Nelson didnt deserve that, and neither did lucy. Oh and another thing, you must be fucking brain dead yourself if you thought lucy was ugly. shes bloody beautiful.” declan added as he gave lucy another kiss on top of her head.

“I-I didnt mean i-it… R-really it was… it was a joke. Ple-” Denny tried to say before rhys rose his hand implying her to stop.

“Save it Denny we have no more to say to you. Never talk to my sister again. Never talk to me again. And never talk about my family again, because if you do i wont stop her hand from slapping the shit out of you!” Rhys huffed as his body started to tense even more with her still being in his presence. Denny sadly nodded and turned around to leave.

“Denny other thing… You would never of gotten me. You were never more then a shag when i felt sorry for myself” He laughed as he watched Denny’s mouth drop open and run out the door of the canteen. The canteen suddly erupted in to cheers and hollers, random strangers were clapping the boys on the back and giving sympathetic smiles towards lucy. Lucy smiled at her brother and ingulfed in a massive bear hug whiping her tears on his top because she didnt want to let go just yet, She then turned declan and jumped into his arms raping her legs tighting around his waist. She grabbed declans cheeks and looked into his eyes.

“You really mean it… you think im beautiful” he sniffed as fresh tears began to fall.

“of course i did lucy, ive always thought that you were beautiful…” He replied smiling at her.

overwhelming happiness spread through lucys body, her limbs started to tingle and her smile couldnt be erased. Before her mind could think she was crashing her lips into declans with intensity and power, he returned her kiss but kept in mind that they had an audiance. They slowly broke apart and lucy slid down his body until her feet touched the ground, she was still smiling until she heard Rhys clear his throat  from behind her. Her eyes sprug open and she quickly turned around to see Rhys biting his nail beds. There eyes met and her grabs her into another hug.

“Go for it sis, ive always known he’s fancied you” he whispered through her hair.

“but.. Really?” she gasped looking up into his face with confusion.

“Yeah, he never shuts up about you” he laughed looking over to Declan and nodding.

“im so glad your my brother, thank you for all this. ill be lost without you next year”.


Rumours spread like wild fire at collage, By the end of the day the whole school knew Declan and Lucy kissed and that Denny was ran out of school for insulting the nelson family. Rhys received so many phone numbers from nearly every single girl in school that he could barely zip up his back pack, His shoulders raised a little more with a swift round of confidence. He met lucy at the car and already had a smoke hanging out of his mouth by the time he met her.

“you ready” she added as she looked up from her book.

“Yeah just give me a minute im hangin’ for a smoke” he laughed as he lit the smoke and inhailed deeply. He felt the smoke fill his lungs and slowly breathed it out with satisfaction of the hit of nicotine. He looked over towards his sister and his heart filled a little more, she was smiling. She had his mothers beautiful smile, that smile was something he looked forward to seeing for the rest of his life because family was his life.


“Out here” Finn yelled as he heard his kids stumble through the front door, He was relaxing on the deck chair on the porch with a sneaky joint hanging out of his mouth. It didnt matter how old he got he still appreciated good weed after a long day at work.

“Hey dad” Rhys said as he blonked himself down on the deck chair next to his father.

“how was school” Finn asked as he passed the joint across to his son “dont tell your mother about this” he added.

Rhys laughed and took a long drag. “it was school” He replied as he exhailed.

“Oh, lucy got herself a lad”

“What” Finn coughed as he choaked on air.

“Yeah da’, she pulled a lad” He joked as he passed the joint back.

“Ugh.. O-Ok.. Hang on what? Who?”

“you wont beleive it, but declan… They kissed today… Well she kissed him” he laughed as he watched his fathers expression. Finn’s eyebrows shot up to his hair line and his mouth sprug open.

“i swear if that boy hurts her im gunna rip his nutsake off” he scoffed as he took a massive inhale of smoke and kept it in his lungs.

“Dont worry da’ i trust him, you know he wont hurt her”

“Yeah, Yeah i know… But she’s still my baby girl you know” Finn replied as he stubbed the joint out in the ash tray.

“I get it dad, shes just growing up” Rhys explained and Finn sadly nodded in return.

“Dad can i ask you a question”

“Sure lad, whats wrong.. Do i need to go down a buy another packet of smokes or roll another joint” He chuckled in reply.

Rhys waved his hands in the air “No.. No nothing like that. Its about you and mum”.

Finns forehead crincked in confused and he slightly cocked his head to the side trying to understand where this is going. “Sure son, what do you wanna know aye”.

“What made you fall inlove with ma” Rhys said bluntly but with a smile smile.

“Well… Were do i start. We met when we were 16 and 17, at first we didnt get along… lets call that stage ‘sexual tension stage’ she was a right cow at times always mumbling prick to me under her breath” he paused and smiled as the good memories flooded back into his mind. “Then i confessed i loved her outside the bloody chippy of all places… i loved her then because she was strong and brave for all the crap that she went through before she met me.. but that was the tip of the ice burg. We had our ups and downs over the next 18 months and then broke up again before she left for uni. That was my mistake for letting her slip, i loved your mother so fucking much it broke us.. i broke us.. We were seperated for a year whilst she attended uni and got back together as we met up for summer break and here we are now.. You came along 9 months later so that hurried things along for us. But to get this questioned answered i fell in love with your mum because she was her. She wasnt that mainstream crap, she had a body full of curvys, a heart full of love, and she is beautiful… i just love everything about her” Finn brushed hte tear on his cheek away as he looked up and smiled at his son.

Rhys smiled at his dad as he watched him pour his heart out. This was something that he hoped he would feel one day.

“Us nelson’s are a funny bunch aye” laughed rhys.

“Yeah we are… but we will always be there for each other. Remember that son. Your mother, your sister and you are my life”

“Thanks dad, i needed this…” He replied as he lit a smoke.

“Everything good though?” He questioned as he looked at his sons shifty positure.

“Yeah, yeah i just… i just” He stopped and thought about telling his dad about today but he decided it wasnt the right time “i just wanted a good talk” He smiled.

“Well lad you got one, your growing up to fast as well next thing i know it will just be me and your mum again”

“Yeah well today was just one day… you’ve still got plenty more with us” He looked at his father and laughed. 







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When You're Ready

I needed silly fluff after MJ, so I wrote it. It’s inspired by this video.

This is for titania522, because she’s sick.

Ever since the bad days have started being fewer and fewer, things between me and Peeta have changed, too. Long gone are the days we tried to be friends, and so are those we pretended we were just friends.

Gazes lingered, touches were more frequent, hugs lasted longer.

The first kisses were for comfort, a “don’t worry, I’m here” and a “thank you for staying”. Then they became a “good morning”, a “see you later”, a “thank you for taking care of the dishes this time”. And then a “I just want to kiss you”.

Since then, it’s like we’ve been floating in a limbo, waiting for something to happen. I don’t know what it is exactly, but I feel it is something important that is somehow holding us back. I think Peeta feels it, too. I can see it in the way sometimes he looks at me, as if the sun shines off my ass, as Haymitch would so graciously put it. In these moments he opens his mouth but doesn’t say anything. As if the need to say something is stronger that he can handle but the words are just failing him, jibbing at the tip of his tongue. Then he says something like, “Could you pass me the salt?” or, “How was your day?”, and I let it go, just waiting for the moment one of us will know what this is.

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Ash/Chris - Hide and Seek

Before everything that happened in the lodge. Before Beth and Hannah had gone missing. When everyone had just started becoming close friends. Ashley felt some connection to Chris. Would she act on it? No, that would ruin the friendship.

The thing was Chris was different to how she felt towards other guys. He made her laugh. That little dorky grin he does always made her melt and his hair always smelled so good it made her dizzy. He was different to the other guys she had met. Super cliché.

One memory that has always stuck in her head was when they all went to Josh’s house to study (his mom always made sure they had tonnes of snacks) and for some reason Beth had this idea they should play hide and seek.

“It’ll be so much fun guys!” Ashley quipped, jumping up and down, her blonde hair bouncing with her. She was always one to jump at any chance to avoid studying too hard.

“Guys, c'mon, r-really, Hide and Seek?” It was Chris who spoke in this time, sat next to Ashley on the floor and shaking his head “Aren’t we a little old for this?”

“No, come on, it’ll be fun! I know all the good hiding places.” Beth smirked, looking over at Sam and Hannah who nodded

“NOT IT!” All three shouted in unison, giggling like children.

Finally it all came down to Josh being the one was the seeker and everyone was running through the grand house, searching for a place to hide.

Ashley found herself hid behind a mass of curtains in one of the bedrooms, perched on the windowsill just big enough for her to purch on. After a few minutes, she heard footsteps outside the door and the door creaking open. It was hard not to breathe too loudly, trying not to topple over, feeling her bum go numb being stuck in this position.
After what felt like a lifetime she heard Josh leave the room and she peaked out from behind the curtain. Seeing the room empty, she tore out of the room to find somewhere else to hide and found herself back in Hannah’s bedroom where they had been studying and she dived under the bed, only to be greeted by Chris who hide found his way back there.

“Jesus Ash,” Chris exclaimed, shuffling over to make room for her after she practically landed on him, “You scared the crap out of me.”

“Shit, Chris, I’m so sorry, I needed to find somewhere to hide cause Josh was where I last was so I thought I should run and oh my god I thought he was gonna see me!” She babbled, her words coming out faster and faster.

“Okay, that’s cool. Glad to have some company.” Chris whispered, giving her a nod and a smile. He genuinely looked happy to see her. Ashley’s stomach did a little backflip. It was only then did she realise how close they were. She could feel the heat coming from him, even in their tshirts it was boiling.

The pair lay there for what felt like forever. Josh must have found everyone by now, it had been at least an hour since they had started playing.

“Maybe I should go look,” Ashley said feeling brave, like they were being chased by a murderer and not one of their friends.

Just as she was about to move, there was a noise and outside and Chris had grabbed her, pulling her to him and covering her mouth with his hand. “Don’t make a noise.” His voice was barely a whisper.

Whoever it was had moved on pretty quickly, not even bothering to come into the room itself. Both of them let out a sigh, giggling together. “That was close.” Chris said, letting go of Ashley. “Yeah it was.” She looked up at Chris as he laughed and she felt herself relax again. She let out a small sigh of relief and looked at Chris, a wide grin on her face, who cleared his throat and blushed slightly, looking at Ashley, their faces so close she could feel his breath on her. They were looking right at each other, breathing slow and hollow.

She could kiss him. Right now she could kiss him. Since she had met him, she had wanted to know what his lips tasted like. Closing her eyes, she leaned forward and she could feel Chris moving towards her. This was happening. Finally it was happening.

Just as their lips were about to meet, Sam came running in and rolled under the bed, knocking Ashley on her face.

“Oh, hey guys,” Sam whispered, shuffling in, “so glad there’s room for one more, has Josh been in here yet? He already caught Jessica and…”

Her words trailed off as she saw the look both Chris and Ashley were giving her.

“What?” She demanded, her eyes flicking between the two of them, “have I interupted something?”