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So it went well.
We talked about what got me into judaism. And I told her about who I am. I always feel like my story is silly. But it is sincere.

She told me about the congregation’s ‘Jewish, Alive, and American’ class. She gave me some books to purchase and read.

She would like me to go Shul Shopping but if I feel that P.T. (congregation name abbreviated) is where I belong I can become a member.

She wants me to read about how the world sees Judaism. She wants me to understand antisemitism. She told me to read about the BDS.

If I move forward she wants me to learn Hebrew. And she is one of the rabbis who does follow through with the trying to deter converts three times.

I realise in hindsight when she asked me if I had any questions I should have asked when we could meet next. But i will purchase one or more of the books, begin to read it and then get back to her. I also hope that wasn’t a test. But i’m sure I’m being paranoid.

Although the JA&A class begins late August so i’ll need to do that immediately.

With my new book coming out, the previous way of purchasing my books via that drop down paypal form in my blog description was becoming a tad unwieldy, so I now have a shop where you can buy my books!

the things we love destroy us every time

                                     - George R.R. Martin


So here’s a thing I did ages ago for the Spots and Claws Artbook project for Thomas Astruc. Now that it’s been sent off I can share it with you guys (YAAAAYYYYY)!!!

For new followers, this is my headcanon for Akuma!Ladybug, Black Widow. She uses a poison rope dart (not sure if you can see the black widow mark on that, but it’s there), and she turns people into akuma slaves with a kiss, so…

Also, sorry the colors are a little wonky, but printing, man.

You can’t purchase the book (we only made it for Astruc), but you can download the whole thing for free!! Tons of AWESOME people worked on it, so please check it out!!! You can also check out the blog for the project here.

Thanks to everyone who made this book possible!! I’m so excited for Astruc to get it ahhhhhhhhhhh

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• 16/07/2016 • BOOK HAUL ☆

Someone give me a cookie. I’ve tolerated my book buying ban since the beginning of the year, so I think I can afford to splurge a bit. My order for Six of Crows awaited me and I couldn’t help but pick up this other beauty while I was in the bookstore…you know.

The latest, and certainly not the last, book purchase from the other day.  I love the premise as if it were written by Captain Kirk.  Three new books purchased, one completed over the last weekend.  That’s about right.  I need a new book shelf. 

I would love to read an “autobiography” of all these great characters.  Spock and Picard would be tremendous.

(news) shinee concert: shinee world v opening

shinee world v details

concert outline
• day & time: 1st - 2016 september 3rd 07:00 pm kst
                    2nd - 2016 september 4th 04:00 pm kst
• venue: seoul olympic park gymnasium
• ticket price: all seats 110,000 won (including v.a.t)
• concert-goers age: 7 years and above
• booking: yes24 (link)

• general booking
 - 2016 july 28th 8pm kst
 - 1 person can purchase 2 tickets

• happy family booking
 - 2016 july 28th 10am kst
 - seats for 3 as well as 4 family members
 - 1 person per family can purchase tickets

• wheelchair booking can be done over the phone. (yes24 call center: 1544-6399)
 - 2016 july 28th 10am kst
 - 1 guardian included, 1 person can purchase 2 tickets

special exhibition
a special exhibition where you can experience shinee world concerts from i~iv
outfits shinee members wore during the concert as well as unseen pictures and videos that you can look back on!
we invite you to time travel back to the past shinee world concerts at this special space.
• exhibition period: from 21st to 31st august
• exhibition location: smtown@coexartium 3rd floor smtown studio
• the exhibition is free of charge within the time period

source: shinee official website

earthbeam  asked:

out of curiosity, how do you justify the #blacklivesmatter movement when there are more white people murdered by cops? if black people were targeted, wouldn't there be more black murders?? This isn't based off of my personal beliefs, just a question about something that doesn't seem to add up.

White people = 69% of the population

Black people = 13% of the population.

The whole numbers you are looking at do NOT tell a story. Statistics DO tell a story. When you look at the numbers relative to our percent of the population, coupled with the police department’s own data on who they stop, search, and arrest more, it shows a disproportionate number of non-white people being targeted by police. Racial profiling is real, and there is plenty of research out there to corroborate it.

Your question is racist as fuck. If you really wanted to know the answer to this question, you would have Googled and/or purchased books that discuss racism in policing and the criminal justice system. 

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Open Your Mind to Gender as a Spectrum
This liberating book by Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert and collaborator Kaey shows us that between every color of the rainbow are infinitely more colors.

Greek and Roman gods and goddesses had it right. They often changed from man to woman, woman to boy, girl to tree. Identity was in a constant state of flux, and the stories of the gods and goddesses were a reflection of who we are — always fluid and evolving.

In this robust photo book, Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert and collaborator Kaey expose us to a wide variety of gender warriors, gender expressionists, and gender revolutionaries. The overall effect is one of liberation and freedom. The photos are wonderful and the interviews reveal the astounding variety of sensations, motivations, and performances that attend these gender adventurers.

A brilliant quote in the book from Kay Garnellen leaves us with an important message: “Theoretically, every person could have their own gender.”

For more information and to purchase the book, visit here.