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Contains: A happy little kitten (he’s crying from the happy), and lots of breathy words and such

Otabek wanted to surprise him. Yuri wanted to know what was going on. Ft. Barcelona, young love, and a promise of forever in the form of two rings. 

A/N: I was legitimately crying doing this it was so sweet I can’t even. REQUESTS ARE CLOSED! However, if you wish to purchase a commission, you may do so here! Also, we reached 500 FOLLOWERS today!!! That’s incredible and I cannot thank you guys enough for your love and support. Thank you so much for listening! I love you all so much!!

@elezenaccountant ,  my wonderful fiance’ purchased this lovely commission from the talented @kauriart !!!!

And here I thought, I’d driven him mad with my Dragon Age obsession. :) Guess he still wants to marry me! <3 <3 <3

Anywhosies, he purchased the commission of Menelluin and Solas to celebrate my birthday tomorrow!
Thank you, sweetie! And thank YOU, Kauri for taking the time for this! I love it so much!!


Grillby is done! Thank you all who helped me decide. It was actually pretty fun testing out different tiles, and it kind of reminds me of restaurants with old brick interior walls. It looks like the heart is burned in. ❤🔥

If you would like to purchase this Grillby or commission me pop me an ask or email at skelegirl.fanfic@gmail.com

Made a fancy new commission price list page. Had to raise prices because this is currently my only source of income and I am quite literally broke. Moving on.

I’m open to drawing almost anything. Mecha and vehicles of any kind are things I will not draw. (Noticeably humanoid robots can be discussed.)
I’m open to drawing NSFW things as well, but those will also have to be discussed (and you MUST be 18+.)

Payment for commissions is up front via PayPal invoice sent from me.
Prices can increase from the ones above if characters have a complex design.

Redistribution or reselling commissions purchased from me is not allowed unless otherwise discussed before commissioning me.

I have the right, as the artist, to refuse to accept your commission for any reason I see fit.

For more examples of my art please click here.

If you wish to have a calligraphy commission, we can negotiate prices and mailing.


Hello everyone! Got around to readjusting my commissions from my personal blog, so that information is finally up and available on here! All prices are negotiable, and I’m willing to do just about anything, including stuff like mecha, furries, gore, etc. Message me if you’re interested, slots are always open! <3



AAAAAHHH I FINALLY HAVE MY REDBUBBLE ACCOUNT UP AND RUNNING YAY! I’ll try to upload new pieces a few times a week, but if I don’t I’m sorry, college keeps me rather busy. Please go and check it out, I’m currently saving up for college for the next 4 years as I won’t have much time for an actual job (Digipen is insanely work-heavy and art supplies are expensive as heck) so every purchase counts! I’ll be uploading fan art of undertale, steven universe, and other random pieces of art work as you see here. So thank you guys for checking it out if you do, I will also put the link in my blog description as this post will probably get lost in the void of shitposts galore. OH and if any of you want a special piece of art made, just hit me up via messaging and I’ll draw it as soon as I can (I will notify you when it’s done) and post it on RedBubble for you and others to see (unfortunately I just don’t have the kind of money and time to make custom orders and ship it to people separately, so I’m sorry about that). You do also have to be following me to get a “commission” (I put it in quotes for the reason as stated above), and it’s rude to just follow me and then unfollow me, you know what I mean (although feel free to hit that follow button if you like my art, it means a lot)? It would also be awesome if you could kind of get the word out about my store and get the ball rolling,  thanks guys, keep being rad <3

Happy Valentine’s Day, have a small doodle of Mettaton with a rose! Please ignore the messy lines and the fucked up arm(s), I can’t feel like half my hand because of this new carpal tunnel thing so my coordination is really off ;v;

Please consider commissioning me someday, I still have like 0 income and about a whole month before I graduate college and I don’t know how long it’ll take after then to find a job with my certification! Any sketch commissions purchased today with be done today for the holiday!

Colored commissions are back everyone! I’ll be offering flat colored commissions AND full color commission (just add $5 to prices shown for full color)

If you’d like to purchase a commission please MESSAGE me here on tumblr (it makes it easier for my to keep track of them and for them to not get lost on my blog if they get sent as asks) with all the information and reference images!

I won’t draw porn/gore, that’s about it.

But here’s a new feature, ILL DRAW YOUR FURSONA! Yup, if you are a furry and want to commission your fursona, come on down! I’ll draw that shit!

Any payments should be sent to my paypal at doublerainbowbunchie@gmail.com.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! We have bills fast approaching so it would be nice if you could purchase some commissions to help out!

It is a momentous Day for me indeed.
I had the pleasure of commissioning a painting from a truly brilliant artist, not really knowing that she was going to blow up my feels and make something utterly amazing.
However, Part of me was not surprised to receive this masterpiece today. I would expect nothing less from such unadulterated talent.

She is still accepting commissions as of right now, so hurry over to her blog and contact her right away!

This is, at this very moment being printed onto a canvas to go on my wall. I simply cannot wait. Thank you so much, kkumri

This art was commissioned and PURCHASED by fandomdeluxe

This is an original, one of a kind, art piece by kkumri

Please respect the wishes of the aforementioned parties and DO NOT REPOST, SAVE, OR USE THIS ART PIECE WITHOUT PERMISSIONS.

Here we have the Hartwell brothers of Simbury - they’ve all been to Oxbridge college *cough* and passed Summa Cum Laude.

(I really hate playing uni, I couldn’t handle another rotation there so I cheated a lil >.>)

Blaise Hartwell, heir to Rutshaw is in the back in the green.

Evan is in the front, in the military uniform. He has been purchased a commission as an ensign in the foot guard.

Rupert, in the blue, studied law when at Oxbridge and has decided to move to Simdon in order to keep commons and become a barrister.



Please like, reblog, share. I really don’t like to ask for help like this, but my husband just lost his job. This is our only source of income right now, and I’m panicking a fair amount. Please support my fun handmade jewelry business while we get our lives back in order, if you can. I don’t want donations, I just want to make you pretty things. It makes me happy to work, so give me work to do :) Lots of love to you all <3 <3 <3

(If this isn’t your thing, I get a small percentage of your purchase as commission on Amazon at no extra cost to you if you use my referral link. Seriously, even sometime small helps a ton. It adds up. Thank you so much.)


look what came in the mail today!!

My lovely friend @alldrawnup draw this awesome commission for me, and it was worth EVERY PENNY JUST LOOK AT IT. Hopefully I can get a frame for it :^)

If you wanna support this amazing artist, consider purchasing a commission from them, You won’t be sorry, my dudes.