Learn Russian|Shopping

Здравствуйте - Hello
Сколько это стоит? - How much does it cost?
Пожалуйста - Please
Спасибо - Thank you
Здравствуйте. Можете мне помочь, пожалуйста? - Hello. Can you help me, please?
Спасибо, до свидания. - Thank you, bye.

Магазин - Shop/store
Касса - Cass register
Скидка - Discount
Покупка - Purchase
Ходить за покупками - To go shopping
Одежда - Clothes
Продукты - Food

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new in: fall shoes!

New Look Block Heel Ballet Pump - I love the low heel on these, they’re the perfect middle ground between ballet flats and chunky heels! They reminded me a lot of the chanel sling backs, a little more sophisticated than my other shoes.

Public Desire Jennifer Black Chain Studded Ankle Boot - These boots are pretty much a remake of these YSL boots which I fell in love when Selena Gomez wore them to the VS Fashion show. (shout out to @ireneinspired for showing me these!)