i fund a nice dress today, it actually makes my fat ass look pretty nice tbh… which is partly why i am hella poor until monday… but like… it was like finding atlantis by accident… i have wanted a nice dress for so long?

but at home there’s like: big w, with their bag dresses for the fat, or the youd-better-get-a-loan-this-is-expensive-shit fat peeps store…

so this was really delightful?

Carrying my coat on the dance floor was a bit annoying but didn’t stop me from slut dropping thooo 😏


✨  two new purchases + my favourite possession ✨


The Prime Minister of Canada’s Director of Communications, Kate Purchase has sent a letter to Fox News asking that they remove a tweet with false information (which paints a picture of a muslim witness of the shooting as a shooter) on the Quebec Mosque Shooting.

The tweet is completely false:

Swept up in chaos, innocent man accused in Quebec terror attack


forgot to post these but my @modernwitchesdaily artbook came last week and i couldn’t be more pleased!

every single page has gorgeous illustration and badass characters - and i love the addition of things like this crystal grimoire page, sigils, elemental correspondences, and moon phases. plus it came with some cute extra prints and stickers that i can’t wait to use in my notebook ✨🔮✨

just a really lovely product and i’m so glad i was able to snag a copy. thanks vicky for putting this project together!