Stationery Shop(J-Subculture)


As you might know, certain stationeries like Zebra Mildliners, Pilot Maica, and the Pilot Dr. Grip series seem to only be available online. Well, that is unless you live nearby a shop that sell Japanese stationeries. 

Unlike those lucky people who live next to a Muji shop, I tend to order certain stationeries that I cannot find where I live online. 

EBay and Amazon can be pricey though. Jetpens is a good store, but it is in USD currency and for a Canadian like myself, the shipping is fairly expensive.

I have been using this site to buy stationery: J-Subculture(http://j-subculture.us9.list-manage.com/track/click?u=dc9709b20a12fb935aef958d7&id=ff2bc1ead5&e=27a7effa85)

The website looks like another Amazon, but the prices are much cheaper.

For example: Zebra Mildliners:

For all 3 set, it will cost about $12.97 USD + about $ 5 USD. This is much cheaper than what they are selling for on EBay or Amazon.

This is one of my favourite highlighters:

And, they are fairly cheaper on this site as well.

You can combine your shipping to save the cost. I would really recommend that since it does help.

In terms of payment, it is made in JPY(Japanese Yen) which is a good thing coming from a Canadian(CAD to USD exchange is not that great…) and it is through Paypal.

Furthermore, the shop is located in Japan. You do not have to worry about bootlegs from this shop. It is legit. 

Best of Luck.

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I Meant to Post this on the 15th however to all my followers who care; I made it ! I am an official college graduate with a BA in Journalism and a BA in Arts Management (Arts Administration) !

That is right you guys I busted my ass for four years working and all to get two degrees and graduate with only 26K of GOOD DEBT!!!!! 


peasantsandplebeiansnotwelcome vivaladarwin sublimecinema <3 


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