Batafunaito: …All seems well as of the moment. As it should be…

The butterfly-themed knight stood on Pupupuland’s largest monument aside the sunset. Batafunaito was keeping an eye out for any sort of danger or anything that would ruin the peace. Luckily he had found nothing of the sort that would bring mayhem to the forest. But one would never know what kind of person there’d be crossing the forest below. Pupupulander? Dreamlander? Someone from another world, even?

Kirby of the Stars Encyclopedia (pg.17-18)


It’s Full of Mysteries, Pupupuland!
Together with Kirby, let us depart to explore the mysteries of Pupupuland!

In the vast Pupupuland, there are lots of places with wonder.

Mystery 1
Kabu’s Valley
The one who knows everything about Pupupuland’s history, Kabu, is often called the ‘stone sage’.

Kabu’s Valley is located in the depths of a forest.

He acts as an adviser to the people of Pupupuland. When everyone has a problem, they go first to Kabu to ask for advice.

Mystery 2
Whispy Woods’ Forest
The talking trees are building a large forest.

Whispy Woods
The king of the plants. There are only few people who know his location, even in Pupupuland.

It’s a lively forest where animals come to play.

He will punish those who don’t care for the nature by dropping lots of apples.

Mystery 3
Mysterious Bird Dynablade
The largest bird in Pupupuland.

Dynablade’s chick.

The legendary bird which awakens once in 100 years to lay an egg.

Mystery 4
A Remote Small Island
A small island no one knew about.

A lonely island with almost no population.

Sir Meta Knight’s past comrade, Dakonyo, is living there.

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The duo breathed in the fresh air around them as they skirted around the edge of Whispy Wood’s Forest, already beginning to relish in the freedom they now had before them. Due to being servants to King Dedede and the Cabinet Minister’s family, it wasn’t very often that they were able to get time to themselves without fear of a demanding schedule.

As they admired the fauna and flora around them, especially some of the newly-budding cherry blossom trees, they suddenly came to a stop upon seeing something near one such tree. It looked like a small deer, but not one that seemed native to the woods. As a matter of fact, they weren’t entirely sure if it was from Pupupuland at all.

Unsure of what to do, they simply kept an eye on it from a distance. Was it safe to approach? Or could it be hostile?

Pupupuland Masquerade Fall Ball

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