"Trying to explain surfing to someone who’s never surfed is like explaining color to a blind person. You can talk for days but you’ll never hit the mark, and to me the inability to explain something is proof that it’s fucking amazing" -Dave Rasta . 🎨 #isurfbecause #onlyasurferknowsthefeeling #dontsurf #itsucks #sandys #sandybeach #photography #bestoftheday #picoftheday #pupukine #waterandlightproject #barrels #hawaii #bodyboarding #today

H V N | Jake Niiro
Check out @niiro_photography for a chance to win free stuff including one of the new HVN pocket tees before they drop in April. Check out @niiro_photography insta feed and look for the contest post for all the details. Must follow contest rules. Winner will be decided by @niiro_photography.
Thanks Jake for running the contest!
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On this Thanksgiving, we are thankful for our friends and family who have made Pupu Kine a possibility. It’s inspiring to see the Pupu Kine message positively affect the communities we live in and we hope to continue to make such an impact. Let today be a reminder to never take anything for granted and be grateful for all that we have. Don’t sweat the small things and always Stay Positive. From the Pupu Kine family to yours, have a Happy Thanksgiving! Big thanks to @niiro_photography for the pic and the support! #pupukine