Petition for someone to draw the real Castiel doing the things pupstiel does.


  • spontaneous humping
  • slipping up on the kitchen floor and sliding the entire length of the kitchen
  • getting hiccups every time he eats because he eats too fast
  • belly scratches
  • playing in paddling pools
  • peeing in the wrong place
  • accidentally standing in his water bowl
  • sliding off the sofa when he spontaneously falls asleep

Castiel the Pupstiel on his first trip to the beach. He loved it all other than the water that chased him.

When we sat down for a relax, he decided to replicate the novel, Holes, and dug at least 6 sizable holes.


Cas the Husky vs. a kitten

He really, really just wants to be friends with all the cats in the neighbourhood

Hear clattering and think “Oh, Cas is fucking around in the kitchen again, better tell him to pack the fuck in”

No sign of him in the kitchen but notice the bathroom door is open

Go into the bathroom

See this

I start laughing because WTF?

And he stares at me for a bit

And then

He refused to get out of the bath