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What a Sunday... and pretty sincere again ^^

Sadly, my layout doesn’t allow sticky posts, like… uhm… you know… post something and it stays on top all of the time. Because the “Sincere Sunday” posts don’t really change from week to week … buuuuuuuuut … this week there actually is a newcomer… well… a re-comer: Tina is back :D

1. pupsik11:
The Swiss-man clicked his way to the top again ^^ I think, I don’t have to mention it, but please, guys and girls, do yourself a favour and check out his blog! Do it! Finest photography to be found there.

2. primitivesouls:
The same is true for Renee’s blog: Outstanding photography.  And pure joy to be in mutual following. Thank you! :D

3. biutifulpics:
Speaking of pure joy: Gerardo’s original photography (http://photosbygerardo.tumblr.com) is exactly that. I’m not in the position to judge. Not at all, but I know your blog from the beginning and I wouldn’t have followed, if I didn’t like your photos because they were good. But in such a short time, you have even improved! And speaking again of pure joy: Your main blog biutifulpics is not only a feast for the eyes, but also the biggest help, original photographers can have! Thank you! And as if that weren’t enough, you’re a great guy. Period. Exclamation mark!

4. teina-tokyo:
What would I be, without my dear friend Tina? Our conversations about photo-blogging are not only delighting but also very challenging (in a good way). To be in contact with one of the nicest people on Tumblr that also happens to be a fantastic photographer is really a big honor!

And there’s always, always, always space for … guess … yes, britanniccryminal, my most challenging friend (speaking of conversations) and for sure one of my closest here :)

Highlight of the week

Funny, that an older photo, that I originally posted on this blog and reblogged it to my photography side-blog tvoom, got noticed this week. I reblogged it, because I did a small “monkey-series” with my shots from Kenya and I didn’t want to re-upload it.


Like every week, I loke to showcase a blog, that I really love. This week it was a blog, that is not existant anymore. Because of anon-hate. And that is something, that makes me really sad and angry. People closing their blogs, because they get insulted. My first thought was: Why did she not disable “anon-asks”. And she did for some time and the abuse stopped. But as soon as she re-opened it, the hate started again. Not allowing anon-asks cannot be an option. Hate-mail is not tolerable!

A short personal note: I didn’t do any audio posts lately because I’m most of the time on my laptop, which (strangely enough) has some audio-problems. I can’t hear audio. Hope to resolve the problems in the next days, so I will be able to do some readings again (I KNOW you all crave for the weirdness) and do some more posts on photography on tvoom.

Speaking of tvoom:

To all new followers: I have a photography-only side-blog called tvoom.tumblr.com - where I not only share my original photography, but also some posts about my experiences in photography… just in case you wanted to know :) If you’re only interested in my photography, you can of course only follow there. No need to follow both. But I won’t complain about it ;)

Underwater World ...

a-views replied to your post: Singapore Reportage #018 Impr…


pupsik11 replied to your post: Singapore Reportage #018 Impr…

Schöne Farben und Aufnahmen

hjs-photo replied to your post: Singapore Reportage #018 Impr…


mdeanstrauss replied to your post: Singapore Reportage #018 Impr…

I think it’s really hard to shoot stuff like this and have it come out decent… you do a great job…

Dear friends – thanks so much for your kind and supportive comments – I really appreciate it a lot! As easy these captures might look it was quite a challenge to manage the reflections on the glass and its nature to strangely fringe the colors. So I had to choose the right angle of view and of course catch the desired creature in the right focus. Btw: there were also hundreds (!) of visitors (mainly children of at least 4 different groups) running, shouting and squeezing around the aquariums … and taking pictures also ;-)

Sincere Sunday

Again a rather brief Sincere Sunday. I’ve been reading and answering so many messages the last two days, I simply can’t write anymore *lol*

1. pupsik11:
What can I write about this blog, that I haven’t already written? Amazingly photography on pupsik11’s blog. Check it out! Thank you for your photos and the many flying hearts!

2. biutifulpics:
The same is true for Gerardo’s promo-blog. What would the photography-world on Tumblr be without him? A less “biutful” place. That’s for sure! Also check out his original photography on http://photosbygerardo.tumblr.com and his personal blog http://thisisihesaid.tumblr.com/. Als big, big thanks and tightest hugs!

3. primitivesouls:
The newest member of photosworthseen and an amazing photographer herself: Renee. Also big thanks for your phantastic work, both: On your blog and on PWS! And big thanks again, for the great time we share on our dashes and the huge amount of likes! :)

4. here-i-am-sm:
You did it again! *lol* You clicked our way to this list AGAIN! In the last minutes :D Thanks ^^ And also thanks for your photos! Not only your selfies btw (even though I love them).

Highlight of the week

Speaking of selfies… Not really true, is it? A nose-selfie? Again? Top-post of the week? Come on! you are kidding. This is getting out of hands…


But, ok… it’s your fault! So I showcase noseselfiereblogs this week. A blog for nose-selfies. HAVE YOU ALREADY SUBMITTED YOUR NOSE-SELFIE? Do so, only this way, you will nose, how much fun this is!

Where has britanniccryminal been this week? Haven’t seen her around too much? How’s the viola? Still broken?

To all new followers: I have a photography-only side-blog called tvoom.tumblr.com - where I not only share my original photography, but also some posts about my experiences in photography… just in case you wanted to know :)

What a swiming pool – what a view ...

pupsik11 replied to your post: Singapore Reportage #015 Awes…

Wow das sieht ja wirklich Atemberaubend aus

mdeanstrauss replied to your post: Singapore Reportage #015 Awes…

tough assignment… someone had to do it…

frangipania replied to your post: Singapore Reportage #015 Awes…

Great shots of one of my fav locations in Singapore, well done Enzo!

lani-pix replied to your post: Singapore Reportage #015 Awes…

That looks a-ma-zing!

a-views replied to your post: Singapore Reportage #015 Awes…

Just Wow..

thevortexofourminds replied to your post: Singapore Reportage #015 Awes…

Awesome indeed! Fantastically captured!

Thank you all so much for your nice and kind comments – now this building indeed took my breath away also! It is even kind of surrealistic with its height, its huge pool and the awesome view on skyline of the city. Luckily we spent quite some time on it so I had enough time to take different photos :-)

Aug 2015 by Sherrylephotography;


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I was tagged by @min-ute-s to post 6 random photos from my phone. I had to go back a ways to find some I took with my phone since most get deleted. Thank you Ute for tagging me in this, as you can see what photos I try to get with my phone, it’s silly things like these! I’m going to tag @sherrylephotography @bluelunaphotography @crosstimberlake @pupsik11 @mimosa203 @mission-creep @andrewgraemegould to  give this a go.


I wanted to give a special thanks to all my tumblr followers, friends, and especially those who expressed concern and support regarding my shoulder operation in late August. Above is the only selfie taken during that time, a little blurred… Fitting given my mental state (much lost sleep). This has been one of the most painful, difficult years in memory… Both in the lead up to the operation, discovering my rotator cuff tear, and then the recovery afterward… Still only about 60% but am optimistic… Just gotta keep working out. You guys helped take my mind off it, allowing me to share my passions (nature and photography) in a way that has been great fun. And it’s been an adventure meeting folks around the world…

Looking through my correspondence and special followers (those who share the love) I came up with the list below, in alphabetical order by first name where I could (Sorry if I left anyone off by accident or guessed wrong in terms of your first name). Don’t hesitate to contact me by email if you get frustrated with tumblr messaging… tiernanogphoto at gmail dot com.

Happy New Year!!! hope your next one is always better than the last.


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