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Hey, can we get a couple of headcanons for an omega who stays at home but runs the house? They keep up with bills, run the errands, help the kids and are just 100% awesome? Thanks a bunch!

Omegaverse Headcanons: Homemaking Omegas

-Whoever this omega is mated to is seen as a very lucky person since the omega is very competent in keeping up with home managing. 

-Most people are suprised to find out that the omega handles the bills and financial stuff since that’s usually seen as the alpha’s job. 

-They are definitley voted to be mom of the year by the school their pups go to because of how much their children talk about them doing great things. 

-Count on them being the envy of many other stay at home omegas with how well this omega keeps up with everything. 

-I definitley see this omega being a great member of the PTA or the lead mom in it overall where they make sure to bring the best cupcakes to the bake sale. 

-This is the omega that they accidently become a second mother to at least the whole neighboring pups.