It was a cool but sunny autumn day, and the little black cat trotted down the alleyway, jumping up onto the fence and settling down atop the house’s porch railing to snooze peacefully in the sun. There were a few unfamiliar scents in the air, but nothing to trouble the small feline, and she soon dozed off. 

When his master was busy and refused to snuggle or play, the corgi puppy enjoyed sunning himself by the glass door that led to the house’s back porch and watching outside. Occasionally a bird or a squirrel would pass through the yard, and the puppy would bark–not too loudly, he’d learned–to alert his master to its presence.

Today, however, a creature that was still unfamiliar to the little dog had decided to nap on the porch’s railing. The puppy yipped a few times in curiosity before running to his master and barking until he would let him outside so that he could meet this visitor.