Hello my name is Melissa Saldanna. Last year I traveled to a wonderful place in Costa Rica that will soon end in a grotesque and inhumane manner. This place is located in the mountains. It is also the home of over 200 dogs. The most beautiful and caring animals I have encountered. These animals were so happy to see me and I felt they trusted me even though they were rescued from the streets and abusive homes. 

They live in an open field were all the people taking care of them do it for FREE! These are people who can’t give money so they spend hours every day feeding and loving these animals.

This friday March 11, 2016 all these animals will be put to sleep. You may be thinking this is a humane way of putting our best friends to sleep. The problem is that in Costa Rica they don’t give an overdose of anesthesia, they actually poison these furry friends and the death is a long and painful way to leave this earth. All 200 of these animals will be poisoned this friday. 

Please help us help these animals find a place to live. 


The plan is to raise money to  relocate these animals to a place where they can live until they are adopted! The money will be used for moving trucks special for them to transport them to a new location!
The money will also be used toward the new location where they will live until they are all adopted! They need an open field and a roof over their heads!
These dogs are being evicted from their current location and if Casadona doesn’t come up with the money by Friday for their new location they will be put to sleep.

It doesn’t have to be money you can help just by sharing the links bellow with anyone who may be able to help! You can also help just by sharing the Casadona facebook link below with anyone who wants to adopt! WE CAN DO THIS!

This is the gofundme page.
Please help us help these beautiful dogs!

This is Casadona’s facebook
Please go check it out and give your support.

Beau is a 2 and ½ year old Golden Retriever/White German Shepard mix with no history of aggression or biting. But after Beau killed a duck that wandered on to his own property, he was seized by animal control and the city of Dyersburg, TN plans to euthanize him as a “vicious animal.”    

Beau should not be killed for this reason and should be able to live out his life with his owner, Danny Higgins. Danny is heartbroken at the thought that the city plans to euthanize his beloved dog on November 20th.   

Danny now has to visit Beau in boarding where the city is forcing him to stay. And on top of this, they’re charging him to keep Beau there.   

Beau does not deserve a death sentence - he was just being a dog. Please support Danny and Beau and tell the city of Dyersburg, TN not to kill Beau!

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Posting this because of my recent reblog talking about the importance of realizing what getting a new puppy/pet means.

Many of you know I have a Husky named Malcolm. And you know he’s a handsome little bastard, with two different colored eyes, and well behaved with our little munchkin cat Zoe. What I feel many don’t know is that Malcolm being the amazing dog he is today was a lot of work.

Loads of people ask Renee and I if they should get a Husky or a dog. What I want them and you all to know is that getting a pet is a life-changing big responsibility. They’re cute, cuddly, and adorable….but more than anything….they need you to be there for them, and not when it’s just convenient. Their whole world is you, and yours should be theirs especially in the puppy years (though I still maintain all dogs are puppies). Their going to shit and pee everywhere on things you love. They’ll chew things up and not realize the significance of what they’ve destroyed. They will test you and your dominance (especially true with huskies). It takes strong will, lots of love, and a whole lot of patience to raise a puppy into a wonderful dog.

It breaks my heart to think of beautiful dogs getting adopted or bought, all with the potential to be amazing companions, and then they’re discarded to uncertain futures because they were too much for their owners and weren’t what was expected. Malcolm is absolutely everything I ever could ask for in a dog. He’s my furry little buddy, and I knew that he’d be a whole lot of work and responsibility from previous experiences with raising my families current dog (Bullsye). I suppose what I want anyone to take away from reading this, especially those looking to get a pet, is to know what you’re planning to undertake. Having dogs/pets in general is an incredibly amazing and fulfilling experience…but it’s also a large commitment on your part. If you think you may not be ready for it, perhaps give it some time before going out and getting one. And if you feel you are, know most puppies/cats are little punks while their young and they might test you to the breaking point, but with hard work, patience, and lots of love they get better. Any dog/pet can be shaped and molded into a great friend and companion.