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Is it possible to fall in love with a video? Is that like a thing? If not, it definitely is now.

…Seriously though, someone send help. I’m dying of cute. 


This man found a soulmate in a puppy and it’s adorable.



Puppies cause S T R E S S

So after eating food yesterday, Johann got sick AGAIN.
Completely refused food and developed diarrhea and vomited twice.

I panicked and rushed him to the vet this morning.
The first thought the vet had was that he had parvo.

I had a minor (major) mental breakdown in the vet’s office. They ran a test to confirm it, and that was the longest 10 minutes of my entire life.

The tech came in and told me it was negative. I just started crying in relief on the spot.

The vet thinks that he picked up some stomach bug and the stress of the change in his environment just made it all worse.

They gave him fluids, penicillin, and an anti-vomit/diarrhea shot and sent us home with instructions to call back tomorrow and let them know how he’s doing.

We learned today that Johann is actually the biggest drama queen in the WORLD.
He was screaming before they even gave him a shot.

Also huge, massive thanks to rabicanomare and idreaminbayandgrey for moral supporting me while I had a mini panic attack over my sick pup you’re the best.


mydrunkkitchen This reminds me of you and Ollie!


New at WTZT - Winnie’s Puppyhood: Life at the Breeder, 0 - 10 Weeks 

After receiving some requests I decided to start a new series showcasing the footage I have from Winnie’s Puppyhood.  This first video is a collection of clips from when I visited Winnie & her litter mates while she still lived with the breeder. Check back next week for a look at Winnie first month or so at home with us.  Thanks for watching :)