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anonymous asked:

Who are some of your fave blogs?

[cracks knuckles]

essentially my favorite blogs are those with fun tags and have their own little personal flavor in their posts 😩👊🏼 SO my all time faves wld have to be @illustre-bin (i love this bih….so much original content 2…art? she’s got it. memes? she’s got it. sh*tposts? she’s got it.) @binnieheart (an angel…dance queen…) @puppycat-eyes (she’s writes rly well too!!!) @jinwoostro (good stuff) @binsblush (the SOFTEST stan) @asterocky (do i even need 2 explain like honestly G is THE OG) @zimooy (i lov u bish..good crack videos) @moonbeaned & @lovesmj (some good tags right there) @sanhapup (rly good gifs too!!) @snibnoom (the fantagio Queen…u got fanmu questions? mk is ur girl) @myungjunk (calligraphy GODDESS) @moon-hyuks (my fav ani is choreography analysis ani…..ANI-LYSIS) nd then the Honorary Svt Blog @cafewoozi gfx are stunning 😪😪

nd not to b That Guy but mine too HDJDJDJDKDLD