your fave is problematic: noah czerny

  • likes the murder squash song
  • disappears at inconvenient times
  • acts afraid for his life when blue’s driving even though?? he is already dead?? that’s just rude noah
  • dropped that glitter snowglobe in the dollar city and might not have gone back to apologize and pay for it. he probably did but we don’t know

Gansey continued, “Don’t look at me like that, both of you. The point is this. We found a body. Rotted to bones. Do you know whose it was?

Mine,” Noah said.

the gangsey as bloggers

gansey: url rexcorvus. cool forest photography, literature quotes, weird history facts. old libraries and book aesthetics. stuff he thinks blue would like (tagged/jane)

blue: url desperadosuperherobadass. feminism, female & black empowerment, lots of cool fashion. photography from all around the world and places she wants to visit.

ronan: url greywaren. tattoos, male models, gay kisses, photography, cars. ravens, of course. is weirdly into a lot of male haute couture. probably likes vaporwave.

adam: url themagician. clean minimalistic aesthetic. probably has a studyblr side blog. also cute puppies and plants.

noah: url inoahguy. cute animals, pop punk (especially blink-182 cmon), bad puns. drawings and flowers. red mustangs.

henry: url afraidandhappy. LITERALLY THE BEST BLOG hes super nice and creative and reblogs a lot of science stuff and art but is also summed up by this:

ok but hear me out ronan lynch and noah czerny as modern hufflepuffs. totally not dead noah dyeing his hair colors of the rainbow, listening to awful 00s pop punk and five seconds of summer probably, drawing fast cars with ink on parchment, stealing firewhiskey from the kitchens and then feeling really bad about it being best friends with ronan lynch who has a pet delivery raven, would fight anyone who insults his friends, his favourite class is care of magical creatures and they do a lot of stupid shit together so they (ronan) would look tough but theyre hufflepuff puppies and im crying