Work has been super busy these last few days, causing me to get home later than I’d like. However, Zito has been taking it well. Yesterday, I snuck home ‘round 4pm and took Zeet out on a 45 minute walk before heading back to the office. I got home just before 9pm and promptly took McZeeter out on a short walk. We hung out for about an hour on the couch and watched SportCenter with Scott Van Pelt. Then, I got up to brush my teeth and preppedm for bed. On cue, Zeeter got up and laid exactly on my spot of the bed. I turned off the light and squeezed into my spot. Ziti then got up, did a couple circles and plopped his head on my chest. I stroked his ears and petted his head and neck until we both fell asleep. This dog, man. We get each other. He knew I was feeling frazzled with work and my pending move. These past few workdays have been filled with day-to-day business and administrative headaches pertaining to my paid move. Ziti-Peaty key’d on it and gave me the comfort I needed last night which allowed me to promptly fall asleep in preparation for an early gym visit this morning. I am not looking forward to the weeks we will be apart in Chicago, while he waits at my parents house, as I search for a place for us to live in.