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Watch “Lil Sophie” the Dalmatian puppy wrestle with her older brother Ollie and her sister Lola when she was only 11 weeks old!  Gotta love the puppy energy!

This was going to be a comic, but then I went overboard with the art because I was having too much fun, so you get a one shot instead. 

Older Married Domestic Klance Fluff                          Rated: G

A Hairy Situation

“Keith! It’s happening!” Lance groaned.

“What’s happaping?” Keith mumbled with his toothbrush in his mouth.

“My youth is leaving and taking my hair with it,” Lance replied dramatically as he parted the hair along his growing forehead.

Keith spit unceremoniously and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

“Oh, your hair? That’s been happening for a while now. You should see the back.”

“What?!?!” Lance patted the back of his head and frowned. It was indeed getting thinner.

“You’re just noticing now?” Keith asked incredulously, failing to see what the big deal was. Getting older was a fact of life for those lucky enough to do so. Plus, family history wasn’t doing Lance any favours. A fact that Keith liked to remember every time Lance commented on his “mullet” when they were younger.

“Maybe I have been in denial, Keith. Maybe I only faced the cold facts of reality because I was looking for grays after I noticed yours.”

“What?!?!” Keith ran his fingers through his still thick, still mostly black locks and peered deeply into the mirror. Maybe he wasn’t ready to reach his silver back years, just yet.

Keith noticed a few strands of silver, mostly at his temples, but they were hardly noticeable. Lance was being petty.

“You’re just jealous,” Keith teased as he turned to Lance.

Lance pouted.

Keith sighed and ran his hands down Lance’s arm, squeezing his muscles as he made his way to his hands in a gesture of comfort.

“You grow a pretty great beard though,” Keith complimented. “I can’t believe that only took you a week. I’ve been growing mine forever.”

“I only grew it, hoping you’d tell me to shave it, so I could tell you to shave yours,” Lance retorted.  

Keith rolled his eyes and huffed, causing his bangs to fluff and settle.

“Well, I think you look handsome, beard or no beard, hair or no hair. I love you and always will. Even when we are old and you are as bald as Pipo,” Keith smiled endearingly.

Though Lance wasn’t sure what he thought about being as bald as Pipo was, he smiled, his ‘you think so’ smile and pulled Keith into his arms. He kissed him softly on the lips.

“It’s kinda like kissing a bear, but better than prickles,” Keith commented.

“A bear, eh?” Lance chuckled and moved around him so he could scoop Keith into a bear hug and rub his chin into the crook of Keith’s neck. He ran his fingers over Keith’s ribs for good measure.

Keith yelped and fake struggled, both of them knowing he could escape if he really wanted too. The tickling turned into play fighting and for a few moments, two grown men, wrestled like puppies, on the bathroom floor.

Their rough-housing was interrupted by a knock on the bathroom door and the small voice of a small girl.

“Daddys, what are you doing in there. I have to pee.”

the dog’s leash - ed

a/n: uhhhhh i thought of a really extra idea and then spent four hours on it…..it’s fine this wasn’t 13 pages on word don’t worry about it

word count: 5,362

“Let’s get a dog.”

Blinking blankly at the wall opposite your curled up figure wasn’t enough to suffice the confusion that coarsed suddenly through your veins. With a groan, you wiggled around in Ethan’s grip to face him. Sleep had yet to claim his features at three in the morning as he gazed pointedly in your direction, as if he’d been expecting you to react to his statement.

“I’m sorry, I don’t think I heard you right,” You slid a hand up to press your cheek against it. “Did you say let’s get a dog?”

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Odin (A Binding on Ichor series)

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Pairing: Ivar X Reader

Word Count: 2300

Warnings: prepare yourself for cute things

-The Morrígna- -Odin- -Cernnunos- and -Anu-

It would have been a simple part 2 title but good ol’ Morrigan (Non-plural of the name) wasn’t mentioned, a certain someone else in the current title was soooo…introducing a theme of Gods now. Odin forcing my hand to a new title.

Your father leaves you with two bridal gifts, one to protect you and the other to protect your home. Both help reveal just a little more about you to Ivar, but not as much as how you deal with criminals.


For someone who woke him up first you were taking awhile to leave. Ivar was set and ready to go in the wagon when he saw why. Your goodbyes were carefree and final, yet your mother was in tears and would break from you only to steal another tight embrace. The endearment was sobering to witness, bringing him back to his final parting with his own mother though his was much less promising. Much like he was back then, you seemed entirely assured and satisfied this was your path.

Spinning on a leash around your more melancholy father’s feet was a black and brown puppy, or at least Ivar assumed it was a puppy, the little beast was the size of a small child. His legs were gangly, his tail long and thin, excitedly whipping at his heels as he got stuck at the King’s feet, one floppy ears flipped back as he looked up. Surprisingly when you finally got away from your mother, your father untangled himself and handed you the leather rope. Ivar sat up to see you leading the happy dog to the wagon.

“I was not told we would have a third party…” he teased seeing how tired you looked up close. Clearly your Goddess had left in time for you to deal with your parents long goodbyes.

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Scratching the Itch

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Pairing: Thor x fiance!Reader, past Tony x Reader, Steve x Reader
Word count: 1,854

Part 29 of Petty Insults

Lying in your room, Thor was on his side, his hand on your bare stomach. “I’m glad I’m not having twins.” You said randomly. “I’m big with just one!” You motioned to your round stomach.

He laughed loudly, beaming lovingly down at you. “You would be beautiful no matter the amount.” He rubbed where he kicked.

Steve tapped his knuckles on the door, blushing at how you lovingly smiled at him. “I’m heading out for my jog. Want me to stop and get anything on the way back?” He offered.

You thought for a moment before shaking your head. “Be safe.” You smiled wider.

“I always am, doll.” He winked before heading out.

Once he was gone, you snuggled more into Thor. “I want to officially ask Nat to be my maid of honor soon. I was thinking of ordering something online for her as a keepsake.”

He smiled. “That sounds wonderful. Shall I consider the Captain then?”

You smiled up at him. “You consider whoever you want, Thor.” You told him. “If you want to ask him, awesome. If you have someone in Asgard you want to ask, ask them.”

He nodded. “I will give it deep thought.” He kissed you gently.

Kissing him back, you giggled when Heimdall pushed against where your body met Thor’s. “I think someone’s saying you’re in his space.”

“I’m sure I will be fighting him for his mother’s attention often.” He teased, enjoying the feeling.

“Seeing as I’m going to be the one feeding him, he’ll be basically attached to me.” You pointed out. “But, one day he’ll be old enough to sleep through the night, and feed himself.”

“This will definitely be a fun adventure. Thank you for giving me this.” He beamed.

You loved how he looked when he was truly happy. “You did help, mister.” You pointed out.

He chuckled. “Just a tad.” He hugged you close.

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Puppy- Dmytro Timashov

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Ok so I love Timashov! He’s a baby Leaf who’s so smiley and giggly. I love it! Anyway everyone thank @thewanderingdreamer for giving me the idea because I was stumped as to where to go with it! So enjoy!

Warning: cuteness

@kaz-in-the-impala Request: You take requests from the Marlies??? (If not completely ignore this, I’m sorry!) if you do, can you do one for Dmytro Timashov?? What a sweetie! P.S. I love your blog! 💙💙 also if I didn’t misread I hope you have a blast at the game Thursday!



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