puppy swarm


Aries: Doing the nasty-nasty stuff.

Taurus: Getting high off weed to the point of insanity.

Gemini: Posing as another identity.

Cancer: Crying over some dumb shit.

Leo: Being glamorous AF.

Virgo: Hibernating.

Libra: Finding out that half of the letters in the word ‘mirror’ are R’s.

Scorpio: Being a heartbreaker.

Sagittarius: Clubbing all night.

Capricorn: Not taking their meds and doing whatever tf they want.

Aquarius:  Checking themselves out.

Pisces: Going to the pet store to be swarmed by puppies.

If you like cute animals and have Instagram, you should be following...

Juniper the Fox:  Not only is she the happiest fox, her mom takes some of the most gorgeous pictures I’ve seen on Insta.  Let’s be honest, with over a million followers, you’re prolly already following Juni.  But don’t forget about…

Boyfriend Moose:  Juni’s put upon boyfriend, some sort of Shepherd/Malamute mix, chillest pup ever

Pumpkin the Purr Machine:  Pumpkin is the classiest lady out there.  She also purrs like a motor, and her mom has the most charming Australian accent 

Donald the Dog:  If you like Corgis, Donald’s where it’s at.  Follow him, his bubble butt, and their adventures around NYC

Sarper Duman:  Really hot Turkish guy who plays piano for his cats, who are apparently hypnotized by his music.  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!

Green Valley Aussies:   The owners breed Australian shepherds, so there’s an overwhelming amount of puppies on this page.  The video that recently went viral of the little boy trying to climb up the ladder but he can’t because there’s so many puppies swarming him?  That’s them!  THAT’S RIGHT, PUPPY SWARMS!

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“ Where did all these puppies come from?” Cana Lucy gajeel I loved them in DTHB.

Same universe as DtHB

“Where did all these puppies come from?” Gajeel growls, glaring down at the wiggling balls of fluff as they trip over themselves and roll around on the bar floor. He glares at Cana, lying on her stomach with at least six shepherd puppies crawling all over her.

She shakes her head, pointing an accusing finger at Lucy, who’s sitting on the floor and holding as many as she can. Which is a lot, to say the least, considering there’s at least two dozen puppies swarming the girls.

Lucy has the decency to look embarrassed. “I may have owed the Wild Four guys a favor,” she mumbles, burying her face against two puppies who yip and lap at her nose.

Gajeel doesn’t ask, mostly because he doesn’t think he wants to know. He drops to the floor a moment later, scooping up a handful of wiggly things and pulling them against his chest. 

He may be a cat person, but that doesn’t mean puppies are anything less than fucking adorable. 

They whine and Gajeel coos and the girls giggle.

Mikhail Redfox finds them like that an hour later, and no one can fault him for joining them on the floor.


Prompt: For the prompt thing!! Can you do 113 and 155 with Hawkeye/Clint Barton? If not that’s totally okay. You’re awesome 🌼

113: “ Where did all these puppies come from?”

155: “ It isn’t what it looks like! Okay.. Maybe it is… ”

Pairing: Clink Barton/ Hawkeye X Reader

TW: None

Word count: 532

You had snuck the box into the apartment. The small little bodies had been on he street for god-knows how long. The harsh winter of New York had started to set in during the nights. You weren’t a monster, and you’re heart broke at the sight of the abandoned puppies. Once you turned on the fireplace, set out some warm food and water, they perked right up. They were mutts, but you loved mutts.

“Scamp no,” You squealed as one of the puppies started to chew on your shoes, you picked the puppy up and he squirmed. Lucky picked another puppy up by their scruff and moved it to the new box complete with comfy blankets. it was also at that moment that Clint came home from work, a hard mission out with the Avengers.

He walked into the living room, bandaged almost head to toe, it took him a moment to see what was going on, but with Scamp in your hands, and the other puppies peeking out form the new box. Upon seeing Clint, they immediately knocked over the box and ran to him. Jumping up on him and yipping excitedly. Clint sent you an almost dumbfounded look, “Y/N…Where did all these puppies come from?”

It isn’t what it looks like,” You yelped, holding Scamp closer to your chest.

“Well it looks like either you found these little guys,” Clint said as he knelt down and the puppies swarmed him, nearly knocking him over, “Or Lucky has been hiding a big secret.”

okay…” you said, setting down Scamp and sitting next to Lucky as Scamp waddled over to Clint, “Maybe it is…

Clint picked up Scamp, “You do know we cant keep them all…”

You nodded, “Yeah, but they’re just so cute!”

Clint ruffled Scamp’s head before he turned the puppies around to look at You, you cocked your head as they seemed to notice you again and every single puppies went straight for you. You let out a squeal as they knocked you over, licking and barking happily. “Clint,” you squealed as the puppies went for your face, covering you in kisses, “H-h-help me!!!!”

Clint watched you with a lazy smile as you squirmed under the warm soft mass of puppies. He rested his chin on one of his hands, as he smiled at you, you could see him start to daydream and you yelped at him, “Clint~” You squealed again.

That snapped him out of his daydreaming, he scooted over to you. Lucky whined and Clint reached over to give the dog some love. He laid down next to you and brought Lucky with him. The puppies seemed to tire themselves to and curled around and on both you and Clint. Lucky yawned and curled up by your heads, setting his own right between the two of you. Both of you reached up to scratch him behind the ears, when you both noticed that the other’s hand was there, you entertained your fingers. Clint sighed, “You know, Lucky is a pretty good babysitter….”

You pressed your body closer to him and let the fire and his body heat warm you, lulling you to sleep.

imagine burr coming home one day to a full litter of puppies. The squad was fostering a pregnant dog, but after the pups were a few weeks old it was clear their house was too cluttered and impossible to puppy-proof. 

They all expect to have to grovel for this one, having asked for forgiveness rather than permission, and knowing how clean and tidy Burr likes things. When Burr gets home, he walks straight to his living room, knowing his company from the vehicles in the driveway. He’s not expecting the swarm of puppies immediately jumping at his knees and tugging at the hem of his pants. 

Burr does not react right away, his expression carefully neutral. The room is silent. Lafayette tries to escape out the back, but Laurens blocks the way- they’re all part of this. Alex is staring at Burr with challenge in his eyes, but biting his cheeks for once to avoid speaking first. Hercules looks unruffled, but there is a telling sheen of sweat on his brows. 

The moment freezes, and the air feels as heavy as ice. The puppies are the opposite of silent, high pitched yelping and barking. No one pays them attention, as if hearing television static.

Then Burr sits down, gracefully, slowly, like it is the most natural thing to do in that moment. His knees unbent, legs splaying comfortably out. The puppies take immediate, enthusiastic advantage. 

“I can die happy, now”, Burr breaks the silence with a solemn and almost dreamy voice. He spreads his arms out and gently scoops three puppies at once. They oblige easily, tumbling over his chest and licking every bit of face they can reach. Slowly, Burr lays himself down completely, and all of the dogs are suddenly on his face, his chest, his legs. 

“This is the best thing that has ever happened to me,” Burr says with the conviction of a man who has thought long and hard, and considered every possible answer. He closes his eyes, content. The others consider that they never had asked if Burr was a dog person

Okay, random scenario bc it’s late

•Shura is still a “student” to keep and eye on Rin
•sees Mephisto in dog form wandering (going to check in on Amaimon probably) and calls out smth along the lines of “Look! It’s the school mascot!” or “Hey!! A cute puppy!”
•Swarm of students wanting to see the normally elusive canine
•a semi dirty glare is sent her way
•anyhow they’re all petting him and whatnot when Shura asks what the “mutt’s” name is
•since they can’t find a name tag and no clear one has ever been given to the mascot they decide to give it one
•"wait is it a boy or girl?“
–>"it has a pink handkerchief, wouldn’t that make it a girl?”
–>“well you know how /weird/ the headmaster is, it might be a boy. you should check~”
•the dog is too horrified to react after hearing the sentence before one of the students looks
–> “ah you were right! it is a boy”
•Now they’re tossing names around
•Shura makes eye contact with Mephisto before saying, with some authority to make sure it sticks, “let’s call him /Sammy/”
–> a chorus of agreements
•if glares could set things on fire
•some of the cram school students are watching the kerfuffle in morbid horror
•Izumo in particular is trying to hold in a laughing fit
–>Paku wasn’t at the cram school long enough to see/figure out who the white terrier was
–>Paku: “are you alright? what’s so funny about the dog?”
•Izumo just slowly turns and says “That dog is Sir Pheles”. A pause.
•Paku is a surprisingly loud laugher


Word Count: 1735
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Warnings: SO. MUCH. FLUFF.
Summary: Bucky takes you out to find the perfect gift for your birthday
A/N: GO TELL @magic-and-timetravel HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Taylor is the most wonderful soul, you guys. She’s an asolute treasure. INSPIRATION:
seriously just go through the whole tag. this shit is gold.

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“Put this on,” Bucky demands, handing you one of your scarves.

Ha, yeah right. Like you’re gonna–oh. He’s serious. Your face scrunches in confusion as you take the cloth trying to think of a reason you’d need to be blindfolded.

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Cheer Up, Fluff - A Bangiplier headcanon that turned into a sorta-fanfic (somehow)

Okay, so basically everybody’s heard, by now (probably), the bit of the Kirby and the Rainbow Curse playthrough where Dan was talking about how he’d love to get a dog because he’s been desperately in need of some cuddles from another living creature, but because he travels so much it’s just not feasible for him to have a pet at the moment…

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Imagine your icon taking you to a ‘no stress’ room, and you know nothing about it as you walk in. Then, they open a gate and puppies flood out, swarming you.

For one of my image fills: 

Dialogue taken directly from Captain America, Vol 4, #27

It was easy to just accept it as a tactical plan when Tony made it sound so simple: “I’m going to shut down my main and auxillary power, then set of an electromagnetic pulse from another battery pack. That ought to do the trick.” Until he added, “But it means shutting down my heart.”

Steve’s first response was the hell you are! But the hundreds of biting, flying, puppy-sized robotic insects swarming all over them weren’t going to go down just because they asked nicely. “Tony, are you sure?” Steve asked, because he wasn’t sure. He used the gap to try for another plan – any other plan – but he was coming up empty.

“I’m not suicidal!” Tony snapped, already opening a panel on his arm and pushing buttons, and Steve would really prefer it if he would stop pushing buttons. “I need you to count ten once they drop, then you need to press hard on my suit’s heart chakra until you hear a loud click – or me scream. Got it?”

Steve tore one of the clinging bugs away from his thigh, opening a rip in the suit and a gash in his leg. “I hear you,” he answered, because there was nothing else to say. They couldn’t let this get any further out of hand than it already had.

Tony stopped fighting. “Don’t screw up!” he said, but his voice was soft and a little ragged under the screech of the giant bugbots. “On my mark.”

Later, Steve would have to explain to Tony that when he was doing something “on my mark,” it meant actually indicating mark at some point. Iron Man fell with a heavy crash. Steve knew it was coming, but he still spun automatically at the sound. Bugs were swarming him, and another wave was coming right for Steve. He moved back to stand over his fallen comrade and counted nervously in his head – how long? Would Tony even be able to activate the EMP if his heart had stopped? He sliced the shield through the air to make room for himself and turned. The bugs were still up, but Steve wasn’t going to let Tony die while he waited for an EMP that wasn’t going to come.

The shockwave knocked him off his feet. All around them, bugbots dropped out of the sky in twenty-pound rain drops. Steve curled under his shield to ride out the tide, counting slowly – one-one thousand, two-one thousand, three one-thousand…-

He fought his way out from under the pile of unmoving robots at six one-thousand and spun in horror. The area was covered in bugs, and he couldn’t see Tony anywhere. He tried to reconstruct how far he’d fallen, but he was turned around and not sure if Tony was behind him or in front of him.

Nine one-thousand…


Ten one-thousand.

A flash of red caught his attention and he dove into a pile of the bugs for Iron Man’s hand. Tony was limp as Steve yanked him out of the pile with one great heave and dropped him on his back. He fell to his knees over Tony’s hips, curled his right hand over his left and shoved on the circle in Iron Man’s chest that should have been glowing but wasn’t.

Four pulses.



Seven. He got to his feet so he had more leverage, applying his body weight to the reactor.

“Come on, damnitall, Tony!” Eight.


“Don’t do this to me!” Ten.

He would have preferred ‘a loud click,’ but under the circumstances, he would take Tony screaming. The arc reactor powered up under his hands, light exploding out from between his fingers and nearly leaving him blind. He dropped unsteadily to his knees, his stomach twisting and tugging, but the reactor was glowing, and he could just barely hear Tony making tiny gasping noises inside the suit. Steve wanted to rip his faceplate off to see for himself that Tony was still breathing, but he contented himself with resting a hand on Iron Man’s knee and waiting for Tony to sit up.

“Ow,” Tony said eloquently as he struggled upright a few long minutes later. “We get them all?”

Steve meant to say, Yes, you brave, idiot. And: you almost got me, too. Stop stopping your heart, please. Instead, he held out a hand and said, “I just hope nobody on the perimeter has a pacemaker.” He meant for it to be a joke, but it felt hollow.

Tony took his hand, but his voice was bitter and sharp as he responded, “It was a low-yield pulse. I’m always mindful of my liability, Steve.”

Steve’s tongue felt like it was wrapped in cotton and his jaw had been wired shut. He couldn’t respond, didn’t know how to reassure Tony that Steve knew that – knew he was careful and always aware of the impact he had on others, and Steve admired him more than he knew for it. He’d never thought of himself as a coward, but there was a lot he found himself unable to say to Tony Stark.

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Girls react to Sole showering Dogmeat's puppies on them.

Cait: At first, Cait is slightly irritated by all of the small tongues that are relentlessly licking her face, but even she can’t stay aggravated at Dogmeat’s fluffy pups. She ends up wrapping them up tighter in her arms with a big smile on her face.

Curie: Curie is so immensely happy that the little balls of fur are swarming her. She can’t stop giggling and she will pick up the puppies and hold them up to her cheeks admiring the softness of their fur and their little licks of affection on her face.

Piper: Piper can’t contain her happiness. She lays down on the ground and is immediately consumed by a small swarm of puppies. She is laughing hysterically and she shouts, “Blue! You gotta try this!” She tries her best to gather them all up in her arms, but the wriggly pups make it difficult as they keep falling out.


puppy swarm

Not everyone loves them.

I feel like Sam Wilson is the type of person that is loved by all dogs on sight. Probably wherever he and Steve go out, Sam is just swarmed by puppies of all sizes and all the owners comment things like: “Oh he isn’t usually so friendly with strangers!” and “She doesn’t even let us pet her like this!” and meanwhile Steve is just like “I thought is was only birds?!”

Someone needs to invent a way we can program our dreams. I don’t want to have to do anything complicated, I just want to select from a drop down menu and have to decide between “laying down and being swarmed by puppies” and “getting to bath a sloth”.