puppy stuck

This is Louie! We got him from the pound so we’re unsure about his breed. We think he might be fox terrier/papillon cross. What do you think? (As a puppy his ears stuck up but when he was about one year, they dropped down.) -@ambientdog

Puppy Love

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Puppy Love 

•A/N: this is for the anon who requested apn with a character of my choice. Here you go sweetie, sorry if it’s shit, but hope you enjoy it anyway! Thank you for the request! X 

•Warnings: None?

•Words: 807

•Pairing: Dean x Reader, Dean x puppy!reader 

“So, the spell lasts for twenty four hours?”

Sam nods “Yeah, that’s what the lore says. It’s a good thing, Dean, it isn’t permanent. Be happy.”

Dean scoffs “Y/N is a god damn dog! How am I supposed to be happy?! Well, I’m not being responsible for her when she poops and pee’s and throws up everywhere. Nope. You love dogs so much, you can take care of her.”

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i just returned home from a rly fuckin brutal squats and deadlifts exercise and met the cutest husky puppy on the way omg…45 days old n he could climb up the staircase but puppy was stuck bc he couldn’t climb all the way back down 😭😭😭😭😭😭