puppy sticking his tongue out

I went back home to the Midwest, and I Facebook messaged a guy I used to hang out with to meet up since I wanted to go get drinks. I told him that I had a welcoming back party until 11PM on a Thursday, and asked if he was available afterwards. He immediately replied yes.

I was late and it was actually 11:30PM. He still drove up to my house which was 30 minutes away from where he is. I wore a tank top, showing off the arms formed from 80 pull ups and chin ups every other day. I walked out, but he was outside my door instead of in his car. I asked if he was thinking of going inside or going out, and he said either is fine with him. I actually just wanted a platonic drink, but he was thinking something different.

“Let’s go for a drink.” I walked with him into his car and we went down to the most popular gay club in town where there’s often amateur night with boys showering in this glass display with their semi-hard cocks rubbing against customers’ faces with only a thin layer of molded sand between them.

Drinks were only a dollar that night, which I was surprised because they usually went for seven. Guess they wanted to attract all the hoes who were thirsty on a weekday.

He said he wasn’t dressed to go out, and was wearing a sweater with his college’s logo on it. I made fun of him for being so basic, and he laughed and agreed. His skin is nicely tanned with deep brown eyes, and he had a chiseled chin and strong jaw line. I could see his bolded chest and thick arms, and his ass filled out his pants nicely.

We had two drinks each, talking to random strangers looking for suggestions for bars to go to the next night and some white guys who were here for a Socialist Summer Camp. I got into a three-minute debate over election systems before my friend got bored and left to “get a drink.” I left with him, grabbing onto his 2 percent body fat waist.

The bar was closing, so he drove us back to my place. I asked if he wanted to come in to sober up, he eagerly said yes. We walked up into my room, and I gestured to my clothes on the floor and told him I wasn’t expecting anyone tonight. He didn’t mind.

I turned off the light, and he was already laying on my bed. I got on top of him and stuck my tongue inside his mouth. He opened wide and his mouth was still wet from the water he drank right before we left.

I grabbed right below his arms to pull him on top of me as I switch to lay on my back. I unzipped my pants and he started to lick the outside of my underwear before I could start pulling them down. I pull my underwear leg up just a little bit so he could taste the tip of my cock, which already had some precum ready for him to taste. I told him to pull the rest of my pants down, and he did it without question.

He got back up and pulled my underwear down. My cock bounced up and audibly hit my stomach. He moved his mouth to let it back inside, using the spit that was still in his mouth from us making out to lube it. I put my hands behind my head, letting him do all the work serving my cock.

“Itching to get that hole fucked?” He murmured, “Yes,” as my throbbing cock was still in his mouth. He kept swallowing a mix of my precum and his own spit as he takes off his pants, never taking it out.

“I’m going to force your hole open with my thick cock.” He is now deep throating the entirety of my tool. “I’m going to let you know that you are just a toy for men to fuck. The only thing you’re good for is opening up your hole for men to seed you.” He sucks me faster.

“You love serving men you just met don’t you?” I can feel him nod by the way his mouth moves my cock up and down. He replies, “I’m just a hole for you to use.”

“You’re worth nothing besides your mouth as a cum dump.” He nods again.

He comes up to kiss me and I slide my hands down his waist. He’s wearing a jock strap. A sign of a guy just waiting to be fucked.

“I’ll have to buy you a cock cage so that you won’t be able to touch yourself. The only thing that will make you feel good will be my cock entering that hole.”

“Only if that means I’m your constant hole for use.”

“The only thing that will make you happy is to be fucked by me. The only thing you’ll eat is my cum.”

I told him to get on the floor, on all fours. I sat on the edge of my bed.

“Wag your ass in the air like a little dog happy to see its owner.” He has his palms on the ground, lowers his chest, and starts wagging. “Pant like a little puppy for me.” He sticks out his tongue, and starts salivating. I ordered him to turn around.

I placed my cock right at the edge of his hole. It was already lubed up. “Fuck yourself with my cock. Make your master happy.”

He then pushes himself back. I can see his knees are on my haphazardly thrown clothes on the floor as cushion. He moans as I see my cock opening up his tight Latino hole and going deeper inside him. His waist was so thin that I could imagine exactly how my cock looked like as it was going inside him.

He pushes back on my dick, making sure the whole seven thick inches goes into it. “That’s a good dog. Make your master proud of you.”

“Yes, sir.”

I then grab his hips and start fucking him, making sure I pull it out until the tip and sliding it back in to make him feel the entire length. I could feel my cock pulsating as the outside of his hole is going up and down the shaft.

I let my cock leave. “Turn around. Clean off the cock that was just fucking you.”

He lets his cock back inside, and now I’m on my knees pushing it deep into the back of his throat.

“You want your master’s milk?” He nodded.

“You like getting fucked by the same cock that fucked two guys earlier this week, don’t you?”

“Fuck yes.”

“Yeah, you don’t care if you’re the last in line fucked as long as a guy is breeding you, you feel like you’re worth something.”

He sucks my cock faster.

I grab my cock to start jacking off, and he opens his mouth, panting like a good little puppy. “Yeah, you’re going to make your master proud.” I could feel my balls contracting, then I started to shoot my cum. He sealed his lips over the tip of my rock hard pleasure stick and laps it up. Swallowing it all.

He opens his mouth to show me that it’s all gone. I spit in it. I grab below his jaw, bring him up, and gave him a deep kiss. I laid down on my bed and had him lay in front of me as I laid my arm across his chest grabbing his shoulder. I found this position to make the guys feel the most covered and protected.

He started to drift off to sleep.

I woke him up to tell him to scoot down so that his face was in my crotch. “Suck my cock like a baby and its pacifier. It’ll make you feel safe and loved.”

He opens up, and I stuck my semi-hard cock inside. That night, he slept with his mouth sealed around a cock that just fucked and came inside his mouth.

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dad more wolf gang au please!

Taehyung doesn’t remember their first meeting.

Yoongi could never forget it.

Yoongi’s wolf never wanted to forget it.

The way deep brown doe eyes lit up with excitement as a little boy, not much older than six years old, ran up to the too large creature on the streets with a smile so bright it put the sun to shame. The wolf side of Yoongi always whined quietly as it thought back to the way the little boy had giggled and gently raised his hand to run small fingers through its midnight black fur, ignoring the way the creature growled in warning.

No one had ever touched him so softly before.

It was as if the little boy thought the wolf was the most beautiful thing on the entire planet. Nothing like the sneers and horrified looks it had been used to. No one, not even Yoongi’s own parents, shone with the same love as the little boy had when he happily, loudly, squealed out;


Yoongi doesn’t remember their second meeting.

Taehyung remembers it every night.

The younger remembers the way he’d been so lonely, walking to an empty home, as he thought of the money he didn’t have for food and what he could maybe steal to help him make ends meet. Taehyung would always think back to the familiar growls he’d heard and the longing that filled his heart as it sung to his soul when he slowly approached the black mass curled up at the base of a nearby tree. 

The wolf had been injured badly, deep gashes tearing at it’s legs and snout, but also seemed to be healing itself slowly. 

The then fifteen year old had no idea what to do to help so he did the only thing he could think of. The boy slowly reached out a hand to let the wolf sniff at it slowly. When he’d been sure the creature wouldn’t attack he tossed down his bag and sat next to it all night as the creature slept, making sure the wolf knew it wasn’t alone, making sure Taehyung himself knew he was also no longer alone. 

“Your wolf loved me from the moment it met me”

Taehyung’s voice laces with the night in a playful dance as he wings his and Yoongi’s locked hands together between them and the elder rolls his eyes, his cheeks only slightly pink at the boy’s teasing.

“It’s an animal, Taehyung.” Yoongi sighs out. “It doesn’t understand love.”

Taehyung stops to frown at Yoongi. He wasn’t dumb, of course, the younger understood the two sides of his soul partner. Taehyung knew there was Yoongi, human and filled with annoyance that simmered into love for him, and then there was The Shadow. There’s was the wolf side of the elder that was nothing but a wild beast hell bent on ripping the throats of anyone that pissed it off. Yoongi had constantly explained The Shadow had no feelings besides anger, rage, and bloodlust but the younger knew better.

Taehyung had seen other emotions years back when he’d been walking through the woods near his home and stumbled across the large injured creature.

Taehyung had seen hope, he’d seen warmth, he’d seen trust as he gently kneeled before the whining creature with an outstretched hand and a whispered “Puppy”.

“That’s not true.” The younger sticks his tongue out at the elder. “He loved me, why else would he have imprinted on me when I was a little boy?

Yoongi smirks playfully.

“Maybe because he knew you were an annoying little shit that would join a gang by accident and need someone to constantly save your ass.”


(I know there isn’t a bunch of gang related stuff in this but i needed to get some backstory out on them so yeah pls forgive if you wanted something really gang like i’ll try and do more soon!)

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can you write jenna getting a bitpbull puppy and star being jealous because jenna is spending all her time with her new puppy

Yes I sure can! A pit bull was such a good idea for a dog for Janna! The rumor that they can snap and become violent is NOT TRUE! If you wanna adopt a dog a pit bull is GREAT! They are just very playful, and puppies can get too rowdy when they aren’t trained. And I love their little faces!!! They look all silly and cute I love them! Pug dogs are my favorite dogs, but Pit Bull’s are a close second. Actually all dogs are my favorite. All dogs are good. they are good dogs.

“Come here, baby!” Janna called and the dog came scampering across the floor. The Pit Bull jumped up in her arms and began licking her face. “Who is a good boy? I love you! I love you!”” Janna exclaimed. The dog jumped out of her arms and began running in circles. “You wanna play?” Janna asked. The dog sneezed and picked up his rope chew toy from, the other side of the room. He trotted over to Janna and the two began playing tug-a-war.

“Janna! Do you wanna go get lunch!?” Star cried, peeking he rhead through the door. But she grumbled when she saw her playing with the dog. “Oh. Potato is here.” She growled. “Why did you name him Potato?” Star asked.

“Because he looks like a big ol’ Potato!” Janna giggled. She pulled the rope from the dog and it growled.

“It just growled at you!” Star exclaimed.

“It’s okay, he sneezed.” Janna assured. Star gave a confused look. “Well, puppies can play pretty rough, especially Pit Bulls. But to make sure that their partner knows they’re just playing, they sneeze before they growl or jump and bark.” She explained. “If he’s growling and barking, and he didn’t sneeze first, it means he’s upset.” Janna added.

“Oh, so you know what the dog is thinking, but you can’t tell when your girlfriend wants to get lunch with you?” She asked. Janna put the rope down and the dog began chewing and growling with it. But sneezed every now and then so they knew he was playing.

“Are you upset?” Janna asked. Star pouted and sat on the couch. “You are, aren’t you. Star are you jealous of a dog?” Janna asked.

“No!” Star exclaimed. “I just… don’t like him! He’s ugly!” She bit. The dog pouted and Janna gasped. She lifted the puppy up and held it out to Star.

“How dare you say that about this little guy!” She exclaimed. “Look at his face!” She demanded. Star looked up at the puppy, who was panting and sticking his tongue out. It looked like he was smiling. Star cracked a little smile when the dog licked his jowls and nose.

“Okay… I guess the way he smiles is pretty cute.” Star huffed. Janna held the dog out further soit licked Star’s face. Star began laughing and she took the dog in her own arms. The Pit Bull jumped up on her and began covering her face in puppy-kisses. “Potato! Down boy! Come on!” Star laughed. The dog jumped down and sneezed again, playing with his rope.

“You know I love you, right Star?” Janna asked. Star blushed and nodded. “And Potato loves you too!” She promised, petting the dog’s ears.

“I know.” Star assured. “And I love you too.” She giggled. “But I also like it when you come out to lunch with me.”

“Okay, let’s go.” Janna beamed. The girls walked out the door and made it halfway down the street before they heard a little pitter-patter of footsteps behind them. Star and Janna turned around and saw Potato had followed them down the street. “Potato, go home.” Janna told him. Star frowned and scooped the doggo up.

“He wants to come get lunch with us!” Star frowned. “Let him eat!” She cried.

“Just a minute ago you hated that dog.” Janna reminded. Star was silent as the dog licked her face.

“Your point?” She asked. Janna rolled her eyes and motioned for the two to follow her. Star cheered and patted the dog’s head with her wand. A pink sparkly leash appeared and the dog’s new harness had butterfly wings on it. “Come on Potato! Let’s go get lunch!” She exclaimed. The dog ran next to her happily, despite the wings flapping everywhere.

“Star, take that thing off him, he doesn’t need a leash.” Janna laughed.

“Awww, but he looks so cute!” Star exclaimed. Janna shook her head and saw the dog sticking his tongue out, he looked pretty happy.

“Okay, I guess you should keep it on when we’re in town, just because it gets so busy.” She then knelt down and kissed the puppy on the head. ‘I don’t want anything to happen to my Potato!” Janna exclaimed.

“Then we can take him to the park and let him run around for a bit!” Star suggested excitedly. Janna nodded and the two girls and Pit Bull made their way to the Taco Shack. “I love you.” Star whispered.

“I love you too.” janna responded, blushing.

“I wasn’t talking to you, i was talking to Potato.” Star interjected. Janna rolled her eyes and Star grinned, pulling her down into a kiss.

“But you’re a close second.”

Tyler Seguin Imagine

2:54 AM

I throw my phone to the side, annoyed. He promised he would be home at a decent hour and look at the time. Three in the fucking morning.

My phone rings, and when Jamie’s number pops up on my phone, I start to panic. Why is Jaime calling me? Oh god, what if something happened to Ty?

My hands shake as I bring the phone up to my ear. “Jamie?”

“Hey, it’s me.” Ty says and I frown.

“Uh hey. Where are you? And why are you on Jamie’s phone?”

“My phone died.” He says but avoids the question of where he is.

“Okay.” I say.

“Um, I’ll be home in the morning. I’m just going to crash at Jamie’s and Jordie’s.” He says, and I don’t reply, I just hang up the phone, throwing it to the side.

It rings, and rings, and rings but I don’t answer it. Instead, I curl up on the couch, letting my hand hang over the side so I can pet Cash who’s lying on the floor. Marshall is curled up near the door, waiting for Ty to come home.

Little does he know, Tyler isn’t coming anytime soon.


I can’t remember how or when I ended up in my own bed but all I can comprehend is that I’m too warm and there’s another human being wrapped around me like a vine. At first, I would freak out considering I fell asleep alone (and on the couch) last night but I know it’s Ty because I can see his messy brown hair.

Extracting myself proves to be a challenge since he’s got his arms locked around my waist, with his head resting on my stomach. I try to grip his wrists and pry them off me but he doesn’t budge. Then I just try pushing him but it doesn’t work.

“Stop moving.” He whines and I roll my eyes.

“I’m mad at you.” I say and he just hugs me tighter.

“I’m sorry.” He whispers making my heart swell a little bit. It’s so frustrating because I can never stay mad at him. He always gets away with everything because I let him.

“That’s what you said last time.” I say, making an effort to push him away again. Finally, he moves his arms, choosing to cross them over his bare chest. He sticks him lips out like a puppy, giving me a wounded look.

Stop.” I say and he just continues to look at me like that.

I put my hand over his mouth in attempt to block out the puppy face but he just sticks his tongue out, licking my hand.

“Gross Ty.”

He just grins and leans in to kiss my lips but I turn my head so he kisses my cheek. I expect him to just give up but he doesn’t. Instead he just starts planting little kisses down my neck.

I try to push him away but I quickly realize that I don’t want him to stop.

“I still mad at you,” I say and he just makes a hum noise in the back of his throat while continuing to drive me crazy.

“I’m serious Ty.”

He pulls away and sighs. “I said I’m sorry. What else do you want me to say?”

“I don’t want you to say anything! I want you to either stop doing this every night you’re off or if you can’t do that then stop promising me you’ll be home. I waited up until three in the morning for you Ty.”

He looks guilty, avoiding eye contact with me. He knows I’m angry.

“You’re right.” he says making me raise an eyebrow. “I shouldn’t keep doing this to you. It’s not fair.”

“Damn right it isn’t fair.” I mutter.

“I’m just new at this.” He says, looking more and more upset as he continues. “I’ve never had to consider anybody’s feelings other than my own until now. I love you, more than anything and I can’t promise I won’t fuck up because I’m notorious for doing that. I’ll try harder though. I can promise you that.”

“Okay,” I say, brushing a piece of his hair back.

“Okay?” He grins, and I nod.

He pulls me closer, so we’re nose to nose, curled up in each others arms.

“Oh, and Ty?”

“Hmm?” he asks, eyes closing and I know he’s falling back asleep.

“I love you too.”


ew its so cute and mushy 

message with requests if you wanna 

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that Ren!Aoba AU is literally so heartbreaking that I thought about it in the middle class and started aggressively frowning. Good job my friend.

oh friend do not fret there are happy things too!! I mean, Ren in Aoba’s body doing puppy things!!

i mean look how cute forgetting about his tongue sticking out

and oh ofc how puppies r always licking ur face

but ofc they arent always happy, they can get mad too!

and here we have a puppy waiting for its owner


twilightwolfgeneral  asked:

"You're so fluffy!"

Yipping when his spikes were petted and got a few scratches too, “A fluffy puppy, a big puppy but always a puppy no matter what size.” making that dopey smile when tilting his head in various ways then sticking his tongue out, “Puppy pets and scratches, hee. Feels good too.” thumping his foot and on the floor like a puppy when a sweet spot was found.

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"Hey Ace. You're too hot to be near." Ann stuck out her tongue at the other freckled youth.

Ace pursed his lips, pretending to be upset at her comment. How come she was always ready to articulate jokes of the kind? It was like everyone carried a “Let’s Make Fun of Ace” compendium of jokes.

“I don’t hear you say that when we enter a winter climate, do I, Ann?” he replied before returning the pleasantry by copying her, sticking his tongue out like a puppy’s.

Oh then he was too hot not to be near!

send me you’re hot for ace’s reaction // drabbles not starters // accepting