puppy says no is no

joeynihil  asked:

Scott have a lot of dirty thoughts about you. He act all soft and sweet in public. But ya know; he's called an True Alpha for a reason. 🐺

Oh please like he hasn’t gone through enough beds to single handedly keep the Beacon Hills bed store open. He’s got a discount card. They opened a tab just for him. People know. They know he isn’t a soft puppy but no one says a word.

anonymous asked:

"I love her. I want to live on, live and protect her." Whaaaaaat? Kaneki saying the L word with those puppy eyes? kaneki expressing the desire to live and protecting her with that kiddie bright smile? Dang! These are definitely words that come from guilt *sarcasm*

Mod K:

He actually hates her or something and is waiting for her and their baby to die so that he can run into the arms of someone else (and we all know who that is). God damn obligation marriage!

can you imagine steve and bucky doing one of those “when you check to see if bae is still mad” videos where steve slowly tries to put his hand on bucky’s leg and bucky slaps it away