puppy sawyer


Footage of a puppy playing with puppies

Okay i’m emo rn and I have something to say lol. after watching Maggie on today’s episode I just started thinking about the fact that she’s really happy with Alex you can tell. She’s super excited about the concert and I think that for a long time she haven’t felt like these with someone, so comfortable and I mean they both share the same taste in music and she’s so excited because she was sure that Alex was going to be really happy with the concert tickets and duh she loves to see excited Alex Danvers plus she loves to spoil on her girlfriend. Idk I’m emo but I feel that inner Maggie is like “WOW THIS IS WHAT LOVE FEELS LIKE. IM SUPER HAPPY I LOVE ALEX DANVERS” because for a long time she thought she didn’t deserve to feel loved because of the bad experiences she had with former girlfriends and now she has a girlfriend who loves her with all her heart and she’s so happy with Alex and asdfghjklasd ❤️


My parents got their new puppy! After the loss of their 8 year old golden in the spring, they are very excited to train this new guy for the therapy program they do with their other two Goldens. Welcome Tanglewood’s Peaceful Easy Feeling aka Sawyer :) he was temperament tested and selected specifically as a great therapy dog candidate and my mom is a great trainer so I can’t wait to see what this little guy can do. He is an incredibly sweet smart puppy so expect lots more pictures/videos from our visits!

Everyone on Lost worrying about their love lives
  • Jack: Kate ilu
  • Kate: Jack I am not leaving you!
  • Sawyer: You got my back, Blondie?
  • Juliet: Of course
  • Desmond: PENNY
  • Sun: JIN
  • Jin: SUN
  • Rose: I'll just be over there with my hubby
  • Bernard: I love my wife
  • Daniel: Charlotte you're so pretty plz love me
  • Charlotte: Oh Dan *rolls eyes lovingly*
  • Charlie: Claire Claire Claire ilu and the baby
  • Claire: Charlie you're so adorable
  • Sayid: I miss Shannon
  • Hurley: Yo Libby wassup?
  • Libby: You're so cute
  • Miles: *laughs*
Kara setting the pace for Sanvers


Kara: I’ll get the alien, YOU go get the girl

Alex: shit should I go let her know how I feel? I just came out but whatever

Goes to Alien Bar, kisses Maggie- Doesn’t turn out well for her

scares Maggie away

but an episode after, Maggie kisses her back


Kara: You should make a tailor made Valentine’s Day for the two of you

Alex: shit then I’ll totally ignore the fact that she hates Valentine’s. Whatever she likes tiramisu and scotch.

Surprises Maggie, but doesn’t turn out well

Pisses Maggies off

but a few scenes later, Maggie literally recreates the prom she never had for her


Kara: Never let her go

Alex: shit should I go propose to her then?? We haven’t even been dating for a year but whatever.

Asks Maggie to marry her

Probably doesn’t turn out well

Scares Maggie a bit

but with time, all will be well