puppy ringo

Let Me Love You

@thenovarose : Nate maloley imagine based off of let me love you by Ariana Grande, please! 

“I can’t do this anymore, Justin” I whisper, deflated. I put my bag on my shoulder and pick up my golden retriever puppy, Ringo. 

“Y/N! I’m sorry!” He calls out after me. 

“You’ve been sorry far too many times for it to mean anything anymore. We both don’t deserve this situation.” I say and walk out of my boyfriend’s, or should I say ex-boyfriend’s penthouse.  He had been drinking, cheating and lying for months. Showing up late, making excuses I didn’t want to hear. I was ready to be with someone who paid attention to me. Who cared and listened. I head out onto the street downstairs and of course, the paparazzi hit as I walk through the door. 

“Y/N! Are things really done with Bieber?”

“We heard about the models! Care to comment?”

“This isn’t the first time!” 

“Did he get you pregnant?”

Pregnant, really? Oh, my god. TMZ is off their rocker. 

I get into my car and head home. Thank god we never moved in together. My best friend, Kelly, is over in minutes after I text her. She knew I was dumping Justin tonight. I cry and head to bed. I spend the next week recovering, working out, eating right, feeling independent. When Kelly is over again, the paps have died down and I feel much better.

 “You know what you need?” she says as we approach our 3rd Grey’s episode.”Let’s go out. You need a new guy, or at least some genuine male attention. We’re hot and young, Y/N, hot and young.”

I laugh. “Fine, but only because you put up with my sad self all week” 

“I just broke up with my ex
Now I’m out here single, I don’t really know what’s next
But I ain’t even trippin’, I'mma chill and sit back
And I know they will be coming from the right and the left, left, left
I just broke up with my ex”

We are at our third club. I’ve barely been drinking, but the men have been ceaseless all evening, coming on strong. Kelly orders her 4th or 5th and I go to sit, just to catch my breath. I sigh and look around when a tall guy with dark hair walks up to me, smiling. God look at those dimples. 

“That seat is taken,” He says softly and looks me up and down. 

“Yeah, by me,” I say sassily. “No one was here when I sat down.”

“Well I guess you just have to sit in my lap then” He smirks coming closer to me. 

“You wish” I laugh, meeting his eyes. 

“Damn right I do” He nods looking me over again.”What’s your name?”

“Y/N,” I say and extend my hand. 

“Nate” He grins, shaking my hand and his dimples arrive again on his scruffy face. 

We’ve been talking for hours, moving to a booth in the corner. I’m lying up against Nate, his body is firm and wide and he reminds me of a big sexy teddy bear. When he speaks I feel something I haven’t felt in a while. I’m getting sleepy and I feel his arms snake around my waist.

“Do you want to get out of here?” He asks softly. Without thinking, I nod. He walks me out of the club and we pass Kelly on the way out. She raises an eyebrow and nods in approval, looking Nate up and down. I laugh and blush a little, still amazed that he has already broken down the walls I was adamant about keeping up. 

“Whoever he was, he was dumb to hurt you,” He says as we are driving. 

“What?” I say confused, turning to face him. 

“You’ve just been silent for a while. And, when we met you seemed to have all these walls up.”

“Oh, yeah I broke up with someone rather recently. Sorry”

“I hope I won’t be like him”

“You’re already better,” I say softly and look over. “Plus you’re a pretty hot distraction” I laugh and he grins, the dimples appearing again as we pull up to his apartment. 

He gets out of the car and opens my door. Before I can step out, his hands are at my waist and we are kissing. 

I am so glad I decided to give in tonight. It’s time to let myself love.