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Four!!, Part 5
(Parts 1, 2, 346, and 7)

A special birthday hat, meeting a unicorn, and nomming a rainbow birthday cake—the last item on the agenda for my birthday party was presents!  Mom’s present to me is a new, bigger carrier!  My new carrier has a pretty green door and came with a new puppy friend for me, plus grooming tools to keep the puppy happy.

With all the growing I have been doing, my trusty old carrier is almost too small for me!  Hence a new carrier for me with more room—except Mom misjudged, and my new carrier is way too big for me:  I can’t see out the windows at all!  This will not do.  I need to see everything happening around me!  Time for Mom to go back to the store to find me another new carrier!

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what's the fluffy fury clan do?


In Fluffy Furry Clan, we seek for the core of fluffiness, the best furry, the softest touch. Here good example -> cute1 / cute2
Then we appreciate how adorb they are ( ´﹃`) awwwwwww asdfasdfasdf

This is important, our biggest aim is to let the world know the cuteness and believe in those puffy hAIRRR!

As a clan master, my prior duty is to draw fluffy pups lol

Have fun! We have a lot of free positions in this clan*v*

Spidey Senses

A/N : I have been having a crappy and stressful week and apparently so has @holagubler. This is a little piece of fluff to brighten up your day :)

Also this lowkey inspired by my own headcannon


Title : Spidey Senses

Pairing : Spencer Reid x Reader

POV : Third person

Word Count : 1063

Beta read : @lostdreamsanddeadroses who is a cool bean <3

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Garcia’s spidey senses were tingling. Something was up. She could feel it in the air. The way Reid was always smiling, how he checked his phone during cases, how he would randomly leave during lunch, how he smelled like Daisy by Chanel.

The boy genius was in love.

She knew she had to to tackle this with caution. After her many years of working at the BAU if she’d learnt one thing it was this: FBI agents like to keep their private lives private. Well maybe not Morgan, Morgan likes to lay all of his sexual endeavours out on the table for the world to see. Not that she was complaining.

Step one : Approach target.

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What if one of the kids noticed how lonely Gladstone seems to be and goes out of their way to get him a pet while everyone else is saying not to bother because if Gladstone wanted a pet he would have one. The moment Gladstone gets it he starts tearing up because it's too cute for him to handle but quickly covers it up because the everyone else is standing there watching him

Give me this. Somebody draw this or write it or something.

Just so you know, Gladstone is a softy deep down and would cry over a present puppy. He would.

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percabeth and either a jealous or giggly kiss?

“You’re jealous,” Percy said. “Oh my gods, you’re actually jealous.”

“Shut the fuck up, I’m not jealous,” Annabeth said, she was sitting in the couch, with her arms crossed across her chest, the frown on her face telling Percy, that yes, she was indeed jealous.

“I can’t believe it.” He laughed and sat next to her on the couch. “This is amazing.”

“Don’t sit near me,” Annabeth was about to move from the couch when she felt the reason of her jealousy rest against her foot. “Oh! Don’t you dare get cozy with me after you choose him! Traitor!”

Percy bursted laughing at the scene, Annabeth was glaring at Latte, their the little norfolk terrier dog they adopted from a shelter a few weeks ago. They had come home after spending an unexpected weekend at Camp and when they came in, Latte run straight to Percy, even after Annabeth  called her name.

“Annabeth, Latte loves you!” Percy said, trying to hide the laugh from his voice.

Annabeth ignored him and looked at their puppy. “I feed you every morning, I take you out so you can pee and poop outside, I cuddle with you and I buy you clothes so you won’t be cold. And this is how you repay me!?” The puppy, that had looked at Annabeth when she started talking, tilted her head to the side and stuck her tongue out. “Don’t try to be all cute with me, It’s not going to work.”

Percy snorted and picked Latte from the floor and put her in Annabeth’s lap. “Don’t be mad at her, look at her little face, she’s absolutely sorry.”

Annabeth turned her face away from Percy and he moved closer to her. “Annabeth.” He kissed her cheek. “Wise girl, come on.” He kissed her neck. “Don’t be jealous.”

Annabeth turned to look at him and she give him her best glare. “I am NOT jealous.”  He gave her a quick kiss on the lips before turning to the little ball of fluff that was still resting on Annabeth’s lap. 

“Come on Latte, we have to spoil your mom if we want her to love us again.”