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This is Camellia!!!! She is a 6 year old Pekingese and such a sweet girl! We rescued her from our local dog shelter after her owners, who were breeders, gave her up because she was unable to have puppies. She loves posing for pictures and will dance for treats!

Concept Evaluation Performance Spoilers

Oh Little Girl

  • prettiest stage
  • Jung Sewoon’s voice was the prettiest, although Lee Gunhee’s voice was pretty too
  • Lee Euiwoong’s face, dance, and rap was perfect; his dance style was perfect for the choreography of the song
  • Bae Jinyoung’s face was really pretty, had light makeup on but it suited him well, was very energetic, and during his parts, he showed off his charms; even with contact lenses on, his face was so small you have to go closer to his face, he wasn’t nervous at all
  • Choi Minki was the focus of the stage, he’s like a real man, he will go up ranks for sure
  • Gunhee’s voice was a must for the team, his dance and singing was really good
  • Park Jihoon was cute, sexy, and prefect in real life
  • Ahn Hyungseob did lots of aegyo and sent many hearts, and Euiwoong went crazy with hearts, flying kisses, and bright smiles 
  • Jinyoung, Jihoon, and Minki did their puppy pose from their entrance together


  • OP could not hear the full song because they kept on cutting their rehearsal to redo and rewatch how they did
  • Kang Dongho looks like he lost a lot of weight, was so handsome, his voice supported the song perfectly, an amazing vocal
  • Takada Kenta’s face was really pretty, had light makeup on but it suited him well, he flew on stage
  • For the actual stage, Yoo Seonho wore a black suit, he opened it and did body rolls and lied down on the floor (please do not sexualize him)
  • BoA asked what kind of song 열어줘 is, and Seonho said it was a sexy and inappropriate song
  • Kang Daniel’s killing part was throwing off his jacket and body wave
  • Kim Yongguk did really well in the rehearsals, he sweat a lot while dancing, his dancing was very good
  • Kenta and Yongguk suit the concept the best
  • Open stage was very sexy and mostly contains body waves
  • audience asked for an encore


  • Park Woojin was in really bad condition today, he caught the shingles and wore an eyepatch, his face was swollen
  • Hwang Minhyun’s visuals need to be praised, at the end his smile…
  • Lee Daehwi’s voice suited the song very well
  • OP thinks Kim Jaehwan will suprise everyone
  • Kim Jonghyun’s visuals was very handsome and his visuals were 100, his expressions killed, seemed to understand the song very well
  • Lai Guanlin made a huge mistake in the choreography (another OP said it wasn’t that huge, it depends on your own perspective)
  • Park Woojin and Guanlin rapped, and Ong Seongwu did the killing part
  • BoA asked something to Guanlin but he didn’t understand, so Daehwi explained it to him in English (i thought this was cute)


  • fireworks in the introduction and last chorus, paper strips fell at the end
  • Kim Samuel, Park Woodam, and Ha Sungwoon said this may be their last performance
  • OP cried while hearing Lee Woojin sing, “his voice brings back people from hell”
  • Samuel must have a mindset to improve, he was flying on stage

I Know You Know

  • Kwon Hyunbin’s skills keep increasing, this stage is the best one he did, makes your eyes keep going to him
  • Kim Taedong’s makeup looked amazing on him today, his dance was amazing, OP assumes his rank will move up a lot

translation credits: jinbutton, no_more_oppa

note: these spoilers may contain inaccurate information as they are just translations from others; some of the spoilers are from an OP that saw their rehearsal, not the actual performance

So, my new Xbox One Elite controller came in today (hooray for Amazon Prime!) and I will say I’m actually quite pleased with it - the buttons are new (yay no more mushy A and B buttons, lol) and changing out d-pad so it’s just the 4 directions has made my Seraphim swapping so much more accurate it’s amazing.  I’ve had issues with the 360 d-pad and accidentally swapping in Lailah or Edna when I actually wanted Mikleo or Dezel/Zaveid instead, and having that precision when I use the d-pad has made me so much happier.  Also:

But that’s not why you’re reading this post.  Because obviously, if I got a new controller, I continued The Grand Adventure of Edgelord Puppy and Fanservice Kitty, and you’re here for screenshot gems like these:

Oops.  Maybe telling the assassin-popstar that the Seraphim are ghosts was a bad idea.  But no?  Not your flavor?  Or maybe something like these might be (behind a cut because this post is getting long):

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