puppy pine

Headcanon that Derek Hale gets an apartment and adopts four puppies and puts each one into their respective Hogwarts house (shut up, he just loves those books, alright, they remind him of Laura). The pack somehow find out and make fun of him for it (especially Erica who keeps picking the puppies up and yelling “expelliarmus” every chance she gets).

Later that week, he comes home to find a very drunk Stiles trying to place a make shift sorting hat on each puppy’s head because “listen little dudes and dudettes, you need to get sorted. It’s, like, the only way.” Derek has no idea what Stiles’ logic is but when he looks up at him, a grin on his face, and waves red, blue, yellow and green collars at him (where did he even get collars at 4 in the morning), Derek realises he couldn’t be more in love with this nerd if he tried. (Now if only he could muster up the courage to tell Stiles that.)

John “won’t do this without him” Reese demanding the Machine for his bae back

Reese hunting for bae all over the country with this crazy single-minded focus, like NOTHING matters until he gets his boyfriend back

Reese charging like a linebacker through a train station in order to get to his bae, then worriedly patting his bf all over for gun shot wounds

John “don’t ever come near us again” Reese


quinn o’shea

motor mouth / dork knight / agent mulder / insufferable genius / seeker archetype / open mouth, insert foot / soul-sucking retail job / in harm’s way / cannot talk to women / attention deficit… ooh, shiny!


  • her fellow urbex/mystery inc. wannabe friends to get into trouble with
  • a couple of housemates maybe?
  • a lady for this dork to follow around like a puppy and pine over from afar. maybe one she’s snooping on because ameteur sleuth, maybe someone she runs into while breaking into somewhere she’s not supposed to be? this is super open but i’d love to work something out

So I’ve seen some headcanons for Enjolras and Parnasse as siblings, and also for Enj and Cossette as siblings. But what about older brother Parnasse to the golden haired twins who just ends up sighing a lot while Marius follows Cossette around like a puppy and Enjolras just pines after Grantaire, like please make these smol idiots figure out their love lives dear god how are they related to me?

Puppy love + Preston

A quick kid!Stancest for everyone. I needed to draw something like this. I love the idea of kids exploring what love is and I always think about Stan and Ford experimenting embracing, kissing, cuddling, etc, at an early age.

The do will come in their late adolescence/young adulthood.

Also, there’s Preston. I love him. I can’t help to draw him when I’m Stancesting(?).