puppy picnic

a list of things to love about life

• getting into soft sheets at the end of a long day • crisp apples • finding a pair of jeans that fit just right • a cool breeze blowing through your hair • when a stranger in front of you pays for your drink just because • used book stores • the first day of autumn • fuzzy socks • jumping into a cold swimming pool on a hot day • driving at night with loud music • art museums • city lights at night • big sweaters • fields of flowers • laughing at 2am with your best friends • lemonade • fluffy pillows • holding kittens • long hot showers • getting a new pair of shoes • steaming cups of tea • birthday presents • coffee shops when it’s raining outside • first kisses • second kisses • all kisses • puppies • picnics • dancing in your bedroom to your favorite song • wearing someone else’s sweatshirt • views that take your breath away • swimming in lakes • street food • laying in the grass and looking at the stars • live music • hikes on crisp autumn mornings • carving pumpkins • the smell in the air right before it rains • when a stranger gives you a compliment • long skype calls • snow • catching fireflies • little bakeries • thrift stores • donuts for breakfast • flannel shirts • chugging a cold glass of water on a summer day • getting dressed up • watching the sunrise • going to sports games • chocolate • the way the sunlight filters through trees and dapples the ground • smiles so wide they’ll split your face • finding coins on the ground • fairy lights • polaroids • binge watching tv shows • the beach • sunsets • the feeling of being alive

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Parks, Picnics, and Puppies

The weather began to cool down with the new season starting to make itself known. Julianne had her windows open to air out the home she’d bought only weeks previous, boxes still lined the rooms as she dug through them and pulled out what was need at the time. She began to dig through some clothes and pulled out a light grey sweater and light blue skinny jeans wth holes randomly ripped in the material. “Anya! Gotov li si da otidesh? (Are you ready to go?)” The pup jumped up and down, she was a few years old now, but had the stamina of an animal half her age. Jules placed a leash in her purse, just in case, and held tight to the picnic basket full of snacks. She only hoped the child didn’t have a wheat allergy and enjoyed the sweets she made. The model called the dog to her side and proceeded to her car. Anya jumped in and sat in the passenger seat, where a secured dog bed and toy sat. Julianne started the car and slid on a pair of sunglasses before pulling out of her driveway. The small hum of the radio played through the car and the model sang along, serenading her dog at times until they reached Alice’s house. She stepped out of the car and took hold of her items before opening the car door for Anya.

Jules approached the front door and took in a deep breath before knocking. She smiled down at the pup who sat by her feet, Alice had helped save the pup years ago, and helped name her as well. Anya sniffed at the door as they waited for a response.

clumsyconservator  asked:

What do you think of Amber donating her settlement to charity? If it was faked wouldn't that make it all for nothing? It sounds like she won't receive anything from his films either.

lol i will seriously believe that when i see it. she promises to donate “all $7M to charity” when after taxes and attorney fees she’s only going to get about $3-4m. she also is violating the terms of her non-disclosure agreement just by talking about this (and if johnny’s team were to point that out, you just know the internet would be pissed at him and say “you must hate women and charities”). she is desperately trying to save face, dig at depp, and keep her name in the press. the fact that this statement exists shows how she reeks of the self-important, self-congratulatory bullshit true to a narcissist. there is seriously no reason to mention how long she’s “worked” with a charity; even less reason to throw in the line about this being her biggest donation ever and blah blah blah. johnny’s lawyers did not release to the public the evidence uncovered by the housekeeper which was allegedly earth-shattering and could completely damage amber’s reputation (it’s rumored it could have even led to her incarceration). i think she’s doing serious PR-sponsored damage control to do whatever she can to try and recover. 

“The donation will be divided equally between the ACLU, with a particular focus to stop violence against women,…”  

the DV accusation against johnny was retracted “without qualification,” and so the only person in this story who remains to have committed ACTUAL violence against women is amber effing heard. imo she should donate some of it to her ex after being arrested for beating her. johnny has donated millions upon millions of cash and hundreds of hours to charity and never bigs himself up by it, ever. he has only ever discussed it when prompted by others. that is charity. to boast about it in a aggrandizing statement with no actual proof of any of your alleged past philanthropic efforts, and BEFORE YOU’VE EVEN DONE IT AT ALL… well. 

those charities are also tax deductible. 

just sayin. 

if she actually honestly DOES donate the money, yes how very generous of her. i’m glad she will be poorer and other people will benefit. but i wonder why she wouldn’t pursue a case to the end. why not press charges. why not sit for a deposition the first time you are summoned. why come up with constant excuses, unending lies, and leak like a freaking faucet absolutely everything to the press full of contracting and bogus information, and why not pursue criminal charges in order to prevent johnny from allegedly harming any woman ever again? THERE HASN’T BEEN A SINGLE DAY IN WEEKS WHERE AMBER HAS NOT LEAKED SOMETHING OR SAID SOMETHING OR DONE SOMETHING FOR OUR ATTENTION. NOT ONE. online i haven’t been able to find an iota of evidence suggesting that amber has ever worked for the charities she has allegedly put so much time into (apart from two photos from 2012 of her at a hospital red carpet event) - in fact, ANY charity-related anything on the internet is all of her standing to the side with JOHNNY being the active patron of the organization. 

i’m waiting in the coming days for her photo op visits to burn units and puppy shelters and church picnics. just wait. i promise. they’re comin. 

i hope he sues her ass. seriously. i’m done trying to be chill. she is such a fucking asshole. i hope that money goes to people less fortunate than her. they deserve it far more than she ever has, and i won’t believe she’s done it until i see proof. i hate that she’s made me such a cynic in a case like this. i hate that she has destroyed a man’s reputation forever and is perpetuating that goddawful horrendous myth that women are capable of making up the despicable abuse inflicted upon them by their loved ones. but she has done nothing but lie and hurt and harm. enough. she is trying to claw her way back to relevancy and undo the damage she’s done to her own reputation - not to someone she falsely accused of something unspeakable. no. bye.