puppy necklace

Rewearing another outfit from the time when my shooting spot was a puppy nursery.

Necklace: medieval market
Knit dress,Top: #thrifted
Belt: #bargainshop
Boots: @mustangjeans_official


If VIXX were boyfriends

N/Hakyeon: The leader, as he would treat his own members, he would be very caring. Sometimes he would be a goof, trying to make you happy. He may make fun of your height so that he can feel good about himself. He likes the attention that you give him. He can be a bit full of himself, but to make him feel better, you go along with it. He gets enough crap from the other members. He will hold your hands with his. Your foreheads touching, then his hands would release. Which would travel around your waist. His lips saying “I love you so much.” He would be the type to buy small trinkets. Bracelets, phone charms that represent the both of you, snacks, and he would also buy a Polaroid camera to take photos for the both of you. He will impress you buy his dancing, and his crazy singing accompanied by dancing. He may be stressed, so give him a back rub sometimes. Kiss his cheek to say, “good job today.” With you though, if you were angry, he would back up and give you space. He will only talk to you, if you talk to him first. His dates would be night walks, looking at the stars, playing in the snow and cooking inside.

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Leo/Taekwoon: He may be quiet, but he love to show his affection silently. He does appreciate your own existence even. He will like to hold your hand often, which will make you smile. Knowing that is his way of showing his affection. He may not be the most approachable person, but you warm up to him. He would sneakily grasp your hand, pulling you closer to him. All of these small gestures make him nervous. He would pull you into a hug and whisper how much he loves you. Planting a kiss on your forehead or your lips. It would make him very embarrassed when he does that. He would buy a puppy, couple rings, necklace, a scarf, a beanie and even a sweater that looks like one of your sweaters. He would sing a little bit, and then make a sentimental moment. A long kiss would be a prime example. Sometimes, he will be exhausted so leave him be until he wants to talk to you about problems. If you were angry or crying, he would get really upset. About to go out of his way to yell at the person who did this to you. He will hug you, you clinging to his chest and feeling comfortable with his heavy breathing. His dating options will be a pet store, a zoo, an aquarium, a museum and a cafe.

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Ken/Jaehwan: Being loud, means either being loud with him, or being his polar opposite, quiet. Either way, this diva loves having fun. He will do whatever it takes to make you and the members laugh to the point where you are crying. He would be the type to grab your hand, skipping ahead or running to a nearby park. Giving you kisses on the cheek, and he would giggle. Wrapping his arms around you quickly, before he flicks you on the forehead. He would be the type to buy nerdy things. Such as manga books, anime series, video games, CDs and plushies from whatever show you are into. When Ken is upset, back up. You can ask him what’s wrong. If he doesn’t answer, just pat his back and sit there until he is willing to talk to you. If you were upset, he would do anything in his power to lighten the mood. Trying to make you smile and laugh. His dating places would be a movie theater, Japan (yes), arcade and norebangs (karaoke places).

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Ravi/Wonsik: He may be a bit shy when he first meets you, but later he would definitely warm up to you. No matter what, he will get occasionally flustered for no reason. His stomach will be doing flips as he sees you in a new outfit, doing a dance, or even eating something. He would be the type to hug for long periods. He would even put your hand in his jacket pocket even when it’s not cold outside. He would kiss your forehead and he would just be flustered by that. Any little action is very deadly to him.When he is down, try to encourage him by hugging him and trying to cheer him up. Offering to go out and get fresh air, taking a break or even letting him have some space alone. Just let him know you are always there for him. If you were upset, he wouldn’t know what to do. Seeing you sad would make him extremely flustered and he would start to get concerned. He would ask what happened, as he would ask you questions as you told him why you are down. He would eventually, hesitantly pat your back. He would be kind of lost, until you fling yourself into his body. Then he will softly hug you. Not saying a word, since close contact is something that makes him nervous. For Ravi, he would be the type to buy a ton of couple outfits, small accessories, books, and art supplies.

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Hongbin: He is very open to you. He will be a bit of the silent type, until you talk to him. He will talk to you about his life, his experiences as a trainee, his favorite hobbies, etc. His smiles are deadly, so whenever he smiles, you get very shy around him. He would be the type to kiss your lips gently, but he may kiss your neck too. Holding you close to his body so that you would become a victim to his motives. He would put his arm on around your shoulder when he is hanging out with the boys, but when the two of you are alone…things change. If you initiate the kiss, he will be gentle. If he initiated it, it would be soft, then a bit more forceful. Being the cheese ball that he is, he would buy couple rings, roses, chocolates, a big teddy bear, really expensive headphones and some outfits he think would look good on you. When Hongbin is sad, hug him and run your fingers through his hair. Repeat his name until he settles down. He will hug you back, even though it may be a little painful, bear with it. You know he would do the same. When you are sad, he would hug you tightly. Kissing your scalp and the forehead. He will saying, “tell me everything.” He would patiently listen to your problems, start to finish. He doesn’t care if his shirt gets drenched in tears, as long as you are okay. For dating places, he would definitely take you to a bakery, a restaurant, a toy store, a carnival and a dance show.

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Hyuk: He is a child from the get go. He wouldn’t know how a girl/boy’s feelings are when he starts dating them. He would ask if they want to eat snacks or play video games. Basically, anything he likes to do. He would be the shy boy that would kiss your cheek when you were least expecting it. He would nuzzle into the crook of your neck like a cat, just to get a reaction out of you. Even though he is freaking out internally. He will give you playful hugs, and smiling widely as he lets go. Ruffling your hair as he pokes your cheeks. Hyuk would be similar to Ken. He would buy video games, manga books, but he would also buy toys, tickets to an amusement park or even gift cards. Hyuk can get pretty down in the dumps. If you ask what is wrong and he doesn’t answer, ask him if something happened and that you are willing to listen. Giving him positive feedback or advice will lift up spirits, especially if you offer to watch anime with him. If you were depressed, he would wrap a blanket around you and himself. Then he would walk away, and come back after fifteen minutes. He would pull you to a pillow fort. He doesn’t care if he gets yelled at the hyungs, as long as you are happy. He will listen in the fort, and make jokes about how that thing or the person bothering you is stupid. For dating spots, it would be the beach, park, pool, amusement park, the dorm, the mall and, heck, the food court.

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anonymous asked:

Yo I need all the details about that love triangle that seems like legendary stuff

Haha OKAY, I got a lot of these ^^^ so here’s the backstory…

When I was in 8th grade, I met a group of boys from another school. They were mysterious and cool and skateboarders that listened to punk rock. Since I went to a school full of polo wearing, khaki sporting football loving jocks, this was especially intriguing to me. So my girlfriends and I introduced ourselves one day and became fast friends with them. We all started hanging out a lot, and my closest friend (let’s call her Lauren), started dating one of the guys (let’s call him Alex) while I started dating another (let’s call him Dylan). 

I became very good friends with Alex, and Dylan became my first real boyfriend. But, because I hadn’t gone through my “glo up” quite yet, Dylan eventually broke up with me after I showed up to one of his school’s football games to surprise him, and he was embarrassed of me (what a Romeo, right?) Eventually Alex and Lauren broke up as well, and all communication sort of…temporarily ceased. 

Well the summer of 8th grade rolled around and with it came the official “glo up” stage. I’m not saying I became drop dead gorgeous or anything, but I did have a pretty significant change in appearance, more than a lot of people (think Corey Fogelmanis standards as far as comparison goes). In other words, I was butt ugly as a tween (I’m talking frizzy hair, chubby, childish clothing, braces, pimples and no makeup) but grew into a decently attractive teenager (weight lost, braces off, hair highlighted, makeup worn, new wardrobe, womanly features “sprouted”, etc). 

So anyway, on my birthday my friends and I were randomly walking the streets in our town (don’t ask me why we did this, we just did) when we randomly saw these boys again. All of us girls were dressed to impress for my birthday so it’s safe to say, their jaws just about dropped when they saw us (I wasn’t the only one who had a glo up, after all). It was an interesting shift in dynamic as we started spending a lot of time with them again, but we no longer were the ones following them around like little groupies. We became a real, solid group of good friends.Dylan, of course, was all about trying to reconnect with me, but i wasn’t having it- I wanted to give him a taste of his own medicine. Lauren had  another boyfriend she was happy with, so with her approval, I started dating Alex (See ladies, the girl code IS silly, when you’re truly over someone). 

But as time went on and we kept spending time with these guys, I realized I wasn’t over Dylan…and he definitely wasn’t over me. So we secretly started meeting up behind Alex’s back (not my best moment). He seemed like he had changed, he was attentive and sweet and eventually, told me he loved me and couldn’t keep the secret any longer than he had, because he couldn’t stand seeing me with Alex when everyone was around. I agreed it was the right thing to do, and told Alex the truth. 

He was pretty wrecked at first, but Alex got over it pretty quickly, even found another girl to date. We got back to being friends until eventually, we became BEST friends. We literally spent every day together, whether Dylan was there or not. Dylan and Alex were able to repair the damage as well, and even started a band together with a few of the other guys, and they became a pretty big local musical presence. 

So freshman year passed and around mid sophomore year, after I had been with him for about a year straight, Dylan and I decided to take the next step (aka our first time). We thought we had it all planned out SO perfectly, we even borrowed my friends empty house for the day. But when the moment came, everything went wrong. We got locked out and had to climb through a window, I got my period seconds before, and then, finally…the condom broke. We decided to wait until a better time. 

Well, before we got another chance, I got a call from a girl that went to school with Dylan, telling me that he had been hitting on her for a couple months now, and because she knew that we were together, she felt uncomfortable and wanted to let me know. Dylan VEHEMENTLY denied anything, but she was pretty persistent with her story. 

Even though Alex and Dylan were good friends, he BEGGED me to break up with him, That I deserved better, Dylan wasn’t who I thought he was, etc. Finally, one night, after yet another fight about Dylan, I asked Alex why he cared so damn much…and that’s when he told me he was in love with me, and wanted me to choose him, not Dylan

Pretty overwhelming, right? Well it gets better. The next day, Dylan showed up with a diamond necklace on the front steps of my school, full of apologies, asking for one more chance. If you’ve been a teenage girl, you know what your first diamond necklace, green puppy dog eyes, a declaration of love and a promise to “change” can do to you, so I decided to give him another chance. Alex was infuriated, and Dylan found out how Alex felt about me, plus that he had tried to get me to break up with him. This caused a pretty serious fight between them (fists and elbows and all that jazz) and the band broke up, and the friendship totally dissolved. But, for whatever reason (probably because he loved me), Alex stayed friends with me (You’re probably yelling at the screen “GURL. WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU IDIOT!!!! Right about now, right? Don’t blame ya.). As a matter of fact, nothing about our relationship changed. I still saw him, every single day. And he still was there, every time I cried over Dylan

And boy, did I cry. Because eventually, another call came in. THIS girl told me she and Dylan had been making out on the bus ride home for weeks. He was able to hide it from me because we went to separate schools and Alex (or any of our other mutual friends) didn’t take the same bus as he did. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice? Well…

As soon as I got the call, I marched straight  over to Dylan’s house, walked right into the basement where I knew he would be,  threw a water bottle at his head (violence is never the answer people. But I missed un purpose, for the record!) and proceeded to tell him what a scumbag and loser he was, and that I had been an idiot to waste all this time on him when I could have had the best guy in the world and now it was too late, he was with someone else. Then I told him we were through, walked out, turned my phone off, and walked home. 

Of course, old habits die hard, and Dylan once again showed up at my school the next day. This time he had made me a mix CD of “love songs” that reminded him of me. He gave me a huge speech in front of all these people about how much he loved me and had learned his lesson. At one point, I kid you not, he dropped to his knees, started crying hysterically, begged me to stay and promised he would never do it again. THIS time, he would learn his lesson. 

I kept quiet the entire speech, I wasn’t about to lose my cool like I had the day before with the water bottle (especially in front of a huge crowd that had gathered). So once he had finished, I  simply took the CD out of his hands, broke it completely in half, tossed it on the ground in front of him, and walked away. For good this time.  

Everyone pretty much alienated Dylan after that, at least for awhile. The band looked for a new drummer (Dylan’s instrument) and were a pretty good support system for me during that time. I have to say, I felt pretty powerful, it was definitely a growing moment. But overtime I was with Alex, I couldn’t help but  think that I had made the stupidest mistake of my life by not choosing him, and now some other girl had him, and he was over me, and I had lost that chance for good. 

That is, until one night when he asked me to meet him on my schools football field. It was about midnight, and he was standng right in the middle of it. When I reached him and asked him what the hell was going on, he said “A Walk to Remember.” (Now, we had seen this movie together and I had basically swooned myself to tears over it. I was obsessed with how the male protagonist takes the girl to get a temporary tattoo, and brings her to a state line so she can be two places at once, and dances with her in the moonlight even though he has two left feet.) I think my response was something in the wheelhouse of “…Huh?” so he turned on the stereo, and it was played “Dancing in the Moonlight”, from the movies soundtrack. He took my hand, and we danced in the moonlight together. When the song was over, he told me that he had broken up with his girlfriend, that it had always been and would always be me, and kissed me. And man, I don’t think I understood what “seeing fireworks” meant until that kiss. Then he took me to his car, gave me a temporary tattoo, and drove me to the state line so I could be in two places at once.  

Alex and I fell in love. Like real, extraordinary, fairly tale romance first love, love. He ended up being my first time, the boy who took me to all my proms, the one who I swore I was going to marry. We dated from mid sophomore year of high school all the way through freshman year of college (even though we went to different schools and were long distance). To this day, he was the best boyfriend I EVER had (Listen to me when I tell you…there is NOTHING BETTER than dating your best friend). He was as close to perfect as perfect could get. 

During the time we were together, Alex and Dylan managed to repair their friendship, the band ended up getting back together and Dylan and I found peace, but it was never the same. I remember at my Sweet 16, Alex got me a ruby necklace that was almost identical to the one that Dylan had gotten me a year before, and when I danced with him for my “official Sweet 16″ dance, Dylan got so upset he left the party. Something similar occurred when I went to Alex’s prom and Dylan was inevitably there. There were a million times where moments like that happened, and it was always strange and somewhat tense, but peace was found, regardless. 

Anyway, fast forward to today. Alex and I have stayed in contact over the years (it was a friendly break up, my decision, but he ultimately understood) and we have never stopped being friends (I can’t even begin to go into the rollercoaster of life events that happened to us while we were together, it would be a novel within itself but trust me…it was us against the world in so many ways). I haven’t seen him face to face in about 9 years, but he lives in NYC. He graduated from Duke Law school, works as a part time model and has an apartment on the Upper East Side. He is funny, incredibly intelligent, witty, passionate, outgoing, driven and honest. He has become, as I always knew he would, an incredible man with an incredible life. He is still single. Never married. No kids. 

Dylan, on the other hand. I haven’t seen in 11 years. But recently, we reconnected via the internet. Surprisingly, he has become someone I never, ever thought he would be. He is kind, charitable, sensitive, shy and caring. He is a part time musician, and an IT guy for a popular non profit. He lives in Brooklyn and has become, to my ULTIMATE shock, a very wonderful man as well. We share almost all the same interests and many life goals. Also still single. Also never married. Also no kids. 

In three months, I am moving back to New York City. I have been talking regularly with both of them, who are to this day, still good friends and who see each other occasionally. Dylan even asked me if I would be potentially interested in being his roommate when I move back, which I said I would. But, as time has gone on, it seems like maybe he wants something more than that. Plus when I told him I still spoke to Alex, he seemed…uncomfortable, to say the very least. 

Alex and I have also been speaking more frequently, and although he hasn’t directly hinted towards rekindling anything (I did break his heart twice), when I mentioned the possible rooming situation with Dylan…his reaction was…well…well it was extremely similar to the explosive reaction I used to get from him back in high school when I wouldn’t listen to his dating advice. 

I’m scheduled to go up there last weekend in January for 4 days and I have plans to see both of them. Separately. There were years of my life that went by where I didn’t speak to either of these men, I have fallen in and out of love a couple more times since any of this happened, but now all of a sudden, here we are, like it was 11 years ago. Alex’s heart has hardened over the years, while Dylan’s has grown three sizes and become soft. Both guys have turned out fantastic, but they could not be more different. 

And not that it’s important, but they are both drop. dead. gorgeous. 

What’s a girl to do?

I guess we’ll find out :) 

First day back to work after my holiday, so I needed to wear my new Betty Le Bonbon tulle skirt to cheer myself up. I mean, how can layers upon layers of tulle and this beautiful, vibrant colour NOT cheer you up?!? Thankfully, I work in a theatre where it is perfectly acceptable to wear a tutu to work. :)

t-shirt - The Warehouse, skirt - Betty Le Bonbon, petticoat (the blue one) - Domino Dollhouse, tights - Walmart, shoes - Hush Puppies, necklace - Underground Market, earrings - Lush Clothing

Yesterday’s subtly nerdy outfit. Not that I need to be a subtle nerd - I go all out with that shit - but this outfit can’t help it. Although, some people got it right away. Cause they’re cool. (Hint: the skirt is a Doctor Who print and the necklace is an interpretation of Ten’s sonic screwdriver.)

This was my second day in a row wearing a Betty le Bonbon skirt and Pinup Girl Clothing top. Those two go together like peanut butter and jam.

Outfit: top - Pinup Girl Clothing, cami - swap, skirt - Betty le Bonbon, tights - Walmart, petticoat (it’s the blue one) - Domino Dollhouse, shoes - Hush Puppies, necklace - etsy, earrings - Stone Town, Zanzibar