puppy naga

“Korra, every little avatar needs a companion…”

Naga as a puppy being given to Korra. I also really love the idea of a cute little fluffball Naga, cuddling up to little Korra, so maybe I’ll draw that next. 

And little Korra, believe it or not but in future another wonderful companion will settle into your life and you’ll really want to treasure her. :) 

anonymous asked:

There is this picture (which I can't find) of a cobra protecting two puppies and now naga vincent protecting Scott's lil werewolf puppies is the only thing I can think of.


I like to think about how adamant Korra must’ve been when she found Naga. she wasn’t going to allow the White Lotus sentries tell her no. I also like to think that Korra found Naga when she was 15. I don’t want to think about Naga being old and dying anytime soon, so here’s naga puppy and 15ish Korra!! 

I also wanted a reason to draw her side ponytails again

(makorra having a lazy bath together at 2am) 

(makorra babies playing with naga puppies’) 

(makorra still being crazy about each other after 50 yrs of marriage) 

(makorra loving and supporting each other) 

(makorra dancing like dorks, and then like sexy professionals) 

(makorra drying each other’s tears by kissing)

(makorra fighting side by side like a kick ass, power, unbeatable couple)

(makorra getting vulnerable and desperate and  terrified at the thought of the other getting hurt or dying) 

(makorra being makorra) 

-  Legend of Korra ends with Korrasami

3 month’s later…….

and they’re going to get married and live together forever and ever and adopt several kids and have little Naga puppies running about and they’ll have double dates with Bopal or one of the other canon couples and ‘continues rambling for the rest of life’