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Wanted | Taeyong


This wasn’t requested but I just started writing when I couldn’t fall asleep.

Word Count: 1008
Taeyong smile hurts my hearteu ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The clock showed to be 1:30am. Taeyong still hasn’t arrived home and you were beginning to get sleepy. You were in denial that you were tired, but the multiple yawns you released showed otherwise.

This had been happening for the past three weeks now. It wasn’t one of those scenarios were Taeyong would come home late and be drunk, but more like him coming home, going to bed, and leaving before you have the chance to wake up. You haven’t exactly seen much of Taeyong, but have texted him here and there, asking where he was and if he needed anything.

There was no doubt that you still loved the boy and wanted to be with him forever, but you couldn’t help but feel unwanted. You moved all the way to Korea to be with him and you were slowly beginning to consider moving back home.

As you concentrated on the newest car commercial, the apartment door unlocked, causing your puppy Mimi to break from your grasp and run towards the door. He’s home. You gaze was now focused on door, waiting for him to walk through.

Though you knew you guys needed to talk, you couldn’t help but be nervous that a fight would break out. The bright silver hair caught your eye.

“Hello Mimi. Calm do- Y/N…”

Both of your gazes caught each others as Taeyong stood in shock. You expected for him to be confuse to why you were up so late. Usually you were in the midst of falling asleep when he’d arrive home.

“We need to talk.” You mumble, fumbling with your thumbs.

Taeyong nervously nods his head before taking off his shoes and walking over to you. He sits down on the couch, taking the spot farthest away from you. You clear your throat before speaking.

“You’ve been distant lately. I barely see you anymore.”

Once you said that, you could see the anger flicker in Taeyong’s eyes. He truly wasn’t one to get angry easily, but he shows the same angry look when he’s stressed, which is a lot.

Taeyong lets out a groan before his incoming rant, which you could sense was coming.

“I have to wake up early, dance, sing and perform all day. When that’s done, I have to practice it all. The company expects so much from me. Especially because my past. Then there’s the boys, who rely on me as a leader. I would like to come home to be able to just relax, but now my own girlfriend expects for me to be the ‘best boyfriend’ ever. You barely do anything in this house anyways. If that’s how you want it then maybe you should just go back home.”

Taeyong took you by surprise when finishing his ‘rant’. Never in your relationship has he been that angry. It was overwhelming. But what effected you the most is when he said that you should go back home. When just a month ago he was begging you over Skype to move to Korea so you guys could get an apartment together. He would be able to (in his words) take care of you. You were angry, sad, overwhelmed, and stressed. This caused you to speak out your mind, which may or may not have been a good idea.

“I understand. I’ll take the next flight back home. May you enjoy making your own supper, doing your own laundry, making the bed, and making sure that everything meets your needs, because I won’t be here to that for you.”

You ran down the hall to the bedroom you shared with Taeyong. You go to the closet and grab the first suitcase you could get your hands on. Dragging the suitcase behind you, you head to the dresser and vanity. Without organizing it, you through everything into the suitcase, not even thinking what you would or would not need.

The stress was building once you began to think about how this was going to work out. Soon enough, you found yourself against the dresser, sobbing and crying like a crazy women.


You jump up, continuing to fill your suitcase. “I’ll be gone in the next five minutes.”

“Y/N! I love you. Aish, I love you so much, but I believe that I’m not worthy of your love. I’m sorry for everything I said, especially saying that you do nothing. If you want to leave you can, but if you stay I will try my best to fix and change everything, because I love you. ”

You freeze, surprised at Taeyongs confession. When you guys were long distance, he would text you saying he loved you all the time. But ever since you moved to Korea he never said it. For the words to actually come out of his mouth, it made you feel wanted again.

You turn to face him, seeing that there were tears streaming down his face as well. Though your heart hurt to see him crying you felt that you couldn’t trust his word.

“How am I suppose to trust you?” You whisper, chuckling in you head over how dramatic this seemed to be.

“I’m not forcing you to trust me, nor do I not want you to trust me. As long as your happy, I’ll accept anything.” Taeyong finish he’s sentence off with a sly smile, but it falls back to a frown seconds later.

Without giving it much thought, you go over and kiss the taery eyed boy. You could feel his tears on your own cheek. Suddenly, you break the kiss off in order to laugh, confusing Taeyong.

“That was so dramatic.” You chuckle, resting your arms on his shoulders.

You move one arm down and wipe the remaining tears on Taeyong’s cheek. Now, he was smiling, keep his 🔥gaze on you.

“As long as I got you, I’ll be dramatic, cheesy, romantic or cute whenever you want me to.”

“Ok… Do some aegyo!”

Taeyong’s eyes widen before he puts his hand in protest.

“I said cute, not aegyo.”

What Is Love

“Class, I would like you to say hello to Mr. Byun. He will be taking over our music class!” 

New places, new people, Baekhyun thought this was exactly what he needed. Away from the stress of his old life that he had been clinging onto for so long before finally giving up. 

He thought back to the first time the two of you talked about being elementary school teachers, his direction music, yours in language. 

As he closed his eyes, and greeted the many 6 year old faces with a bow, memories that he had desperately wanted to erase began flooding back into his mind. The last time that he ever saw you. 

“GET OUT OF MY HOUSE! GET OUT OF MY LIFE!” He grabbed your arm, not even waiting for you to get the rest of your clothes on. He remembered the handle to the door being cold to his touch, and the his nails roughly embedded into your arms as he threw you to the ground. 

Your body fell down the three steps, slamming into the cement. Not the tears falling down your face or the pounding of your broken heart could erase the last words you thought he’d ever speak to you.

“You ruined my life! I hate you so much!” And with the slam of the door, he thought he would never have to see your face again. 

Baekhyun wanted to gag, just like the memories that were forcing their way back into his mind. He bent down the the curious young eyes of his class, clapping his hands together. 

“Who wants to play?!” 

Instantaneously, all the little voices started screaming and shouting at him, showing the principle that their new teacher would fit into the school just fine.

All of the kindergartener’s grabbed little instruments and played along with Baekhyun who mastered the piano. They sang their little hearts out, goofing off and jumping around in excitement.  

By his last class, his energy was slowly dissipating, but he still kept his chin up as his fingers danced along the piano. It was his last introduction as “Mr. Byun” to a new set of eyes. One pair a chilling likeness to someone he knew very well. 

Those wide eyes, goofy toothless smile, tiny pig tails with yellow bows, it reminded Baekhyun so much of you when you were that age. He tried so desperately to break his eyes away from the little girl, but in his eyes…he saw you.

Chasing described your relationship when you were children. You chasing him with bugs when he was still scared of them. Those were the earliest he could remember. Not the funny ones though.

“Byun Baekhyun come back here!” 

You chased him through your house, regretting the moment you let him into your bedroom. Middle school, your highlighted memory was your best friend running around the house with one of your first bras, screaming “She’s got boobies” like the little shit he always was.

Her name was Mimi. Or at least that is what she demanded Baekhyun to call her. She was quiet the hyper one in that last class. But it was just one more reminder of the characteristics you had. 

It was like this little 6 year old girl commanded the classroom, saying what she wanted and when she wanted it. But it wasn’t really the bratty kind, more like the adorable puppy eyed kind. 

Mimi was undeniably clingy towards Baekhyun, but he was rather used to it. Kids in all grades usually fawned over him, being such a young teacher with good looks. 

The final bell rang, and the kids patiently waited for their parents to come pick them up. 

“Mr. Byun, Mr. Byun!” Mimi’s pigtails bounced up and down as she ran up to her teacher, tripping over on her own two feet while she was at it. Baekhyun swiftly caught her in his arms and smiled at her. 

“Yes, Mimi?” 

“Mommy said Mimi can learn piano and Mr. Byun can teach Mimi!” Her light brown eyes brought a nostalgic trance to Baekhyun and he forced himself to break away from it. 

“Baek Mi.” The sweet voice of her mother called, and she gasped and ran off. Baekhyun knew that voice.

“Mommy! Mr. Byun is gonna teach Mimi piano!” She reached her arms out, up and high. And Baekhyun watched as you bent down to your child. 

Of course there was a likeness. Of course Mimi had such a high resemblance. She was yours, after all. 

Though your heart screamed just to run, run far away, you paid attention to your daughter first. “Mimi always wants to learn piano.” 

She nodded her head up and down violently. You knew the exact reason she was so infatuated with the piano. It was in her blood. 

Baekhyun called your name, broken and in disbelief. He didn’t know whether to take a step towards you, or fall down on his knees to apologize for the awful man that he was to you. 

Mimi gasped, tugging on your long dress. “Mr. Byun knows Mommy’s name!” 

You chuckled, continuing to stare into her eyes. “Mr. Byun and I are colleagues, Baek Mi.” 

“Corgis?” You scoffed and planted a kiss on her head, straightening her bows. 

“Yes, baby. We are puppies. Say goodbye, Baek Mi.” 

“Bye bye Mr. Byun!” She waved at him and trotted along next to you, not a spare look to him. 

All the kids were gone, his classroom was filled with a disturbing silence. The only function that Baekhyun was capable of doing was falling down to his knees, pressing his hands into his eyes. 

He choked out a held back sob, letting go of the breath he wasn’t aware he was holding. He thought he would never be able to see you again, hear your voice, look into your eyes. When he did…his biggest fears had become an awful reality. You found another.

More and more memories, all of his old life had flooded back in. And the ones where everything went wrong. 

Baekhyun was in love. So deeply in love. And it was breaking you to the core. He was convinced that this time he had found the right girl for him, only a few months had gone by since they’d been dating. 

You thought it silly that a college fling would tell someone if they found their “soulmate.” You chose not to believe in such things, because your heart would break a thousand times over, every time you were reminded that Baekhyun was not yours. 

He couldn’t see that. All he could see was her. His girlfriend. The first person he ever said “I love you” to. Not his first time though. That was your mistake. 

They had their first fight. And it was a huge one. When it came to the long list of things you didn’t like about her, jealousy was the biggest. To put it nicely, she didn’t like you, you didn’t like her.

Through a drunken state he had told you the bare minimum, she told him there couldn’t be a “you” in the picture, and he desperately tried explaining that you were like a sister to him.

As drunk as he was, he still remembers just how much that hurt you, how your facial expression dropped but you hid it because you were supposed to be comforting him.

He cried for hours in your embrace, and more things came out than what was meant. 

“I could have just dated you. I could have fallen in love with you.”

He heard you sigh as you patted his fluffy hair down. “You don’t mean that Baekhyun.” 

“No I do. I was in love with you when we were kids. It could happen again.” 

You shook your head, he was just drunk. He didn’t know what he was saying. Or doing. You felt his fingers trailing up your thigh, sensually rubbing it back and forth.

“Baekhyun, stop it.” 

He looked up at you, the running tracks of tears down his face. He knitted his eyebrows together, “Why? We could do this. We could love each other.” 

You wanted it. You wanted his love. You were selfish…

Searing hot lips landed on yours in seconds, filled with desperation and passion. You were pulled on his lap, straddling both sides for the hottest and only make out session that you and he had ever had. 

Baekhyun remembered those lips. He remembered how it felt, how different it was from all the other girls he had dated, the spark. But that’s all he remembered of that night. 

You know how some people like to be romantic and say people don’t change after time? You changed. The way you walked into the room with this glow that Baekhyun never noticed before. 

It was as if his heart had stopped beating the moment his eyes laid themselves on you again. He didn’t know how he could ever forget how beautiful you were

“Baby?” He thought it that his girlfriends voice was coming from the one he had wrapped in his arms. But the voice came from the doorway. 

You shifted in his arms and groaned, and Baekhyun finally realized what had happened. He pushed you off and sat up immediately, letting the blankets fall off his bare chest.

His girlfriend stood both shocked…and not at the same time. “You got over me quickly, didn’t you?” 

Her voice cut through the tension in the air. She stomped out without another word, her final word. “Wait! Let me explain!” 

He ran after her picking up his scattered clothing in attempt to cover…everything. He ran out with just his pants, but by the time he reached the door she was already long gone.

His head began to pound with the sudden movement and the effects of a hangover, but there was something to be done. 

He ran back to his bedroom with nothing but rage, as you were haphazardly throwing your clothes on, the tears of regret silently streaming down your face. 

“Baek, I-” 


You said colleagues. Baekhyun was hopeful in seeing you again, though the attitude you gave him the other day was…well it was what he was expecting. A cold shoulder.

He asked the other teachers about you, how long you started working there, where your classroom was. During his break he made his way to your classroom. He did that for the next few months.

Though he was respectful of the barrier you  were putting up, he secretly pined for your attention. His eyes would linger on yours for however long he could. He grew closer to Baek Mi, making it seem like he was getting closer to you as well.

He put his hand on the doorframe and peaked through the little window on the door. You smiled at the class, going through grammar exercises. 

Students would raise there hands and sometimes you would giggle at the response they gave. Oh…Baekhyun didn’t realize he missed your voice so much. It was so pleasant…so light. And it had been so long. Almost 7 years to be exact.

He closed his eyes, consumed by the sound of your voice. But closing his eyes only brought back more. The last time he heard your voice…he hated it. And he hated himself for ignoring you.

Two weeks. He’d been ignoring your every fiber, cutting you out completely. You called, and texted, but he’d just ignore it. It was the only voicemail you left him, and he knew how much you hated voicemails.

He had one curious ear, wanting to know what words you could formulate to apologize. Though Baekhyun knew he wouldn’t accept it.

“Baekhyun…please. Please, I need you. I need my best friend here. Please…” 

Never in his life had he heard you beg like that, the strain in your voice was desperate. And his heart almost gave way. So he deleted the voice mail, and that was the end of that. Of you…

The kids in your classroom were all raising their hands, shouting out different things. Hearts, chocolate. Giving gifts. All answers to what is love. 

“Yes, Baek Mi?” 

“A mommy and daddy!” Your little girl shouted. 

Baekhyun watched your face falter to sadness. Baek Mi’s voice wasn’t that happy sound Baekhyun knew. It was…like she was blaming. The recess bell rang before you could say anything else, and all the kids ran outside.

All of them greeted Baekhyun as they raced to the playground, all but one. “Baek Mi come here.” 

Your mom voice sent shivers down Baekhyun’s spine. There were a few times in the past that you used it on him. You knelt down in front of your daughter, who immediately began to cry. 

“Baby, what’s wrong?” 

Apparently, one of the kids in her class started bragging about her dad. It sparked this loneliness in Baek Mi…since she thought she hadn’t even met hers yet. 

“You promised!” She cried, the screams resonating through your ears. You had promised that one day you would tell her who and where her father was. She always held to the promises you made to her. 

You wiped the tears and snot off her face and brought her in your lap, kissing her chubby cheek. “Ok, baby. Mommy promised. Can you keep a secret?” 

Baekhyun couldn’t hear what you whispered in her ear, or the things Baek Mi whispered back. “REALLY?!” 

Her mood changed, laughing and giggling with excitement. She ran out of the classroom, crashing into Baekhyun. She gasped, and covered her mouth like she was protecting her secret. “HI MR. BYUN!” 

Before he knew it, she ran off to join her friends at recess. Your heart sunk to the ground as you watched Baekhyun walk through your classroom door. He looked scared to approach you, but it was the first time in the few months he worked there that he had that much courage. 

He knew you. You never held grudges against anyone. But you refused to be the first one to speak. You were already the last. 

He awkwardly cleared his throat and started at a professional level. “Baek Mi has piano lessons after school today.” 

You furrowed your eyebrows and nodded, “I know.” 

His throat tightened, suddenly feeling a nervousness he couldn’t get rid of. “She’s just like you.” 

Your lips pulled up into a small, proud smile. “I know.” 

How…how could you be so calm after everything he had done to you? You just stood there, not yelling at him. Not blaming him for anything. Just…so calm. 

His eyes began to sting, but he refused to let anymore tears fall because of this. “I’m sorry.” 

You closed your eyes and took a deep breath, trying as hard as you could to control your wavering emotions. You walked over to him, seeing that his head hung low with guilt.

You tilted his head up and cupped his cheek, “I know, Baekhyun.” 

He wanted to pull you into his arms, beg for forgiveness a thousand times over though he didn’t deserve it. But he couldn’t. It was hard for him to keep his cheerful atmosphere around his kids. 

By the time he had his lesson with Baek Mi he was completely exhausted. Mimi listened carefully, her little fingers playing along her little practice piano. 

“Mimi promised to practice a lot when she gets home, right?” 

She looked up at him, a strange look in her eye as she smiled. “Ok, Daddy!” 

Baekhyun’s eyes widened as Baek Mi covered her mouth with a gasp. She hopped off the piano bench and started running…to her mother standing in the doorway. 

This time Baekhyun couldn’t help but let the tears fall. You told Baek Mi to wait outside, go play on the playground…just to leave. She obediently listened, waiting outside the door. So much for that secret. 

Baekhyun’s eyes followed her little self run out the door, before his eyes shot to you in disbelief. You looked both terrified and guilty.

“She’s mine?” He whispered, grabbing his throbbing head. His hands were violently shaking, and the tears couldn’t stop flowing. Your arms were around him in seconds, your best way of comforting him.  

He pulled you in tightly, burying his head into the crook of your neck. A single touch resonated the apologies he couldn’t say out loud. You rubbed his back tenderly, patting his head like you had before. He slowly pulled back and placed a loving kiss on your forehead. 

His hand slid up to your cheek, wiping away the remnants of tears on your face. All you could do was look into each others eyes, a love that needed no words. You already knew. 

“Mommy I wanna come in!!” Your daughter screamed. You and Baekhyun broke away from each other as she ran inside, coming up to her parents.

Baekhyun bent down and grabbed her tiny hand in his. “Mimi, can you do daddy a favor?” 

She smiled and nodded. Baekhyun held his arms open for her, and she ran into his embrace, wrapping her arms around his neck. He planted a kiss on the side of her head, and picked her up, playfully throwing her up.

She screamed and giggled, matching his smile. He carried her with one arm, and opened the other for you, pulling you into his chest. What once was broken was mended together. That’s just how love worked. 

Quiet possibly the longest scenario I have ever written O.O Honestly been feeling a bit in the rut with my writing, but I seriously loved writing this one! 

The reason why Korean ELF turn their back against Sungmin

While international fans express their happiness for Sungmin getting married, but not with Korean fans. I was only translating what appeared on my timeline. I got too ask few random korean elf on twitter if they are angry, and they said yes. they are disappointed at Sungmin. Why? Below is the reason.


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