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How about Dragon Age 2 Companions reacting to Hawkes Mabari having a litter of pups and getting asked if they'd want one?

Aveline: She’s thrilled. “Thank you, Hawke.” she says, genuinely pleased as she holds a puppy. “I’ll take good care of them. One day, they’ll help me train guards.” She kisses the puppy. “Who’s going to grow up to chew on recruits? You are!”

Fenris: He’s not sure he should take it in, but his heart melts against his will as Hawke shoves a puppy in his arms. He stares at the pup as the pup stares at him, tail wagging and eyes wide with love. “I suppose it won’t hurt to have a guard dog.” he finally relents. “Thank you.”

Carver: He’s actually smiling. “Finally. A mabari of my own!” he declares as he lifts the puppy into his arms– the pup is already licking his face, and he grins. “Thanks, brother/sister.”

Varric: He’s not sure he can fit the dog where he’s currently living, but he’d be lying if he said that the puppy offered hasn’t already won his heart. He holds it, stroking the puppy’s head, and laughs. “This is the only time I’ll be able to hold the dog. Eventually it’ll be big enough to eat me. Oh, well, I suppose I’ll have to make do…”

Isabela: “Do dogs mind being on ships?” she asks, already cuddling the puppy as she rocks it like a baby. She kisses the pup’s head and laughs. “I hope so. After all, you’re going to be my first mate someday, right? Thanks, Hawke.”

Sebastian: He’s supremely honored as he’s offered the mabari puppy. “Mabaris choose their masters. I’m honored to be chosen by this majestic beast. May we serve the Maker together, as friends and allies.” He grins as the puppy licks his face. “Oh, now… thank you.”

Anders: “I don’t know,” he says reluctantly, “I’m really more of a cat person, and…” He stops as a puppy crawls up to his foot and reaches up, inviting him to pick the pup up. He does, and his heart melts. “I… don’t give me that look, I… oh, Maker’s breath, fine. Damn you and your puppy eyes.”

Bethany: She squeals as she holds a puppy in her arms, kissing its cute little head. “Oh, look at the precious little– do you want to be my dog? I’d love that.” She giggles. “I see I’ve made a new friend today. Thank you.”

Merrill: She squeals, excited and delighted. “Oh! A puppy? For me? Really?!” She clamps on Hawke with a hug and then hugs the puppy who’s imprinted on her. “Ma serannas, Hawke! Oh, look at them, aren’t they just the cutest thing?”


“Kara’s gonna be mad, you know,” Maggie says softly as they walk down the aisle.

“Yeah, well, this was the only time we could both be here and she insisted she couldn’t get out of lunch with Lena Luthor.”

“But to be fair, you never told her what we were doing.”

“Whose side are you on??” Alex asks, scandalised. “I know you and my sister are best friends, but I’m your fiance. You gotta be on my side.”

“I’m neutral,” Maggie replies, playfully aloof. She walks further down the aisle and crouches down. “This one, Alex. This is the one.”

Maggie crouches beside a tiny labrador in a cage, and smiles widely.

“That puppy was dropped off a few weeks ago. Left abandoned on the side of the road, probably because she was born three legs.” Maggie makes a strangled noise, and grabs for Alex’s hand.

“Babe, she smiled at me!” Alex smiles fondly at her soft fiance.

“Of course you choose the underdog.”

The pound worker unlocks the cage, and the small dog starts yapping as it bounds into Maggie’s arm.

“I love her,” Maggie says, and Alex can swear she can see tears glisten in her eyes. She laughs softly.

“What will we name her?” Maggie asks as the puppy licks her face.

“We already decided on a name. Gertrude.” Maggie laughs loudly, until she turns and sees that Alex is serious.

She stops laughing.

“You can’t be serious.”

“You promised me we’d name our first dog Gertrude.”

“I did not!”

“You did, too! I was kidnapped and stuck in a tank, remember?” The pound worker’s eyes widen, but neither woman notices.

“That doesn’t count! We thought you were gonna die!”

“A promise is a promise, Sawyer.”

Maggie sighs, and pets their new dog.

“She’s gonna get bullied, babe. She has three legs and her name is Gertrude.”

“So what do you wanna name her?”

“I don’t know… Taco?”

“Stop hanging out with my sister.”

“Stop trying to ruin our dog’s life.”

“If we name her Gertrude, I’ll never cook in our kitchen again.” Maggie weighs up her options, thinking of their brand new counter tops and fancy new oven.

“Deal,” Maggie says, and they shake on it.

Maggie stands up, Gertrude safely in her arms, and they stand together for a moment, a tiny, perfect family.

“Just remember this,” Maggie tells Alex, “because there is no way you’re naming our children.”

handful of fluff.

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derek hale x reader 

warnings: swearing, overused cliches.

prompt: you get a friend while derek’s away.

A/N: i forgot how much i love derek hale so i had to give my mans some love.

the loft was chilly as you laid in your boyfriends bed, wanting nothing more than to have him curled up around you so you could run your fingers through his hair, but unfortunately he’d been gone with the pack for a week. you’d demanded to go as well but one stern look from your boyfriend had you shaking that thought from your mind.

you knew he was protective, he always had been, even before you had gotten together he was overbearing sometimes - randomly showing up where you were or accidentally bumping into you while you were on a date, but you often found it hot. what could you say, you had a thing for dominant men and derek hale was as dominant as they came.

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Patater Week - Day 7

Feb. 12- Adopting a Pet Together (Bonus points for including Kit!) - 1.5K

Kimmy’s sitting outside the pet shop, fenced in with two other volunteers and about fifteen puppies when the 6’4 guy with the Falconer’ cap comes up to her.

“Puppy for sale?” he asks, his accent thick. European, Kimmy guesses, but she’s pretty bad at pinpointing these kinds of things. He’s pointing at the wriggling ball of fur in her lap, gnawing at a plastic bone.  

“Adoption,” Kimmy says, then cradles the puppy as she stands. “Would you like to hold him?”

“Can I?” the man asks, sounding pleasantly surprised as he sets down his groceries.

“Sure,” Kimmy says. This particular puppy hasn’t really been catching the attention of families throughout the day. He’s a little plain, Kimmy supposes, and shy around strangers. “Just kind of hold him with two hands—there you go.”

The man is astonishingly gentle when she transfers the puppy to him, and the dog looks comically small in his hands. The man’s eyes are twinkling, and he holds the dog close to his chest, kissing it on the head very lightly as he murmurs in Russian.

“His name’s Kenny,” Kimmy says. “We found him in a box downtown, along with a couple others. They’ve all had their shots, gotten fixed, microchipped, it’s all included in the adoption fees.”

“His name Kenny?” the man grins, like there’s a joke behind that. 

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Open Ending | R.M.

 imagine requested by @ladyannikki

Summary: In which you get paired up for a project with Reggie friggin’ Mantle, and you just so happen to witness the duration & the aftermath of the scene in 1x02

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“Well, this is quite a peculiar creature…” Newt held up the golden ball of fluff and you giggled. You couldn’t believe that the Newt Scamander had dragons and bowtruckles, but not a puppy.

The golden puppy eagerly licked Newt’s face and he smiled widely. “I think I’m going to like this little creature.”

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Dragon Age 2 reacts to Hawke's mabari having puppies and they offer to give one puppy to each of them.

Canonically, mabaris choose their people rather than being chosen. I’ve written this using that lore.

Carver: Yes. He’ll take it. He’ll act like it’s a burden at first for spite, but he won’t be able to keep up the ruse. He loves that dog and that dog loves him and he’s never felt more Fereldan.

Bethany: She isn’t sure the dog will imprint, but it does and she almost cries. She loves her sibling, but she often feels lonely as the only mage in the family since Father died. A dog might be just what she needs.

Aveline: She’s thrilled. It’s a way to feel more connected to Ferelden even though she’s not planning on going back. And she can double team with the dog to whip her guards into shape. Kirkwall ends up treating the dog with the same respect they give to Aveline. She loves it.

Merrill: She really didn’t think the dog would like her. She was sure that it wouldn’t imprint, almost didn’t let Hawke try. But to her surprise the dog takes to her immediately. She starts crying as she holds her new puppy. It licks the tears off her face and barks happily while she laughs.

Anders: At first, he refuses. He likes cats, but dogs aren’t really his favorite animal. If one of the puppies imprints on him anyway, though he doesn’t try for it, he’ll take the dog grudgingly. Yet, after a while together, he grows fairly attached to his mabari. It doesn’t act like most dogs, it’s more reserved, like a cat. He laughs when he realizes that his dog is a cat and decides that he can manage having a dog instead of a cat.

Fenris: He doesn’t have strong feelings one way or the other about dogs, but when one of the new puppies imprints on him he takes a little time to serious consider the pros and cons of dog ownership. In the end, the idea of having an unconditionally loyal companion to watch his back is what decides him. As much as he trusts Hawke, people can change or make mistakes. An imprinted mabari will stay with him for life.

Isabela: Dogs aren’t very common on ships, but she’s been landlocked for years now. And the dog sort of made the decision for her, imprinting after only a few hours. She didn’t mean to let it happen, but it did. And, like Fenris, she likes the idea of an endlessly loyal companion. A dog won’t stab her in the back or try to make her transport slaves. A dog won’t judge her lifestyle, either. Dogs are good.

Varric: That dog is going to be almost as tall as he is. That’s his first thought when Hawke tells him that one of the puppies has imprinted on him. His second thought is that Bianca (both of them) is going to be jealous. Like most of the crazy things that happen to him, he just rolls with it.

Sebastian: He wasn’t expecting one of the new puppies to imprint on him, but when it does he feels rather honored. Mabaris are proud, strong, loyal creatures, and to be chosen by one is a great honor. He’s not Fereldan, but he can still recognize how majestic the dog is. It’s clumsy right now, all paws and a big, curious nose, but it’s a sweet puppy and it’ll be very graceful when it’s grown. It sings the Chant with him, its voice mingling surprisingly well.


Bucky x Reader

Summary: The risk I took was calculated but man, am I bad at math.

Warnings: angst…like to the max, character death, risking your life, all that fun stuff

Word Count: 1.3k (this is deadass the shortest thing i’ve ever written and it’s still over 1k lmao why am i like this)

Author’s Note: hi hello! guess who’s back and as angsty as ever! this is something that again was floating in my inspo tag and i can’t find the post rn but it is there so when it’s not midnight i’ll go digging through and tag it. ya’ll probably recognize the quote because it’s been through tumblr i don’t even know how many times? but i literally banged this out in like two hours so ??? idk???? anyways, feedback is always welcome (please do i love hearing what all of you have to say) and can i just say thank you so much for all of your lovely responses to Will You Stay? like, they were so beautiful they made my entire life like????? i love all of you so fucking much ???? i can’t even describe it????? anyways enough of my endless question marks, hope you enjoy!!!!

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The first time, isn’t the last time.

The first time you risk your life it’s for a puppy. Small, golden, scrappy little thing. It’s caught in the middle of the road, yelping every time a car whips by. It’s flat on the ground, trying to make itself small as possible but at the same time sticking out against the pitch black tar. You sigh and drop your coffee into the trash before you run out in the middle of traffic and scoop the dog up before crossing to the other side.

“You’re an idiot,” he grumbles as he stares at the trembling mass of fur. You pout and say you’re sorry before you offer him the reason you nearly got flattened by an eighteen wheeler. He pretends to be angry until about five minutes later when the puppy is licking at his face.

He isn’t angry anymore, especially two weeks later when the puppy has become a permanent fixture in your home.

The second time, isn’t the last time.

The second time you risk your life is on vacation in the Bahamas. A little girl gets caught in the rip tide. Her arms flail as she cries for help but is drowned by the waves. Everyone watches but no one acts. You glance at the life guards who glance at the waves apprehensively before you roll your eyes and dive in. It takes you a while but luckily you’re a strong swimmer and within minutes she’s in your arms and safely on shore.

“You’re crazy,” he mutters as he rubs your back while you cough up salt water but his eyes shine with an emotion more powerful than you have ever seen. It only seems to grow when the little girl runs up to you and hugs you, thanking you for saving her life.

The third time, isn’t the last time.

The third time you risk your life is on a mission in Johannesburg. HYDRA had hit a biotech company and managed to steal information to a bomb that could level a small country. They climb into a helicopter and are about to get away and against Steve’s orders you jump and hang onto the runner of the helicopter. You hang on for dear life until you touch down. Your arms ache but you fight until you can’t feel anything anymore. But you have the files.

It takes them two days to find you. When they do they find you collapsed in an alleyway, dehydrated and living off of scraps from the nearby flea market.

“You’re so stupid,” he shakes his head. He’s angry but he holds your head up as you drink and brushes your hair until you fall asleep on his chest.

The fourth time, isn’t the last time.

The fourth time you risk your life is in the middle of a blizzard. It’s two in the morning and the wind is howling but when your phone rings you answer within seconds. The line is silent except for the sound of heavy breathing. He doesn’t say anything but you already know as you tie on boots and don your heaviest coat.

It takes you an hour to get to him. But you do. You’re pretty sure your car isn’t even parked properly and you’re not sure if you’re on the road or on the sidewalk but it doesn’t matter. By the time you get to him he’s already half way gone. You sit with him until he comes back to you. You sit with him until his eyes are clear and his breathing is normal. You sit with him until he’s yours again.

“You’re a moron,” he growls once his eyes look outside at the storm raging. You wonder if it was worth it but you smile anyway because you don’t care.

The fifth time, isn’t the last time.

The fifth time you risk your life it’s after two months of being locked in a basement. You have bruises on top of bruises, you bleed from different places every day and you can’t remember the last time you’ve had a proper meal. They pull you out every day and tie you to a chair. They spit in your face, they hit, they bite, they scratch, they punch, they shock, they twist, they break. You beg, you scream, you cry. But you don’t give them what they want. They want him but you can’t give them that. He’s everything to you and meaningless to them.

One day you’re bleeding so bad everything is tainted red and you can’t feel part of your face and can’t hear out of one ear. When you feel hands on you, you immediately start to tense and fight but relax when you hear his voice.

“It’s just me, it’s just me идиот,” he soothes you softly as his metal hand trembles while breaking your bonds. You fall into him and can’t find it in you to cry or make a sound. And you wonder if maybe this time, maybe this time it was worth it.

The first time, is your last time.

You risk your life for him and you don’t even think. You see him in danger, you see everyone in danger. But when you see him, when you hear the metal whir breaking through the clamor around you, you don’t think. You hear nothing else. You look at the five midnight black barrels of the machine guns facing him, glinting harshly and you just go. You think you can make it. If you just take that extra step, lose that extra second, you can make it. You two can make it out, together.

But you were always bad at math.

For the second you push him down you know you miscalculated. You don’t hear the shots but you feel them, ripping and tearing through flesh and bone. You feel the blood seep into the concrete floor. But you don’t hear the strangled sob from behind you and you don’t hear the hoarse shot. You don’t hear the bodies drop around you; you don’t hear the knife splitting through Kevlar and skin.

Yet you feel his hands on your face, your chest, your stomach. You feel him fumbling for a solution. He’s whispering fast in Russian, his skin flushed a shade of pink you’ve never seen before. It’s beautiful, really.

“You…you, you stupid, crazy, idiotic, moron,” he shouts with tears in his eyes. His bottom lip trembles and you reach to soothe it. Blood smears against the soft bristles that surround his mouth but neither of you really notice. “How could you do this? How…why, why would you ever you–”

“You’re alive,” your voice is hoarse and choked and filling with something you’re not sure of. It doesn’t even sound like you but he looks at you as if you were the only thing he heard. You think he says something else but the look on his face means he understands exactly what you’re saying.

He’s breathing heavy now. You can feel it in gentle puffs against your face. He’s shaking his head as he stares at you. He keeps shaking his head until his hair forms a dark curtain around his shimmering eyes. “No,” he whispers. “Not without you, not…please–”

You shake your head in response. “You’re alive,” you whisper as darkness begins to creep into your vision. “You’re alive.”

The weight of what you’re saying seems to settle onto his skin and into his bones because he’s looking at you with disbelief and wonder and fear and an ancient sadness that you feel deep in your chest. He presses his lips to your face and a wetness leaks onto your skin and seems to slide right off. “Not without you. я люблю тебя. Not without you.”

You clutch his hand and feel the black begin to spot his face, turning him gray. “You’re alive,” you say finally before your head drops into his metal palm.

Your first time, is your last time.

But God is it worth it.




я люблю тебя

I love you