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Fox and Ram~ ^●ᴥ●^ ♥ Ꮚˊ•⌔•ˋᏊ 

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PASS THE HAPPY ALONG! When you get this, reply with five things that make you happy and pass along to ten nice people. ♥

Happiness received 500% !! Thank you my lovely Kinga !! 

1 : This puppy makes me happy ^^

2 : As well as this one =D

3 : Oh and that one too !! =p

4 : Those too cuties makes me really happy !! =))))

5 : And that heartwarming and sweet soul as well !

6 : And yes, I am going to cheat and add a number six ! Because this wouldn’t be completed without this ray of sunshine and one of a kind human being !!!

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Hey, fellow Karamel shipper here, and yes i'm barely surviving this hiatus.. :D But next season, what do you think is going to happen? Do you think that karamel will get back together immediately when Mon-el returns or do you think something will happen that might cause them to sort of fight the temptation of being together. I would not mind the latter, because i love it when they have angst between them but i also need my happy space puppies back together....What are your thoughts??? :)

@glorymanunited95 Hey!! :D

I know the feeling, this hiatus is actually killing me!!

Well, my first thought was that Kara might not want to take him back immediately because she would be too afraid that something bad might happen again and she might end up heartbroken again (remember that she thinks that a happy relationship may not be in the cards for her?). Then there would be some angst for a couple episodes before she decides to follow her heart. That was my first thought.

BUT… If that happened, the cheesy reunion scene I envision in my head (them literally flying into each other’s arms + an epic kiss) wouldn’t be possible… lol

Also, remember when Kara broke up with Mon-El after finding out he was the prince of Daxam, and half the Karamel fandom wanted the angst to last for a few episodes for dramatic purposes, and in the end TPTB didn’t even wait for the next Supergirl episode to bring them back together because she forgave him in the musical crossover?? So yeah, I have the feeling this might happen again. We’re expecting a lot of drama and more angst in our heads but in the end the show might just bring them back together really quickly. And I think this is very likely, because they’ve already spent so much time building up their relationship in S2 that they might want to cut short the relationship drama in S3 so that they can focus on Karamel teaming up as superheroes and on the new threats. ;)

Cuddles || Thor Odinson / Reader

Request: Can you do an imagine where there was a storm and reader’s dog got scared so now reader is mad at her boyfriend and makes him apologize to the puppy in front of the team or loki, or else no cuddles and pop tarts

Genre: Fluff

A/N: Sorry for the long wait in this one :-) I hope you enjoy this sweeties and feedback is always appreciated :-D


There are people that hate storms, and others who love them. You were the girlfriend of the man that caused most of the storms as he came to earth but also the owner of a frightened little puppy.

Both you and [Y/D/N] were happy to see Thor when he came but also be mad at him for scaring the little pet. You never told him anything though since your unconditional love you two shared.

It was mid April in the Avengers Tower, New York. This night, Tony hadm arranged a party but with the sudden fall of temperature. That happened once in five years, so everyone was curled with blankets in the couches of the ‘family floor’. The only person missing that day was Thor that went to Asgard for some business with his father. He also left his brother Loki with the rest of the team.

You had your puppy in your arms caressing his/hers soft back. The dog had fallen asleep some minutes now as your friends looked at the furry life of cuteness and smiled. Your eyes were starting to close too until.. A loud thounder shook everything and woke your puppy, causing it to start whining and snuggling in your side from fear.

“This was Thor, right?” Natasha nodded and you looked at the door.

“Good cause I’m about to kill him” You joked and waited for the muscular blonde figure of your boyfriend to appear. [Y/D/N] kept making it’s whiney sounds, which Thor automatically recognized.

“My greetings my earth friends. My lady.” He said with a warm smile as he took your hand, wanting to kiss your knuckles but you quickly pulled it to yourself.

“You are in a big trouble Odinson..” You said and looked back to the frightened puppy.

“Did I do something my love?” You shook your head. “Can you maybe tell me so I can fix it?“

“You and your thunders just scared off [Y/D/N]” He looked at you in concern. “Apologize to him/her or else.. No pop tarts.. And cuddles.” He gasped and you smirked.

“You are kidding right?” You mumbled a ‘no’ and he sighed taking the puppy in his arms. “Hey [Y/D/N]. How you doin’ buddy?” The others chuckled and you giggled. “So, I want to apologize for scaring you. Or else Mama Y/N will not do that precious thing called cuddles with me. I’m so sorry.“ The puppy winged it’s tail and licked Thor’s face making everyone laugh.

After the others went to their rooms to sleep, you, your puppy and Thor stayed a little in the living room just cuddling.


“Yes, my lady?” He leaned in and pecked your lips lovingly.

“Do you think [Y/D/N] is asleep?“

“I don’t know, why?”

“To do this.” You leaned in and kissed him passionately. After your lips disconnected you left a trail of kisses to his throat and face. As you started going further you felt something snuggling between you and Thor. You both laughed and got your hand in his. “Or we could just stay to cuddles.“ He lookes at you with a grin. “Fine! And pop tarts!”

Puppies! // Harry Styles

“Harry, I really wanna get a puppy!” You say and Harry looks at you with a serious face knowing he didn’t care much about getting one.

“We don’t need a dog though babe!” He said. He knew you would want one but he had already had plans to get one which is why he took you there to see if you would point one out you liked with out you knowing he was going to get one for a surprise.

“Fine but one day we’re getting one!” You say as y’all walk out of the pet store.

A few days had past. When you woke up you didn’t see Harry beside you like he normally was. You went downstairs and didn’t see him. You noticed a note on the counter that said,

‘Went for a long run. I’ll be back soon love!’

You looked confused but kept going on with your morning. You made some oatmeal then sat down and turned on tv to see what was on. Next thing you know, you hear Harry coming through the door. “Hey beautiful!” He said as he walked over to kiss you. “Come out to the garage.” He said with a smile. You had no idea what was going on and you made that clear to him. “Just come. You’ll like this!” You got up and said, “Okay, I’m coming.”

You got to the garage and saw a box with a bow on it. You had no idea what it could be and to be honest you were confused because Harry had never done anything like this before.

“What is this?

“Open it and see.”

You walked over to the box.

“Is it going to jump out and hurt me?” You said jokingly. “Very funny but no. It shouldn’t.” He said with a laugh. You started to pull the top off the box when you noticed it was a puppy. “Oh my gosh!” You nearly screamed. You picked up the puppy and started loving on it. You had no idea Harry had wanted a dog because he always said no but it turns out he did and you couldn’t contain your excitement!

“I hope you like it babe.” You smiled, “I love it Harry. Thank you baby!” “I knew you would. I’m glad.” He said with a big smile on his face. He new how much you had wanted a puppy.