puppy in red sweater

What the signs remind me of

Aries: bonfires, the woods, camping, rock climbing, running, morning air, combat boots, dark eyeliner, green eyes, memes, the nape of a neck

Taurus: warm food, crunchy leaves, stuffed animals, a crowd, nice eyebrows, video games, the instrumental music

Gemini: hipsters, late night adventures, long car rides, dusty wood, sprained ankles, entertained hands, Donald trump

Cancer: a mother, a warm blanket, the sun on your back in the winter, holidays, low ponytails, totoro, stocky people

Leo: mirrors, microphones, Christmas tree lights, scarves, red lipstick, hair dye, skinny jeans, mid summer at noon, teenagers

Virgo: Levi (aot), a clean desk, a good schedule, when everything goes according to plan, late spring, math

Libra: breakups, depression, misunderstanding, romance, freedom, not caring, watercolors, a rose

Scorpio: black, combat boots, protective parents (the good kind), fast music, hard rock, studying, headphones, boxing gloves

Sagittarius: running, allies, long hair, violet, skinny and tall people, happy, puppies, knives

Capricorn: confusion, winter, sweaters, long clothes, short hair, pale skin, red noses, crooked smiles, hot cocoa

Aquarius: gel pens, paint, messy stuff, converse, people, indie, blush, nice hands, pastel colors, hipsters, figure painting, rain

Pisces: pet stores, blue, night lights, flutes, back of the neck, plump lips, sleepy eyes, morning dew, mist, fog, sleep