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Favorite Friendships: Big Boo & Pennsatucky
↳ Remember how I was in the puppy program? Well, see, I may have palmed a doggie sedative, or four, that I have been keeping as a treat for myself in case I would like to fake a seizure, go on a vacation to a hospital and touch nurses. Do you see, this is how much I care about you, Doggett. I am willing to burn that dream on you.

Things his Highness Benjamin Florian will have to deal with in the future
  • Budget problems, because the Puppy Program Scholarship won’t be magically paying for itself.
  • The introduction of new taxes or the return of some old unfavourites, to solve said budget issue.
  • The regulation of “Royal Spending” because no, you can’t use that much money to throw a massive, costly, resource-hungry ball just because your six year old got an A on her quiz that day.
  • Riots form the Royals (or, the 1% of the population) now that their lifestyle is threatened. As Louis C.K. said, “Most people are okay, so long as they can do their favourite thing.” and what is the Royals favourite thing? Having the best of everything, which comes at a massive cost in gold, resources, and man power, not to mention compensation for the working class.
  • A possible rise of the working class to middle class as education and wealth is redistributed. Which means things like a looming transport crisis where people who’ve always had to use the bus or just work within their town suddenly get cars and want to drive everywhere, burning up fuel, contributing to environmental damage, and making sure those streets are clogged like the ones here in Metro Manila.
  • Many, many, many new infrastructure projects that need to be created like railroads, highways, and public transport systems to get cars off the road.
  • A looming resource crisis when Auradon’s overconsumption of pretty much EVERYTHING catches up to them and they can’t use magic to magically make the fields fertile again.
  • Forcing an entire nation so used to consuming and throwing away with wild abandon to start “going green” and actually finishing what’s on their plates instead of throwing it away, and settling for “room temperature” bread than “just fresh out of the oven”
  • Violations of human rights from the Islanders.
  • Violations of NON-human rights from pretty much everyone else who’s been in indentured servitude to King Beast these past 20 years, like the dwarves.
  • Retirement benefits for the Little Woodland Creatures. Protection of forests, pristine lakes, and other biomes that may have been damaged by Auradon’s rush towards industrialization and no magic.
  • The repercussions of moving from a magic economy where a field could be easily used to feed an entire city, to a technology economy where you HAVE to look for new lands, cut down forests, or expand into new territories to feed even just one population.
  • Zoning laws, heritage site arguments, preservation laws when inevitably, Auradon’s industry budges into Atlantica, the Neverland Indians, or Pocahontas’ people
  • Many other logistical problems that King Beast has given him by accident by encouraging a ruling class living idyllic, fairy tale lives fueled by a used and constantly exploited working class, not helped by a culture that actively encourages people to buy, buy, buy, buy and never recycle or think to themselves, “Hmm, maybe I DON’T need a 73rd pair of crystal slippers.”


Maggie was desperately trying to keep the puppy calm but her too-big paws were sliding across the hardwood floors, her nose to the ground, her tail high and wagging, her ears flopping as she raced from one end of the apartment to the other. She lifted her head and yipped at Maggie, dropping into a playful bow before running in a tight circle and taking off again. 

“We’re supposed to be impressing her!” Maggie said as she tried to be stern but the puppy–formerly known as Cleo–put her paws on Maggie’s knees and did her best to lick her face despite the fact that she could barely reach Maggie’s waist but she looked just as happy to settle on licking her shirt. “Don’t give me that face. if Alex sees you like this, she might change her mind about letting us keep you.” 

The puppy’s tail slowed for a minute, her head tilting, her ears flopping and pointed right at Maggie.And then she whined softly and Maggie crouched down and let the puppy lick her face enthusiastically. “You’re perfect,” she said as she wrapped her arms around the puppy, “even if they said that you weren’t right for the NCPD.” 

Maggie straightened her posture a little and the puppy was off again, racing around her apartment like a rocket, leaping onto the couch and crashing into the cushions before leaping right back off of it, her tongue lolling in delight. She barked at Maggie once before jumping at her face again, paws on her shoulders as she licked her face again. 

“Okay, okay,” Maggie said as she pushed the puppy down a little. “I’m glad you’re happy but you need to relax before Alex decides that you’re worse than a toddler.” 

The puppy barked once and she sat obediently, her police training clear in her posture. She was a good dog. Too good, honestly, because she’d failed out of the puppy program because she was too damn nice despite her breed. “Be a good girl for your new mommy, okay?” she murmured as she scratched the puppy’s ears. The puppy’s tail was moving so fast that it was a blur as it dragged across the hardwood. Maggie was really, really glad that Alex had ended up working later than her so that she could get the puppy at least a little settled in before Alex got here. 

She stroked the puppy’s ears gently, amused at how floppy they were for a German Shepherd. She was a beautiful dog, honestly, and she’d probably grow up to be enormous if those feet were anything to go by. And technically they weren’t supposed to have a dog over thirty pounds and their girl was already nearly twenty but the landlord had seen Maggie in full uniform once and had paled visibly so Maggie wasn’t worried about getting away with it. After all, the landlord thought that Alex was a scientist so Maggie’s NCPD badge was pretty damn intimidating if she said so herself which was probably why he’d suddenly made an effort to get to fixing Alex’s leaky faucet and slow drain immediately after putting it off for months. So the overly friendly soon-to-be-enormous dog was going to be no problem. Besides, Maggie could just imply that the dog was an NCPD dog and he’d be hard pressed to find an excuse to deny her. 

“Be a good girl until Alex caves,” she said quietly. “And then you can be a goofball again. Besides, she kept Kara. You’re going to be a cakewalk compared to an alien sister with super strength and heat vision and freeze breath.” The puppy barked softly as if in agreement, her brown eyes wide with affection as she tried to lick Maggie’s hand while also not dislodging it from her head. “She kept me, too, and I’m definitely less perfect than you are.” Some days, she couldn’t believe that they were actually living together. That they were happy and that Alex approached any arguments they had with a let’s-fix-it attitude when Maggie was so, so used to fighting tooth and nail for her side, too afraid of being wrong the way she had as a kid to give in. But, with Alex… it just worked

But, still, maybe Maggie should have asked. But this puppy was going to be sent off to some shelter because she was too damn nice for her own good and Maggie couldn’t bear to see her little head dipped low, well aware that she had failed. And there was no way that she was going to let this puppy feel unwanted. No one, not even dogs–hell, especially dogs–should ever have to feel like that. And Maggie could do something about it. Maggie could make this dog’s life so much better. 

So she hadn’t even hesitated when she saw the poor thing walk past, stopping the canine trainer before she could get more than a foot away from her. She had taken the leash and responsibility immediately and then it was as simple as putting the puppy in a squad car so that another officer could drive them home since Maggie had taken her bike in and, despite the fact that she could have put the puppy in a backpack and brought her home that way, it was much safer to keep her in a car. 

And maybe this impulsive decision was going to mean that Maggie was going to have to cook dinner for a month and sleep on the couch but she wasn’t going to apologize. The puppy needed a loving home and, quite honestly, they needed the puppy, too. If nothing else, she was a good way to show Alex that she was committed to this relationship despite the fact that she had turned down her proposal, telling her that it was too soon but she would love to officially move in together and then Alex could ask her again properly in a few months when the panic of what had just happened had worn off and Alex was really, really sure that she wanted this. And this puppy was going to show Alex that Maggie really wanted this to work, that she was willing to commit to something as final as adopting a puppy together because she wanted to spend the rest of her life with her. 

She heard a key in the door and felt her heart flutter a little, feeling nervous as she clutched the puppy’s collar, knowing that Alex might not appreciate getting tackled by a mysterious puppy the instant she walked in the door. The puppy’s tail was already wagging and she was straining against Maggie’s hold, her standard-issue NCPD harness barely containing her as her front legs lifted to paw uselessly at the air as if she might be able to somehow swim to the front door. “Remember, be cool,” Maggie said quietly. “And sit.” 

The puppy sat obediently. Well, mostly. She was seated on her hind legs but her paws were still lifted, her ears pointed right at the door, her head tilted, her tail wagging in a blur. 

Newest FB collie drama

“Don’t breed dogs with MDR1”

“But MY mutant/mutant is fine and healthy and I love her and you’re stupid”

“Guys maybe we should health test and try to eliminate the gene?”


“You all are idiots, have terrible ideas and should just love your collies. Fuck you.”

I fucking hate AKC collie people. You can breed your m/m or M/m dog to an M/M dog and just use the resulting puppies in your breeding program. It takes time, but MDR1 isn’t that hard to get rid of if we breed for health. This is why I love SCPS so much better, Jesus Christ.

What if Fred really is as old as he says he is? 

What if the reason there’s a new series every few years is because they pick a bad case where the monster is real and everyone except Fred dies?

He basically has to hire a new gang and that’s why they all suffer personality changes. That’s why Daphne is so fucked up in the latest series. 

That’s why he has back ups on standby and that’s also why the backups look so terrible. 

He’s running out of people.

Fred’s running a fucking mystery solving meat train and no one will fucking stop him.

He can easily get more great dane puppies at a puppy mill. All the puppies are genetically altered, that’s why they all talk.

“A Pup Named Scooby Doo” represents the training and gestation period for the puppies. They have a program that recreates younger versions of the gang to ensure loyalty and punish individuality. 

Fred is killing his friends over and over and over again … 

Fred is the real monster.


Two of the working puppies out of the Rebholzer Moon litter.

Creed and I on the left, Trace and Pam on the right. Trace is a search and rescue dog, HRD lvl3, and they are a fully deployable team and have been for nearly a year now. They work with Michigan Search and Rescue and Pam is a front-runner for the UDC working puppy program to place puppies bred by UDC members into true working homes such as service dog work, search and rescue, police handlers, and more.

When Pam evaluated Creed’s litter, he was very high on the list for being chosen as the SAR dog from that bunch. However, he failed his human remains test pretty hard, and thus instead of going on to find parts of people he came to live and train with me. Trace did not fail his HR test and thus he went home with Pam!