puppy in a fridge

Pets with Destiel ft Sabriel
  • Dean: Sammy!
  • Sam: What?!
  • Dean: (comes into room, holding Gabriel by the neck) He's been rummaging the fridge again.
  • Sam: Aww, is my little puppy hungry? (cuddles Gabriel)
  • Dean: REALLY!! Stop rewarding him for bad behavior!
  • Sam: I don't see you yelling at Cas when he jumps onto the counter for food!
  • Dean: (appalled and picks up Castiel) Don't bring my kitty into this!
  • what people hear: I don't know what I want to get for lunch...
  • what's happening: Sandwich? I like soup. They have weird soup here though. OH MY GOD, CAN WE HAVE ICE CREAM FOR LUNCH? They have coffee and tea over there. I like tea. That's a lot of honey. What's in those baskets? There's cake in that fridge over there. PUPPY CHOW too. Bagels are okay. Are those apples? The apples here aren't very good though. That's a lot of fruit. I'm okay with fruit, but not that kind. We have oatmeal in our room. We came here on a mission. That lunch server is looking at us weird. That's because we've been standing here staring at the fruit bar for a while. Is that cereal? I don't want cereal. I smell something fried. No, we're not putting garbage in our body. So what's wrong with soup? It's gross. Fish? We haven't had fish in nearly a decade, that would mess us up. It's also bad for the environment.
  • what people hear: The oceans are vastly overfished.
Laundry is Lit 🔥🔥🔥

Summary: Lily just really, really wants James to do the laundry. He decides to use his YouTube fame as motivation. Muggle AU, Modern AU, YouTube AU (???).

For the ever lovely @levins18 and @petalstofish because, yes, I did take two seconds of our conversation and turn it into a fic. 

I’m sorry that this is what friendship with me is like.

Read it on FF or AO3

James was standing in the kitchen when Lily walked through the door after work that evening, a container of yoghurt in his hand and a spoon hanging out of his mouth while he clicked around on his mobile.

He dropped the spoon back into the container, grinned at her as she walked through the door, ‘Hey, love.’

She smiled, 'Hey,’ and stood on her toes to kiss him.

'How was your day,’ she hung her bag up on the hook by the door, pulled out her laptop, and tucked it under her arm while she grabbed a bottle of water out of the fridge.

'It was great,’ James said, and he turned his mobile around and showed her his screen. 'We uploaded this an hour ago and we’ve already got 65,000 views. Twitter is going mad.’

'Fucking hell, that’s brilliant,’ she leaned over and kissed him again, before taking a long drag of her water, 'Is the filming room a complete wreck again, or?’

James scoffed, 'Pardon me, we always clean up after ourselves.’ Lily smirked, raised an eyebrow, and James smiled at her, did his best to look charming. She rolled her eyes, smacked his shoulder, and he laughed, 'How was your day, Evans?’

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Sisters of Steel, the superhollis AU prequel

Haven’t decided if I want to put it on ao3; but here’s the entirety of the prequel here. For those who don’t know, this is a prequel in preparation of the first chapter of my supergirl Carmilla AU ‘Stronger Together,’ which will be debuting in a few months for the @carmillabigbang!

Please let me know if you liked it. :D

                                               Sisters of Steel

When Ell was almost fifteen years old, Mom and Dad had pulled her aside and explained, gently, that she was going to get a little sister for her birthday.

Ell had asked for a puppy, so she was understandably confused.

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Hielo- Reader X John Laurens

So I really should be working on my mutant series but a thing happened today and I needed to write this as an attempt to feel better.

Warnings: None??? Just fluff this time


Word count: 878 (I wasn’t trying okay I can write more than this I know it)

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Constellations // Kunpimook Bhuwakul (Part 1)

Pairing: Bambam x Reader

Genre: (?)

Summary: The lovers whom never thought that they would find each other, did.

Author’s Note: Hi i’m soft and this is my first post of the new year! I hope you al like it~

xoxo Sara

Prologue - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7

It was late afternoon, the sun had just began to duck behind the horizon and the sky began turning the beautiful shades of pink, purple, orange, and blue as it usually did during this time. The cold and harsh blows of the wind began to rustle the dead fallen leaves against the concrete, creating a scratching sound in the atmosphere which was usually dead silent. Most of the streets were empty, due to the fact that it was Sunday and most stores closed early. Though, there was the mere exception of the rebellious teenagers who lurked the streets with their friends until the early hours of the morning in search of their next adventure.

You sat on the bench nearest to the park that laid inside your small city, outside the cold metal gates that prohibited you from entering the one place you felt most at peace with yourself. You hadn’t noticed how lonely you felt until, the sudden realization of your day had hit you.

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Coming Home

Prompt ~ #117 “Are you wearing my shirt?” #121 “You’re beautiful you know that?”

Extra ~ Jason Todd x Reader

 You stretched on the couch as you watched a rerun of Friends while lazily eating chips.You had been staying up waiting for Jason to come back from his Outlaw business, he’s been gone for a week and you were really staring to miss him. As if on cue the door opened revealing Jason with his cocky smirk and his arms wide open. You quickly stood up from the couch and jumped into his arms kissing him all over his face. He shut the door and carried you both back to the couch.

“Are you wearing my shirt?” He gripped his hands on your thighs while you wrapped your hands around his neck.

“It smells like you.” You revealed to him in a shy voice, you felt his chest ripple with laughter sending shivers down your spine.

“You’re beautiful you know that?” He cupped your chin with his right hand, getting a better view of your face.

“I know.” You replied cheekily as you escaped his grip and walked into the kitchen, Jason following after you like a lost puppy.

“I’m guessing you’re hungry?” You asked taking out left overs from the fridge. His stomach rumbled answering your question.

“Doll I have some news…” Jason trailed off as you set the plate of food in front of him. “What is it?” You asked nervously while cleaning your hands on a rag.

“I have to go Florida tomorrow, I don’t know how long I’ll be there.” He scooped a mouthful of food into his mouth. You dropped the rag into the sink, your heart dropping.

“What? Jason you just came back from a mission and now you’re leaving me again tomorrow?” He quickly got up and grabbed both of your hands.

“Come with me.” He pleaded pulling you closer to him.

“We’ll just ask for some days off from your job and enjoy what ever time we have over there.” You knew your boss wouldn’t let you but you slowly nodded your head. It was a crappy job anyway,a job you only got to keep you busy. He cheered as his kissed you and went back to eating.


Jackson’s singing is what I live for. His husky voice is amazing. I can’t even