puppy in a bucket

Day Ninety-Six

-I found a get well card that featured a large bucket of golden retriever puppies under the word, “Heal.” This is potentially the single most pure thing in all of creation.

-A woman leaned over the counter and whispered to me confidentially that the Internet had told her to come into the store today. I have many questions for her, but first and foremost, I would like to know what she would do if the Internet told her to jump off of a bridge.

-I rang up a woman whose actual, legitimate, legal, god-given name was Mulania. The world is truly an enchanted place.

-A woman thanked me. Her toddler gave me a high five. Her infant stuck her tongue out at me. Work has never been so rewarding.

-A man purchased 180 infant clothes hangers. Wherever this child is, they have a wardrobe to rival the stars.

-A young man shouted in agony. His friends asked if he was okay. Dejectedly, he told them, “I was trying to screenshot that one nude.” His companions consoled him with nothing less than complete sincerity and compassion. This is a friendship the likes of which I have never seen before.

Random Actions-Edition {Action Starters}
  • *punches you in the face*
  • *dips and kisses you*
  • *hands you an ice cream cone*
  • *pokes your cheek*
  • *turns off the lights*
  • *spills coffee on your lap*
  • *throws ball at you*
  • *hands you a bouquet of flowers*
  • *drops a sandwich in your lap*
  • *boops your nose*
  • *hands you a kitten*
  • *hits you over the head with a book*
  • *pats your head*
  • *runs right into you*
  • *hands you a puppy*
  • *pours a bucket of water on the floor*
  • *slams door in your face*
  • *hands you a gun*
  • *tosses video game controller at you*
  • *puts tiara on your head*
  • *splashes water on your face*
  • *throws glitter on you*
  • *hands you a hamster*
  • *pushes you into a lake*
  • *ties a bowtie in your hair*
  • *pushes you against the wall*
  • *offers you a doughnut*
  • *puts hand over your mouth*
  • *smacks you with a shoe*
  • *slaps you across the face*

His name is Romer.

Hi is inkerror child.

mommy⇒error puppy⇒ink

・He often use his favorite roller and ink bucket.
・The shape of the left eye changes with emotion.
・He often forgets things.
・His lower body resembles an error.
・Cocoa is his favorite juice.
・He likes to paint ink on the walls.
・His gloves were made by his mother.

Romer「Nice to meet you〜!^^」

anonymous asked:

Can someone dump a bucket of water on Anti? Pretty please? *puppy eyes* it's for research

The Host listens to Dark and Anti conversing menacingly somewhere below him. He sense a bucket of water to his left, listens carefully to take aim, and whoops… there it goes over the edge. He hears Anti and Dark shout in anger, and Host snickers as he runs away to hide before they find him.

Five identical Spider-Rangers

I found these at a bootleg thrift store (It was a half finished building that was full of wood barrels and each barrel was bursting with cheap toys) There was a Hispanic family of 3 living there. with the mother cutting the heads off of fish in a bucket, a daughter insisting her puppy was in the lit furnace, an old southern man with a baseball sized growth on his neck, and I had to haggle with the father for the figures in Spanish. After kindly declining fish heads for the tenth time, I was able to get the set for $2. The cardboard had the smell of dead fish infused in it and I had to leave the box in a closed room with 5 fans for two days to remove the smell.

  •  the protective type
  • gets worried every time it’s nighttime and you say you’re walking home alone so he tells you to wait there so he can come give you a ride
  • practically gets a heart attack when you tell him you haven’t eaten the whole day and urges you out the door so he can buy you your favorite meal
  • he remembers exactly what you like to order too
  • lots of hand holding and tight hugs
  • arcade dates/playing videogames and both of you getting competitive af and trying to distract each other from winning
  • karaoke dates with his fave karaoke song number memorized and yours as well. also remembers the song you both like singing together…..your couple song ^^
  • never makes you do things, he does it for both of you
  • like when you’re on a movie date, he would pay for the tickets and get the popcorn and drinks, just tells you to go find good seats in the theatre
  • is literally a puppy; has the drinks in his arms but the popcorn bucket in his mouth and you giggle, standing up to go help him out
  • leaning on him during the movie and its a comedy and you both are dying lol
  • does not mind small acts of pda
  • will always lean in so you can give him a quick kiss
  • unexpected kisses on the cheek omg and when you look at him, coups is just smiling innocently
  • sometimes you both just stare into each other’s eyes and giggle and coups or you breaks it and kisses the other and its so alskdcllc cute
  • gives you his jacket if you’re cold and holds you close
  • pretends to not know it’s your birthday and ignores you only to surprise you later on ;;
  • letting you paint his toenails and while you’re doing it urges you to make it look pretty
  • shamelessly talks about kids with you like “i want three sons and a daughter one day….what would we name them” like whoa there lol
  • will send you really good selfies of him with a wink and you’re just like sdghkkkjj sTOP
  • you could do the same thing and next thing you know, he’s smiling to himself and is all “i’m a lucky guy…”
  • if you’re his gf, he is not afraid to go out and buy some tampons and painkillers for you and will fiGHT whoever gives him a weird look
  • well, not really……he’ll probably just be like “heh, um, these are for my gf ^^….” sweetheart
  • coups is also the type to get you things you didn’t even ask for o: but somehow he knew that you needed it
  • like you come home from a long day of work/school and coups is already at home and ran a hot bath for you with a bath bomb in it (:
  • or your favorite snack when you’re taking an extra long study session
  • just small things like that to make you know you’re appreciated by him~
  • the members would always call you the “mom” now bc you’re always taking care of them
  • coups likes to keep things held inside so that is why he cries every time he vents to you or tells you how much he loves you ;;
  • pls take care of this puppy ok ^^