puppy grooming


Four!!, Part 5
(Parts 1, 2, 346, and 7)

A special birthday hat, meeting a unicorn, and nomming a rainbow birthday cake—the last item on the agenda for my birthday party was presents!  Mom’s present to me is a new, bigger carrier!  My new carrier has a pretty green door and came with a new puppy friend for me, plus grooming tools to keep the puppy happy.

With all the growing I have been doing, my trusty old carrier is almost too small for me!  Hence a new carrier for me with more room—except Mom misjudged, and my new carrier is way too big for me:  I can’t see out the windows at all!  This will not do.  I need to see everything happening around me!  Time for Mom to go back to the store to find me another new carrier!

written by groomers sick of your shit

no you didnt brush your dog

no the mats didnt happen because he put his head out the window

nipping is biting

its YOUR DOG and its YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to brush it!!!!
I’m so sick of the copouts and excuses people come up with
if you own a dog, you have to feed it, take it to the vet, take it outside to potty, BRUSH IT IT CANT BRUSH ITSELF!!! dont make groomers feel like shit because they cant undo your neglect. and its just that. its fucking animal abuse to let it become matted. if youre naive enough to believe you dont need to brush a doodle, you shouldnt be able to live a life unsupervised by actual adults. please take responsibility for yourself and brush your fucking dog or dont fucking buy one. OH AND ANOTHER THING when you spend 2,000$ on a fucking mutt, dont bitch it costs 65$ to have it groomed. and especially dont bitch that its matted…thats your own damn fault, and us groomers arent going to fucking torture your dog for your vanity. 
pull your head out of your asshole and buy a 2 dollar comb