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HC that once the girl moves in with Frank and Peter, she always picks Peter up and walks him home from school but one time they see an abandoned dog in a alley so OF COURSE they take him home and clean him up. Once Frank comes home at first he starts saying the apartment has a no pets allowed rule but how can he say no to three sets of puppy dog eyes? (another factor in him saying yes is the dog is BIG and he wants someone around his family when he isn't there.)

frank is trying SO hard to stay reasonable.

“the landlord could see,” he tries, his resolve decaying rapidly as he looks between his girl, his son, and the most beautiful but forlorn looking dog. “he could hear him.”

“we’ll teach him to be quiet!,” peter chimes in.

“one of us can always be home with him,” says his girl.

“and i’ll take care of all his poops and everything!” peter already has his arms slung around the dog’s neck, and the two of them are so precious together that frank can physically feel himself losing the ability to say ‘no’.

plus, the dog’s a big honkin’ fella- he looks like a cross between a husky and a pittie, which is an odd but amazingly handsome combination. he looks strong and while slightly underfed, the pup could get to a good, solid weight and could be a good guard over his son and (hopefully future) wife and-

“oh, goddamn it,” frank sighs. “let’s get him a collar and a name.”


“done and done,” frank replies.

he fucking loves han solo.

this is gonna be great.

“So… um, I’m pretty sure you don’t like me, which is fine! Really! But I know that– that, uh, assignments like this… are pretty hard with someone you don’t like. So– if you want, we can go petition Mr Brown to give you a new partner or we… we could work separately on it. Or… um, I don’t know. I can, um. Turn down the puppy factor? If that would help, I mean.”

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So let’s talk about Annalise and self-loathing because it comes up alot in HTGAWM. It’s quite clear that Annalise doesn’t think highly of herself. Does she believe in her legal prowess? Yes. Does she believe in herself, as a whole cohesive person? Not as much.

If you review everything we’ve learned about her since HTGAWM started, you can see that Annalise disliking herself started in her childhood.  After being molested by her uncle, having her house burned down and consequently living in poverty, it isn’t hard to see how a child might starting thinking they attract bad things. And that’s where Annalise’s self-loathing comes from. For 40 some odd years she’s convinced herself the she’s catalyst for nearly everything horrible that’s happened to her and the people around her.

So it makes sense that she tells Bonnie that “you need to be saved from me”. She truly believes that she’s Death & his Scythe, sucking the life out of everyone in her vicinity. She doesn’t anyone to be subjected to that.

And it explains why she capes so hard for the Murder Quartet (other than the obvious Puppy and Dead Husband factors, can’t forget that). She feels responsible for bringing them into her house and subjecting them to the  inevitable monsoon of fuckery that follows her.

Now when you look at her kiss off with the BAMF Eve again, when Annalise says “it was good with you, and real. Too real. So I got scared and I left” she really means, I didn’t think I was worthy of this awesome, amazing thing. I mean why else would she stay with that thin lipped he-devil for so long?

But that’s another story for another day.