puppy eyes to save your relationship

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member- taekook x you

genre- so fluffy you may die

words- 1,863

summary- (requested) taehyung is a youtuber & his viewers really want you and Jungkook to do the relationship tag. polyamorous!au

a/n- finally more taekook! this is for @sugasangel since you were so sweet and wanted a taekook scenario!! i know this isn’t your specific request, but i hope you still enjoy it! 

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You were sold right away by the idea, but Jungkook took a little convincing.

“It’s silly,” he insisted with a frown and crossed arms.

Taehyung made his best puppy-dog eyes and stared right into Jungkook’s soul. “C'mon, please? All my viewers really want this video to happen and I can’t do it with just Y/N.”

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MITAM Series - Drag Me Down

Hey guys! Sorry for all the time we didn’t post, I had a tough time this past few weeks, but I’m on vacation now and we can put in some good work on the fic. @punkcupcakestyles and I really hope you like it! Love you, B xx


I’ve got fire for a heart
I’m not scared of the dark
You’ve never seen it look so easy

Waking up next to Harry wasn’t weird, not at all. It was something we had done plenty of times, ever since we were younger and we started to have sleepovers. Of course, at first we played by the rules strictly set forth by our mothers, one of us (Harry) sleeping on a sleeping bag on the floor while the other (hi!) took the bed. It was easier that way, especially cause I was scared shitless my mom would burst in the room and find us sharing the bed. I would have been grounded until I was 30. Then, we grew up and suddenly it didn’t feel right to have him spend the night on the floor anymore, or better yet, Harry started to whine to much about it, pouting and pulling sad faces right before we went to sleep, so I gave in, using pillows and separate sheets to keep things from getting weird. It was useless, though cause soon we were cuddling in our sleep, finding out it felt almost natural. So, no, waking up next to Harry wasn’t weird. I had done that more than I could count. What was weird was the fluttering feeling in my tummy when I woke up and realized I had Harry’s arm around my waist. Actually, that wasn’t weird either. I had also felt that more than I could count.

Being as careful as possible, I untangled myself from him, sitting up on the bed and letting my eyes wander on his features as if there was something new to learn, something else to engrave in my memory. His cherry pink lips were parted while he breathed softly and his eyelashes fluttered a bit at my shifting, which almost made me freeze in fear I was going to get caught staring at him. Luckily, he didn’t wake up, he just rolled to his tummy and continued sleeping peacefully and unaware of what went around him.

“Hey, baby.” I whispered to Jagger as he jumped to my lap, bumping his cold muzzle to my tummy to direct my attention to him. Playing with his ears and his head, I smiled as he hummed, nuzzling himself to my hand and panting a bit while trying to lick it. “Wanna go out?”

We didn’t have a leash, or at least Harry hadn’t told me if we had one, so I secured him in my arms, covering him a bit from the cold morning with my olive jacket. The day was gray, announcing the dull rain that by now it was almost expected in the morning and there were still just a few cars and people going about, almost as if the whole city had decided to sleep in late. Maybe it was me who had decided to wake up way too early, but honestly, I had barely slept that night, so it was all the same to me. It was only until we had reached the park and I was sure I could leave Jagger on the ground without risking an accident, that I put him down, allowing him to sprint free and run around the park while he chased a leaf that was being dragged by the wind. Sitting on a bench, I looked at him, while I kept biting on my nails, a nervous trait I tried to avoid, unless I was really really anxious.

I had fucked up. Majorly, in case there’s any doubt about it. I mean, I will always defend myself telling it was the excitement of having Jagger. I had grown up wanting a dog and my mom had always told me I couldn’t. A half bitten shoe and she couldn’t stand dogs, how typical. So, yeah, getting this puppy had been a pretty emotional moment for me, causing my hormones to bubble and my inhibitions to disappear, so I had kissed Harry. People are always leaned to believe hormones affects us girls in immeasurable ways, so why not take advantage of that? But deep down, I knew that was just a load of bullshit. I knew that was not the only reason I had kissed him. That wasn’t even one of the reasons why. Jesus, I had fucked up.

Maybe kissing him had been a mistake. There had been many days were I had wished to do just that, to grab his stupid cute face and kiss him, to tell him that I wished he could see me as something other than his friend, that this whole thing about only barely having him wasn’t enough anymore. I wished I could tell him that and then some, but the possibility of losing him beat me down every time.

God, God, God.

My fingers were clumsy when I was dialing Ziva’s number, maybe because I knew what she was going to say or because I could already hear her talking my ear off for skipping her party the night before. I had an excuse figured out, I was going to tell her I had fallen asleep and hadn’t woken up until morning. It wasn’t the strongest excuse out there but it was the only one I had. 

“’Ello?” Her voice startled me and for a second I even wondered if the phone had actually rang or if she had been by the mobile, waiting for me to show up with my lame excuse.  

“Hi,” I started with a sad voice, biting my lips and frowning my brows in a sorrowful look, as if she could actually see me. “I’m sorry.”

“What’s your excuse?”

I didn’t want to go. I had a new puppy and I had kissed Harry and had thought that sleeping with his arms around me was much preferable than going to a party.

“I fell asleep. I was really tired, had a rough day at work. It’s no excuse but….”

“Oh, save it.”

“I’m so sorry.”

“Now I have to rearrange the date I had for you.” She said, making me roll my eyes at the unsurprising news. Of course, she would try to set me up. Ever since she had gotten into a serious relationship, not only did I barely saw her, but every time I did, I was lectured about my love life, or lack of.

“Ziv, I’m not a single 45 years old woman. Stop arranging dates for me.” I told her, maybe a little harsher than necessary, but honestly, I was getting tired of it.

“What other choice do I have? You don’t go out there!! You just keep waiting and waiting and, Sweetie….”

“Ziva, if you say anything along the lines of ‘You’re not getting any younger’, I’m going to go there and I’m going to smack you in the head.” I warned her. I was 21 years old and yet, it was as if there was some kind of running clock I knew nothing about but everyone around me was aware of.

YoucantkeepwaitingforHarry.” She rushed, gasping a little at the end as if it was something she had been waiting to say for a long time and was actually surprised she had finally done it.


“You can’t. He is an international pop star, girls are throwing themselves at him. He has only dated models or singers or whatever for the past years and you are none of it. You are his best friend and he probably sees you as his sister. Nothing is going to happen between you two, so no, honey, you can’t keep waiting for him.” She said, as if she couldn’t stop the horrible word vomit coming out of her lips, as if we both knew it was true and we were both holding onto our words until it was impossible to contain them anymore.

“Ziv…” I tried again, this time with tears brimming in my eyes. It hurt to a level I could not describe or admit, the sting of the truth burning in my chest.

“I’m so sorry, babe. But you are an amazing girl, and I’ve seen you thrown away amazing opportunities because of your stupid crush on him and maybe it’s time to wake up and get real….” He kissed me. “There’s a ton of amazing boys out there….” Actually, I had kissed him. “And I’m sure you can find one for yourself, if…” But he had kissed me back. “You don’t need to be a model…” Maybe I did have a chance. “He won’t change because of you.” Who was I kidding? “Don’t hate me.” I didn’t.

“I-I don’t.”

“Ok, so I’m gonna try to reschedule with this guy. He’s hot, smart and funny and most important, he’s in your league. What do you say?”

“Yeah, whatever.” I mumbled.

“Are you okay??” She asked me, a sudden hint of guilt appearing on her voice. It was too late, Ziva, too late.

“Yes. I need to go, though.” I mumbled, scrunching my eyes closed to will the tears to go back to where they were coming from. An underwhelming pressure was setting on my chest and I felt the need to stomp and yell, throw my arms in the air and curl up on the floor.

I had fucked up.


I got a river for a soul
And baby you’re a boat
Baby you’re my only reason

She looked too much like her brother, which did not help me at all in a time like this. Fiddling with my hair, I tried to avoid her eyes, big and hazel, while they were giving me the exact same intense look Harry had mastered over the years and that usually ended up in me blurting out whatever they wanted to hear. I was weak.

“Jesus, Gemma, you’re gonna get stuck like that.” I finally snapped, jumping up my seat and taking away the plastic cups we had used to drink the hot chocolate. Cocoa in the middle of a cold afternoon, I’ve been told life can’t get any better than that.

“Well, if you don’t tell me what’s going on…”

“You’re planning on reading my mind?”

“Are you fighting with Harry? Cause if you are, I’d like to be informed, so you know, I can write it down in history books.”

“We fight!!” I exclaimed, looking at her as if I had no idea what she was talking about. We indeed fought; it was not all gold and roses in our friendship. We had our flaws, one of them being he was not mine. God, Jesus, I was losing it.

“Yeah, about who gets the last piece of chocolate, which he usually lets you win, by the way.”

“Oh, I’ve fought for those pieces of chocolates. Your brother is ruthless.”

“I don’t think you know the definition of that word.” She said, walking behind me as I threw everything to the bin and walked out of the warm coffee shop to be faced with the cold air hitting me on the face. Jesus, what was it with the awful weather? “So, you’re gonna tell me?”

“There’s nothing to tell, Gems. He gave me a dog and I’m happy about it. It’s simple, actually.”

It wasn’t really simple, nothing really was. I had taken the cowardly path and I chose to ignore everything that had had happened the night before, even when Harry pressed his warm body to mine and hugged me from behind as I made breakfast. It had made me dizzy and made my skin tingle in excitement, and it was not something I could deal with at the moment.

“We as in Harry and you?” Gemma asked slowly, looking at me as she chose her words carefully, in case she had heard it wrong.



“What do you mean ‘oh’?” I asked defensively, making Gemma widen her eyes a bit before she let her face recover some of the sardonic look she got us used to. The corner of her lips curled upwards as she half pursed them, raising an eyebrow at the same time she shrugged her shoulders off, leaving me behind whilst she continued to walk in front of me.

“Oh, nothing. ’S just very unsurprising of you two.”

“Anyway, his name is Jagger.”

“Of course it is.” She snorted.

I followed her into the store as she disappeared behind the doors. A strong scent of something resembling Christmas cookies invaded my senses and my fingers brushed over the black shelf holding a bunch of perfume bottles ranging in pink shades. I had failed to notice where we were at first, but then, my brain caught up to the dark pink that accentuated the otherwise black decoration. Peering up at Emma as she looked at a bright lime colored bra, I picked a pair of blue lacy boyshorts, examining them before I put them back on the row of knickers.

“What are you saying, Gemms?” I asked her, crossing my arms on my chest as she brought a hand to clutch her own. Apparently, I had startled her and she dropped the flimsy bra to the ground, throwing me a mean glare before she bent down to pick it up.  

“I’m not saying anything!” She tried to shrug off, a nice high pitched squeak ending up her sentence and a badly dissimulated smirk appearing on her face as she turned her back on me. She was such a lousy liar that one.

“Gemma Anne! Come here and…” I started, wriggling my fingers in the air, which was completely stupid, as she couldn’t really see me.

“Finally! I’ve been looking around for you guys for the longest time!” Stopping on my tracks, I turned around, finding Harry as he stood behind me with Jagger in his arms. The puppy had a navy blue collar, the leash was hanging limp in the air, and he whimpering, hiding his muzzle into Harry’s arms. He looked breathtaking, Harry, not the dog, with a blue button down that was a few shades darker than the leather leash on our doggy. I had given him the shirt a few weeks ago and frankly, I was starting to get offended at him for not wearing it. A flaming blush crept up my cheeks when our eyes locked, and I realized he had totally caught me staring at him, letting a satisfied smile curl up on his lips as he took a few short steps to me. I was utterly screwed.

“Wha- what are you doing here?” I asked, my eyebrows scrunched to make it seem like I was mad at him. I wasn’t but I needed to pretend I was, otherwise, I was probably going to jump him again. He looked so good it was actually painful. I couldn’t understand how it was possible or fair for someone to look as good as he did, with the minimal effort, every single day of his life. It wasn’t, that was the answer, it was inhumane and unfair.

“Brought Jagger to see his mummy. He missed you, y’know.” He smiled and as if on cue, Jagger brought up his face from his hiding place, panting a bit as he looked at me.

“I missed him too.” I whispered, playing with his ears as I felt myself being stared down by Harry.

“Oh, goodie, my brother’s here. What I needed to buy lingerie in peace.” Gemma said, making me widen my eyes and snatch Jagger from Harry’s arms to use him as a shield from Gemma’s inquiring eyes.

“So… Why lingerie? Do you have a new boyfriend I don’t know of, Gem?” Harry arched his brows, looking at Gemma accusingly. She scoffed, throwing a pair of knickers in his face, making him snarl at her as he put them back on the shelf.

“None of your business, little brother.” Gemma smiled and raised a g-string, making Harry groan and roll his eyes.

“You’re gross.”

“What are you doing in here, then? Did you think it was someone else buying lingerie?”

“I actually did.”

I was mistaken when I thought I had gotten my blush under control, cause now, I was about to burn from embarrassment. Taking Jagger with me, I walked to the closest section, finding myself in a row of skimpy knickers, things getting worse as Harry walked behind me.

“What are you doing?!?” I whispered angrily at him, but fortunately for him, Gemma didn’t give us any time, appearing on the hallway to pick some more things before she smiled at me and scratched the back of Jagger’s ear while she cooed stupid words at him.

“I’m going to try these on. Wanna come with me?” She told me and I nodded, turning around to follow her to the dressing room.

The dressing room consisted of 6 stalls, all of them with a proper door and a large mirror attached to the door. On the hallway, there was a wall-to-wall mirror, and 3 round black puffs. I sat on a pink sofa that was on the corner of the room, smiling at Jagger as he got comfortable on my lap.

“You’re not supposed to be here.” I said in a low voice as Harry sat down next to me, his long legs stretched out all the way out. He looked at me for a second, rolling his eyes as he leaned forward to make sure Gemma would hear him.

“Gems? Don’t come out. I’m here.” He said out loud, waiting for his sister to reply with a groan and a deeply felt ‘Ewww’. “There, fixed.”

“What are you doing?” I asked him, frustrated by his nonchalance. “Do you want everyone to know what we did?”

“We didn’t kill anyone, you know that, right?.” He shrugged off, letting himself fall on the back of the couch as I scoffed.

“Harry, I don’t want people freaking out on us!”

“The only one freaking out here’s you.”

“I just think that…”

I didn’t get to finish. I didn’t even get to end the trail of my thoughts in my own brain cause it suddenly made a shortcut. It all went black and all I could think was the cherry and minty taste of Harry’s kiss. Closing my eyes, I let myself forget of the world around us, only aware of his fingers as they trailed to the back of my neck and pulled me to him a bit closer. His tongue darted past my lips and I hummed, tilting my head to the side to let him deepen the kiss. It took Jagger to almost start barking at us for me to pull away, widening my eyes as I struggled to breathe normally. I don’t know how long it lasted, but I did know it wasn’t anywhere nearly enough.

“Hey, baby, nothing wrong’s happening.” I told him in a whisper, calming him down a bit as I caressed his fur.

“Imagine when we fuck and you scream really loud my name.” Harry whispered, making me blush and close my eyes as he pulled me to his chest, pressing a soft kiss to my temple and the tip of my nose before he let me go.

“Harry!!!!!” I protested, slapping my hand against Harry’s chest as he chuckled, leaning to me to press another kiss to my lips, another one that didn’t last nearly as long as I needed it to. What was happening, why was he doing this like it was normal behavior between us?

I pressed my forehead to his shoulders, breathing him in for a couple of seconds as he left a trail of butterfly kisses on my temples, his long fingers playing with my hair as we both remained silent. Judging by the party in my tummy, this was all much worse than I could have ever imagined.

“Guys, do you think we can go grab lunch? I’m starving.” Gemma asked, letting the door of her stall close with a soft click and I raised my head to look at her while she stared at us mockingly. The situation didn’t surprise so much as amused her and it was all written in her eyes. “Didn’t know I was going to be third wheeling here. Should’ve warned me.”

“By now, I think you’d have figured it out by yourself, sis.” Harry smiled mockingly at her, her eyes turning into slits as she gave her brother a mean look. He didn’t seem to notice though, taking Jagger from my arms and walking out of the room, which left me pretty much unshielded from Gemma. There it was, that evil glint in her eyes that made me shiver whenever it appeared.  

“So,” She started, casually letting herself plop down on the couch. “what were you guys doing?”

“We were, uh, we were talking.”

“Yeah? And how exactly did Harry get red lipstick on his lips?” She asked me, tilting her head in curiosity as she looked at me, the bright red of my lips that was surely all smudged up by now.

“I didn’t see any red lipstick, Gems.” I said coolly, playing innocent under her accusatory gaze.

“Really? Cause it matches yours, actually.”

“Nope, no red lipstick. Might want to see a doctor about that, Gems.” I grinned, jumping up from the couch to stop her for asking any further questions. I wasn’t getting away with it; I was just buying myself some time.

We found Harry leaning on the counter of the store, his big arms propped up on it as a pretty girl offered him some water and tea, while an unnecessary flirty smile appeared on her face. It was like that everywhere we went, everyone falling from him and being extra touchy, extra smiley when it came to him. It was frustrating to say the least, the unsettling twist of my tummy whenever I saw anyone getting too close.

“I’ll take this.” Gemma, who had walked to the counter while I stood behind, said rather harshly, the hangers on the clothes clanging loudly on the glass. It seemed unnecessary, but deep down I was thankful for it as the girl scurried away and let the cashier do her job.

“Hey.” Harry almost whispered when he stood in front of me, offering me a soft smile as his fingers brushed up my arms. Damn it, the goosebumps. “You okay?”

I was more than ok in that moment, looking up at him and feeling as if the world around us had suddenly disappeared, leaving the two of us behind.

“Yeah. Gems knows we kissed, though.”

“Well, she’s always suspecting things about us, let’s give her this one, yeah?”

“I guess. Would rather her not to be right, like ever. She tends to rub it in.” I shrugged off, giggling shyly when Harry snorted, his arm hooking around my shoulders to pull me to his chest and let me press my nose to the soft fabric of his shirt. “You smell nice.” I said mindlessly, my eyes scrunching up in regret as soon as the words left my lips. Jesus.

“So do you.” He said softly, his warm breath making my skin tingle as it hit my skin. Maybe it wasn’t so bad after all.

“Ok, love birds, let’s go for lunch.”

Well, almost.


If I didn’t have you there would be nothing left

The shell of a man who could never be his best

If I didn’t have you, I’d never see the sun

You taught me how to be someone, yeah

It was driving me crazy, the fact that he could be so cool about it all, maybe even forgotten. It had been two days, two whole days, since we last kissed and there he was, acting as if nothing happened. Maybe it didn’t. Maybe we never kissed and I was officially losing it. God, I didn’t know anything anymore.

Harry was the only person in the world that knew me, inside and out. He knew how grumpy I was in the morning until I took the first sip of my coffee, he knew how emotional I got every single time I watched Titanic, he knew I liked to sleep mostly naked because I hated how the clothes got twisted during the night, he knew how I cried when he said he’d have to leave for a little while to make his dream come true and he knew how much I loved the smell of rain. He knew everything about me, so there was no way he didn’t know how confused I was and how much worse he was making it all by ignoring me.

Had he meant to kiss me? I mean, he probably had, but had he really wanted to do it? Had he felt the need to try and see what my kiss felt like? Was it anything close to what I felt right now? Did his skin tingle every time I walked by him, just like mine did? Did he felt as if his heart dropped to his tummy and then back up whenever I lied on the bed, acting as if nothing was happening, and went to sleep by his side? Was I driving him as crazy as he was driving me? I doubt it.

There was not much I could do, except keep my distance and let myself forget about it. it wasn’t even a good plan, I was aching to be close to him, to wrap my arms around his waist and nuzzle my nose on his skin. After we kissed, every second of every day, my only thoughts were about his strawberry lips and the feel of his tongue touching mine, his hand leaving a scorching trail on my waist, his hard muscles under my hands. I was having a hard time composing myself around him, which was understandable as he took every chance he got to walk around in his boxers or even naked. Just the thought of it made my mouth water, to be honest.


All my life
You stood by me
When no one else was ever behind me
All these lights
They can’t blind me
With your love, nobody can drag me down

“Harry?” I asked loudly as I closed the front door. My head still hurt, the pang of sadness in my chest just growing bigger as minutes went by.

I can’t really go with you guys. I’m sure you can find someone to fill in. I just have so much to do.

It’s better if I just stay. You know, it’s really your fault for giving me such a small dog. I can’t go anywhere now.

You’re a twat for shrugging everything off and acting as if nothing happened. Fuck off, I’m not going anywhere with you.

“Fuck!” Yelping, I brought my knee to my tummy in an attempt to reach my pinkie toe, almost dancing as I tried to rub it. I had banged it against a box that I could’ve sworn wasn’t there when I left in the morning, and it was now throbbing in pain. “Where the fuck did you come from?”

“The room?”

It wasn’t really the position I would like anyone to find me in, with my foot raised in the air as I put all of my yoga knowledge to test, but that wasn’t even the worst part. Harry was standing behind me, looking fine and gorgeous while almost naked, his black boxers looking tight around his hips. Realizing I was staring, I whipped my head back, almost falling down when I lost my balance at the movement but regaining it when Harry held me by my waist, pulling me up and to his chest before I ended up on the floor.

“You ok, babe?” He asked me and I had to close my eyes, focusing on not giving myself away by shivering in front of him. I stepped away, fixing my clothes as I still refused to look at him, knowing I might not be able to control myself if I looked at him.

“Yeah, we, we need to talk.”

“Ok.” Nonchalantly, he went to sit on the couch, right in front of me and with a smirk, he extended his hand for me to take. I couldn’t do that, couldn’t get so close to him while he wore so little. He wasn’t being fair to me and he knew it.

“Harry, go and get dressed.”

“Why? You’ve seen me like this a lot of times before.”

“Yeah, but…”


“It’s not the same now.”

“Why not?” He asked me, the stupid smile still plastered on his face. He seemed to be enjoying it, torturing me slowly and surely.


“Because we kissed?” He asked me, reaching for my hand and pulling me to him until he made me sit down on his lap, with my feet dangling a big as I pressed my side to his waist. “And we liked it?”

“Did you?”

“I really did.” He admitted, making me smile as his hand pressed his hand to my hand and pulled me down for a peck on the lips.

“We need to stop doing that.”

“I know.” Smiling softly at him, I went to get up from his lap but he shook his head, tightening his hug around my waist and pulling me closer to him, my breath catching a bit at how close we ended up. I could almost taste the sweetness of his lips. “Just one more.”

Nothing short of being lighted on fire, that’s how his kiss was. His hands were on each side of my neck and my fingertips pressed to his bare skin, brushing down softly until I reached his tummy, smiling a little as the muscles there tensed a bit under my touch. His lips were soft and sweet and they molded to mine in a perfect way. It felt as if it was right what we were supposed to do, let our tongues wander as his hand snuck under my top, his fingertips raising goosebumps on their way down my spine. I felt almost breathless by the time he let me go, my eyelashes fluttering open as I struggled to think straight again.

“Is that the last one?” I asked him, still brushing my words against his lips.

“Yes.” He whispered, a new soft kiss pressed to my lips as he finished talking.

“You promise?”

“I’m awful at keeping my promises, love.”


Please, tell us what you think, we’d love to hear what you’ll feel it’s going to happen next and what you liked the most. Love you guys! xx

You Make Me Mad.

Warning : DON’T DO DRUGS KIDS! UNLESS IT’S LIKE NECESSARY CAUSE ITS MEDICATION! Mentions of killing, weed and uh making out.

Request: Please can you do an imagine where the reader likes Sammy and Sammy likes the reader they don’t know but Dean teases them about it. They meet on a hunt and if Dean says “she’s hot” Sammy gets over protective (btw the reader flirty teases him by calling him Sammy) oh and in the end could they get together 😏thankyou 🙈

“DEAN I FREAKING TOLD YOU SO” Sam screamed at his idiotic brother next to him as they stared at the beasts surrounding them. Sam held his blade high and Dean’s grip on his gun became extremely tight knowing they were definitely outnumbered.

“WELL GOOD FOR YOU SAM! HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT FREAKING WOLVES AND VAMPS WOULD JOIN ALLIANCES?” Sam saw a Vamp run his way and he sliced his head off, creating three more to run at them. Dean looked around at the vicious beasts lusting for the infamous brothers blood yet all they could do was wait for them to attack first.

“WELL IF YOU LISTENED TO ME FOR ONE” Sam grunted as he jumped out of a werewolves way so Dean could shoot him in the heart. Dean rolled his eyes and was about to reply with a sarcastic mechanism until he heard a familiar tune. Dean focused his hearing and heard the familiar melody of ROCK OF AGES play in the background.

“can’t you monsters be more creative and pick a chuckee cheese than factories?” The brothers saw all the beasts turn their heads to a silhouette standing by the entrance of the factory. You pulled out your trusty katana made of pure silver and raised a hand,creating a come and get it gesture. You calculated eight beasts, not counting the two hotties that were hilariously the damsels in distress.

“who is she?” Dean whispered to his younger brother who simply stared in awe as you sliced and chopped. Sam saw your hair flow with the wind as you cartwheeled over dumbfounded supernatural creatures.

“i have no friggin clue dude” Sam noticed the number of beats declining as you moved your blade from left to right, making your way through the bodies as if you were simply training. Sam admired the way your face was at peace while your body created havoc yet he was confused to why he was so interested in you.

As soon as you jumped into the beam of moonlight the boys captured your true beauty, the elegant way you move your sword or the mellifluous sounds you make as you leaped. Sam knew his brother stared at you like you were a sex object on legs but for Sam…you were something different. The boys heard a deep growl behind them and Dean turned around about to shoot until you threw 4 silver dipped, titanium throwing knives at the wolf. He fell back with it’s eyes flashing back to normal and the boys stared at you in surprise. You got up and cracked your neck, you wiped off the dirt from your clothes and turned off your ipod.

“Hello boys, I’m Y/N” You extended your hand as you walked near them , you saw the shorter one put on a macho flirtatious exterior as he shook your hand and the cute one kept gulping… like he was nervous.

“Hi there. I’m Dean and this is my baby brother Sam” You shook Sam’s hand who glared at his brother in annoyance.

“Only by four years” You smiled and saw him mirror your except those prominent dimples distracted you.

“it’s okay Sammy, age doesn’t matter. So what are you boys doing out here?” You walked past them and pulled out your knives that were lodged in the wolf.

“Same as you sweetheart, hunting” You heard Dean call out from behind you as you bent over. You shoved your knives back into your holster and turned around seeing Dean’s focus on your ass.

“Oh honey, hunting requires well…. hunting. To me it looked like you were standing there and looking pretty, am I right Sammy?” You winked at the youngest brother and walked up to the other bodies, retrieving your fallen weapons.

“Oh my god, dude. Dibs” Dean whispered to Sam who hit him in the gut.

“Dude no! You can’t call dibs, she’s not an object” Sam defended you as you smiled, aware of what they were talking about. For ‘hunters’ they sure do know how to whisper.

“Anyways, Y/N. How did you know about this?” You picked up your katana and placed it back into its casing and caught a glimpse of Dean’s lusty eyes and Sam’s caring ones. Over your years of experience in hunting you came across a few one night stands like Dean but when you stared into Sam’s eyes you saw something else.

You saw sensitivity, caring, sacrifice, love and vulnerability. You saw pureness, a man who’s gone through so much yet he’s still kept fighting. You stared at your stomach as you felt an odd fluttering type sensation, like butterflies.

“Uh, I saw it in the papers. Maulings during the full moon, bites, typical Vamp victims all that crap. So then after a few nights researching I realised Wolves and vamps were playing on the same team” You picked up your last blade and shoved it into your pocket.

“SEE DEAN! I WAS RIGHT” Sam raised his hands in the air and Dean flipped him off.

“Now this was great and everything but I got a 420 to get to”


“Yeah, lack of food, lack of weed” Sam chuckled and you saw Dean slyly smile at you. You walked up to the boys and stood right in the middle of the two.

“Nice meeting you Sammy… and you uh- what was your name again?” Sam bursted out laughing as Dean’s smug face fell to offended.


“Right right, see ya around. Oh hey and Sammy?” You reached for Sams head and lowered his ear to your lips.

“Call me” you whispered while you slipped a piece of paper with your number written on it in his palms. You heard him gulp as you pulled away and walked over dead bodies of Vamps and wolves. You swayed your hips from left to right as you walked out of sight. Sam released a breath he seemed to be holding and looked at his palm with your digits sprawled across the paper.

“Sammy.” Dean tapped Sam’s shoulder as he kept staring at your beautiful shadow walk by.

“She’s so hot i’m literally sweating” Sam flared his nostrils at his horny brother and walked away.

“back off Dean”

“What? it’s the truth I mean did you see the size of tho- DEAN”


“You know when we asked you to move in with us, I thought it’d be friends with benefits all hours of the day. Not this day time soap opera crap” Dean walked into the newly put together TV room where you were currently hibernating with a tub of ice-cream. You lifted your legs so Dean could slide in at the end as you watched your favourite episode of Home and Away.

“Okay one, Sam told me you were in a soap opera in the fake world so don’t hide your secret passion and two, this is Australian. You love Australia” Dean extended his hand and you passed the tub over to him.

“thgths diffrnt” he stated with his mouth full. You giggled at his puffed cheeks full of creamy ice cream and suddenly you wanted to tickle him in an attempt to spit out all his ice-cream. Your fingers danced over to his side of the couch and you tickled his side. You saw his eyes widen in surprise before he put the tub down and held both your hands.

“i keep forgetting you’re stronger than me” you sighed as he freed one hand and wiggled it in front of your face.

“Dean No”

“Oh yes”

“Dean please, no” Dean tickled your stomach and you cried out into  fit of laughter. Dean climbed ontop of you and pushed you into the couch. You threw your head back into the cushion as you tried to breathe for air while Dean tortured you with his fingers.

Sam was in the library reading up on a few local killings until he heard your melodic laughter trail through the bunker. He smiled and became curious to what was making you laugh so hard. He walked into the TV room seeing you straddled by his older brother as you were withering beneath him. A sense of jealousy rose within the 190cm giant as he saw your carefree face laughing with his brother. Amidst your fit you caught a glimpse of Sam’s hurt expression and you pushed Dean off you.

“Sam, hey” You spoke as you were out of breathe. Dean looked behind seeing his clearly pissed off brother glare at him with his murderous puppy dog eyes.

“Heya Sammy, care to join the fun?” Dean mocked knowing the reason behind his bitter attitude. Bout two months ago Dean noticed the way Sam looked at you. Ever since you saved their asses Sam couldn’t stop talking about you until he called you and asked you out on a date. Which you said yes to.

Dean had to admit that after your date things became awkward since both of you didn’t state where you were or whether or not you wanted that relationship to progress. So Dean asked you to stay with them, knowing it’ll get you somewhere though for now the three of you suffered in silence.

“its okay. i’ve got some work to do”  He turned around with his shoulders low obviously pissed at his proud brother. Sam despised the way Dean acted around you, like you were one of his targets. The constant flirting, the failed attempts into getting you drunk and the unnecessary touching.

One time you got so drunk Dean actually made it into your bed but he just slept there nothing else. Though when Sam saw his brother run out of your room with messy hair, dark circles and shirtless he was furious.

“Dammit” you whispered and hit your head back onto the couch. Dean patted your knee in support understanding the frustration in not communicating, he was a pro in it after all.

“Go to him now before he thinks something else, Y/N. You two can’t keep doing this, it’s been 3 fucking months. Now go!” You nodded feeling confident all of a sudden so you jumped back up and hopped from one foot to another, gaining momentum.

“I can do this” you huffed as you threw some punches into the air. Dean stifled his chuckle knowing you were a tough chick and this is how you work. You nodded your head and took a deep breath and shook all your nerves away.

“Go get em, tiger” Dean slapped your butt which made you move and squeal. You nervously walked up to the library hearing fingers type furiously on a keyboard.

“Poor keyboard” You whispered seeing Sam’s stern eyes burn through the computer screen. His jaw tight along with his slightly flaring nostrils. He didn’t notice you so he continued to bounce his leg up and down, along with his hands fidgeting. He couldn’t concentrate knowing his feelings were overflowing and he no longer had a lid on them.

He’s pissed at Dean but in love with you and he’s mad at himself. Overthinking his situation Sam pushes a book off the edge of the table and feels some form of release. He sighed and rested his head in his hands until he felt your soft warm hands on his forearm.

“Hey Sammy” You whispered so softly, Cas wouldn’t even hear it. Sam was shocked at your timing hoping you didn’t see anything.

“Hey Y/N, what’s up?” You pulled up a chair and sat next to him. You realised this wasn’t only killing you it was also hurting him.

“Listen Sam, I’ve always been a confident girl. No matter what the situation, I can always sass my way out of it but with you? I cant, I’m nervous, i sweat, my heart beats really fast that i think it might explode in a cartoonish way and worst of all…… i mumble” You were looking down the entire time, avoiding his beautiful puppy dog eyes. Though when your eyes flickered upwards, you were met with a relief smile.

“So I’m going to do something that i hope you don’t regret” You lifted your head slightly and closed your eyes. You quickly leaned in and touched your lips with his soft ones. You felt a tingle in the lower pit of your stomach that spread everywhere like a virus. You leaned in further and Sam held your waist. You pulled apart and he tugged on your waist in which caused you straddle him. He lifted his head once more and your mouths moulded together as your tongues battled for dominance.

Your hands made their way to his beautiful brown locks and you tugged on it. Sam released a deep moan into your mouth and you smirked in satisfaction. You felt this kiss escalate into a steamy makeout session and Sam pulled your shirt off. Leaving you in your bra. You pulled Sam’s shirt off and your hands trailed across his warm, firm, toned skin. You pulled away breathless and rested your forehead on his.

“You’re so beautiful you make me mad” Sam stated while you both closed your eyes and melted into eachothers existance.


“Because you were mine from the moment i saw you but I was too nervous to say anything” You opened your eyes and pecked his lips.

“I love you” Sam whispered while his eyes bore into yours. You cupped his cheek and pushed his hair behind his ears.

“I love you too” Sam jumped out of his seat and laid you onto the library table. His kisses began to trail from your mouth to your neck and further on. Sam’s hands rested on your stomach before they reached behind, just about to take off you-

“WOAH WOAH! I CAME IN HERE TO SEE IF YOU TWO MADE THINGS UP BUT NOT LIKE THIS” Your cheeks flushed as you realised what was about to happen.

Sam saw his brothers eyes scan your partially naked body and he tensed up, about to defend your honour.

“Dean i will give you the rest of my weed, if you leave for 20 minutes” Sam looked at you with his famous puppy dog eyes and you smirked.

“Make it 35” He nodded with a smile and Dean looked at his suddenly cocky and hard brother. He winked at his younger brother and held up two thumbs towards you.

“I’ll see you in an hour, don’t rush oh and Y/N….. i already took it.” Dean pulled out the bag that contained your legal narcotics (you had a prescription for it… technically) and ran away.

“USE PROTECTION RABBITS” As soon as Sam heard the bunker’s door close he jumped back on top of you and kissed your ears.

“Where were we?”

“Let me show you, Sammy” You wrapped your legs around his waist as he lifted you back up. At the end things worked out better than you expected. Actually much better than you expected, even better than you dreamed of. When Dean came back an hour later with bloodshot eyes and packets of McDonalds in his car he sobered up at the sight infront of him.

You were wrapped in Sam’s long muscular arms, with his chin on your head and your head firmly against his chest. You were covered in a thin blanket on the carpet floor with the chimney lit. Dean pulled out his phone and quickly took a picture of you two before heading back into his room.

“Stoned or not… that’s cute”