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Omg all those prompts are so good 0_0 *wheezes* Okay, snowball fight in Skyhold's courtyard (include as many chars as you want) combined with either “we were playing in the snow and you suddenly tackled me to the ground and now…we’re just…staring… at each other…” or "PULLING YOU IN FOR A KISS WITH A SCARF", with Maraazim maybe?? >3> Hope you get your muse back soon <3

Well, here it is! Apologies if this is riddled with mistakes; it is 1am and I do not have any energy left to edit u_u

~2500 words. Featuring Hanin Lavellan, The Dawn Squad, Jarvaazim (@taerellavellan’s OC) and Maraas Adaar. Most under the cut <3

It was a rare thing, for the soldiers of the Inquisition to find a few moments to just relax. Unwind. Breathe. The snow fell softly from a marble sky, decorating hats and the shoulders of coats, dusting its way across every signpost and steeple. There was something picturesque about winter. It froze the world in more ways than one; gave people longer to enjoy it.

So, as one might imagine, the sound of cursing and delighted squealing came as something of a shock to Hanin.

Grumbling, he snapped his quill down against the table, his report barely a third finished and already overdue by more days than he cared to count. He had tried ignoring it, and it had worked for a time, but now the noise had swelled to the point of inexcusable. And right outside his window. So, tugging on his coat and marching down the stairs from his quarters, Hanin mulled darkly over what he would say. Terse, strict, and scathing. Their lack of duty did not give them leave to disrupt the work of others. He would set them to cleaning out the stables if he had to, just to get a moment’s peace. He would—

Hanin threw open the door, teeth clenched, jaw stiff with irritation… then blinked in surprise as a blonde blur rocketed past him, laughing brightly until he copped a ball of snow to the face. He stumbled and fell with a fwump into the snow… then was up again almost immediately, grinning broadly, cheeks flushed, nose red, remnants of powdery snow falling from his freckled face as he began frantically preparing his counter-attack.

“Ha! Got you!” Ralon whooped, white teeth flashing against dark skin, another snowball already in hand. He tossed it up lazily, catching it again and losing almost half the snow in the process of showing off. “Who’s next, huh? Who dares to challenge me, Ralon, King of the—OOOF!”

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When I first joined the Darren/Blaine, Chris/Kurt, Klaine and CC fandom’s on tumblr friends who knew a little about it said, “Oh tumblr.. that’s just going to be pictures of kittens and cats and stuff” and I said “No it’s full of people with intelligent insight, articulate people and creative people”!……..Yeah turns out though (cough) there was still a fair bit about cats……😉

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Pass the happy along! When you get this, reply with 5 things that make you happy. Then pass it along to the first 10 people in your activity ♡

Thanks @hazelandglasz and apologies for taking so long to do this!

1 My Family - my girls and hubby

2 My puppy - and puppies in general

3 Darren Criss - and his beautiful smile

4 The Greatest Showman movie - it's fantastic! 

5 Fresh Bread with Butter - I’m hungry now