puppy darren is a puppy

Made of fluff and love

Fandom: Chris Colfer/Darren Criss, RPF

Rating: G

Word count: ~1300

Summary: Darren comes back with a little more than he left with.

A/N: I blame @souly for this fic. Without her, I wouldn’t have started, finished or posted this. She’s sneaky. First, she puts ideas in my head. Then, she makes me want to write them into a fic so I can share it with her. And finally, she encourages me to post it, although I was never supposed to write or post it in the first place… so here I am posting a horribly late reaction fic to what started with this.

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When I first joined the Darren/Blaine, Chris/Kurt, Klaine and CC fandom’s on tumblr friends who knew a little about it said, “Oh tumblr.. that’s just going to be pictures of kittens and cats and stuff” and I said “No it’s full of people with intelligent insight, articulate people and creative people”!……..Yeah turns out though (cough) there was still a fair bit about cats……😉