puppy children


“In an old house in Paris that was covered with vines

Lived twelve little girls in two straight lines

In rain or shine

They left the house at half past nine

The smallest one was Madeline.”

-Ludwig Bemelmans, Madeline, 1939

I would like to share a sampling of the graduation project that I had so much fun illustrating! It’s an old series, but one of my childhood favorites. There has been a TV series and a live action film, but never a modern-ish animated feature, and it was a bit of a passion project to imagine what it would look like, down to the character designs and the actual scenes.

Also, I might have some good news to announce soon… keeping my fingers crossed in the meantime! ♪

another effect of infantilizing trans men is that you’re (probably 100% unintentionally) pushing them into feeling forced into performing toxic masculinity so they don’t appear weak, so they aren’t compared to children or puppies, so they’re not just ‘soft cute sweet adorable pure bundles of fluff’

it pushes people into thinking the only way they’ll be accepted as another guy is to uphold rigid stereotypes of masculinity and become rough and imposing so they’ll be considered anything but a soft and vulnerable smol baby

and (this is at least what i’ve seen many trans women say from their experiences & their posts) constantly using language of brutal submission to trans women and forcing acts of violence onto their character without taking into account who they are as people ‘step on me/beat me up!!!/goddess who could kill me and i would be happy’ can push an even harsher pressure on performing femininity for them when society is already forcing that

being trans isn’t about conforming harshly and at the will of others to gender roles in order to be respected with language that’s not dehumanizing or infantilizing or fetishizing, it’s just about wanting to be respected and to be able to live happily how we feel comfortable presenting ourselves and who we are. there are so many things i want to do, that i want to wear and enjoy, but language like this terrifies me into not trying things out, into being what people want me to be and want to see me as based on stereotypes  than what i want for myself just so that i’ll have my basic humanity respected and it should not be that way

In the 1950s and ‘60s, if there were any children’s books in a house, at least one of them was likely to be a Little Golden Book. With their golden spines and brightly colored pictures, they begged to be grabbed off a shelf by a curious child — which is exactly what their creators intended. Those beloved books celebrate their 75th birthday this year.

'The Poky Little Puppy’ And His Fellow Little Golden Books Are Turning 75

Image: Courtesy of Penguin Random House


Saw a video where the daddy shaves off his amazing beard and the kid got scared cause they didn’t recognised him.

SO I HAD TO DRAW MCHANZO IN THAT SITUATION. With Ame as the frightened child. Poor McCree. It’ll grow back in a week or two.

Bellamy’s that husband you send out to get milk and he comes back 2 hours later with 5 puppies instead.
Only instead of puppies, they’re children.

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Pairing: Virgil/Patton (Logan x Virgil friendship ; Roman x Patton friendship)
Part: 1/5
W/C: 1698
Warnings: slight self-deprecation, but nothing else. please pay attention to future posts for extra warnings
Title Inspiration
Alternate Title: The Mutual Pining fic no One Asked for but Everyone Should Have

Hello! This is something I have been working on with the lovely Kit ( @shakespearesocks ) and I am actually very nervous to post this , but Kit is wonderful and this has been a journey , but we hope you guys like how this fic will turn out . It will be (at least) 5 (five) chapters long, so if you would like to be made aware of updates either for the tumblr post or on ao3 please ask one of us . I hope you guys like what we’ve come up with ; Enjoy !
(Can also be found on ao3)

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Inktober Day 5, The Lost Girls!

I didn’t have the energy for anything complicated today so it’s just this.

Mabel and Pacifica got a bit lost, but they’ll find they way. (Mabel’s freaking out because she’s holding the hand of her crush)

habits and hugs

pt. 1

All of them have little habits they keep; some are [supposed to be] secret, while others are common knowledge, things they know about each other like the back of their hands. When Virgil is nervous, and allowing himself to show it, he’ll pinch his index finger and thumb together on both hands, then tap them together in counts of three. No one knows exactly why he chose that number, but Logan assures them that it’s normal for people who are anxious to focus easier when they stick to a consistent pattern. When Roman is feeling more self-conscious than usual, he spends more time looking at himself in mirrors and muttering reassurances to himself under his breath. It is something Anx used to mock him for until the one time Roman cried on his should for three hours about how worried he was about letting the others down; the two of them don’t speak about it anymore, especially since until recently Roman still wasn’t Virgil’s biggest fan. Even Logan has one, where he likes to take notes on every situation he’s in; when they’re brainstorming ideas for videos; when he’s debating with Anxiety over whatever topic they’ve chosen that week; even when the four of them share quiet breakfasts on Sunday mornings because it’s the one day of the week when they’re all at their calmest. It’s a sight to see, Logan so focused on understanding the world, and Virgil often finds himself lost in watching the other trait’s movements.

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