~Lesson 1- Learning about Soul Unification <3

Page 20 (o.o wow)


So uh…. yeah. Less imagines, more talk. I’ve think it was about time to explain what Puppy was trying to do. I don’t know if such things are already existing, but I made up my own magic there. It’s Soul Unification. Yet, although it is explained partly at this page, Puppy only tried to make it happen. (You’ll see that later)
Mweh, I love these two so much. They are so interesting, soo, aahn <3

Don’t be disappointed, tho ;) I’ve got great plans from here on.

For now… enjoy this pervy Puppy. He loves his Sans <3 (Dang, gotta update the relationship chart soon <.<)


Artist of the Year
  • Jimin: *reads their mentions on Twitter *
  • Army: @BTS_twt congrats for winning daesang
  • Jimin: lol what? we won a daesang in MMA what's that got to do with MAMA ?
  • Namjoon: oh did nobody tell him yet?