the only time i ever wanted to jump into scooby doo discourse is when i saw someone saying that scooby should never have puppies/be bred bc shaggy would be irresponsible w puppies

like motherfucker did u just!!! dare imply that shaggy would not love scooby doo’s puppies with his entire soul. did u just tell me that shaggy would be irresponsible w his best friends puppies and wouldn’t take care of them as best he could.

shaggy would probably go without weed in order to pay for puppy food for scooby doo’s puppies. shaggy would make sure they had the best names and that they went to good people. shaggy would die for scooby’s puppies how dare you

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As we were flailing over Colin's ability to express so much just with his face, I'm thinking of another scene for you to analyze: Show us the exact moment (you can see it in his eyes!!) when the guy tied to that tree turns from being a poor scared blacksmith to that completely different person, the angry, dangerous pirate Captain Hook.

YESSS!!! Let’s go way back!!

To where it all began!!

Look at him. 

Pulling out the soulful tortured puppy eyes. 

Putting on the humble charm.

He’s really selling this whole “weak and frightened blacksmith” routine.

And they’re eating it up. Completely falling for it.

Lowering their defences and oozing sympathy for this “poor defenceless guy” while mourning the loss of those lost in the tragic tale he’s spinning.

All except one lady.

Emma smells a bullshitter.

She pulls the nice cop on him.

“Listen up… you’re good but not that good. I’m not buying it… so if you give me the truth now, things might go a little smoother. Cos honestly? I know you’re lying through your teeth.”

And he tries, bless him. 

He’s probably gotten so used to the opposite sex falling for his tactics that he’s stopped trying so hard - that or he’s just become so confident they’ll all fall for it.

Ha! Killian, you done fucked up, matey.

She’s giving him a sympathetic smile but her eyes are screaming “gotcha”.

You’re not fooling Emma Swan, Killian.

And he’s thinking he’s safe. Crisis averted. 

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Soul Eater // (Puppy!)Soul x Maka

A fanart to moonplata’s most cutest little puppy!Soul! ;v; I love him so much and all I could think of was puppy!Soul in Maka’s arms. First I had something like an eskimo-kiss in mind (that nose-to-nose touch thingy) but it turned out different. ;o; Hope you don’t mind me that I drew this moonplata! ;v;

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Can we talk about Niall with Puppies and babies for a second! Like, omg let me start a family with you Horan!! Pleeeeease! 😍


i need to have family with this man. plssss

we could be so happy together horan!! lots of kids and lots of puppies!


since liam is channeling scotts life (control problems, desperately in love at first sight suddenly, her dying, breaking up etc) if they pull another baiting trope like with scisaac: the struggling boyfriend number 1 adopting troubled lost boyfriend number 2 as his puppy-hubby room(soul)mate™;
i will s-c-r-e-a-m

aaaah, uploading a crappy doodle i did a few days before because i feel hella unproductive lately. ;n; i have ideas to draw but so little time to actually draw all these things sob i’m so sorry that my upload-schedule isnt as busy as a year or two ago anymore… ;n;

also this is from moonplata‘s au with soul being a puppy! ;u;♥