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  • MAKOTO : puppies
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  • NAGISA : sunshine !!!
  • NAGISA : * starts crying *
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Everyone always thinks its Makoto who talks Majima into getting the “matching couples” accessories, but its the other way around. He’s just so into being with her that he wants to do the whole stupid couples things. And honestly, it doesn’t take much to convince Makoto to go along with it. All Majima has to do is hand over what ever new thing he found and muster as much “sad puppy face” he can. Makoto doesn’t have the heart to tell him his puppy face is terrible. 

Majima also makes an effort to take Makoto to as many places possible ever since she recovered all of her eyesight. One of his favorite trips is their first Disneyland trip because they were fallowed by security the whole time. He had is own secret game going on of “Ditch the Security.” He was actually impressed with how often they stayed on them. 

They both have their lock screens on their phones set to the photo they took on the bridge leading to the castle.


……I have never done a decent background in my life so why start now???

This popped into my head as I was looking up flight prices for my own trip to Disneyland later this year,  so of course I had to draw it because every couple ever seems to go to Disneyland. 

I apologize for the quality, it was taken at a poor time in the day on my phone xD 

Tools: Copics, White Uni-Ball Signo gel pen, size 0.1 black Pigma Graphic pen. Original sketch done on Robert Bateman sketch book paper with mechanical pencil with .5 lead 

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Usually unaffectionate S/O suddenly asks (with puppy eyes) Makoto + Sousuke + Rin + Momo + Kisumi + Sei to take a couple photo together to post/use on instagram. Have a nice day, admin!

Thank you! I hope you have a nice day too, dear anon!


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He was quite shocked when you first asked him, but of course Makoto was more than happy to comply. He found it really endearing that you wanted to take some photos with the both of you in it, especially since this was something you wouldn’t normally do. Makoto took your phone from you and pulled you close so he could snap the perfect photo, but then again, any photo with you is more than perfect.

“Smile, _____-chan!”


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This was an unusual request coming from you, considering you weren’t normally all that openly affectionate, but Rin really couldn’t resist the cute look you were giving him. The two of you would spend ages taking selfies, all with an array of cute and quirky pose, until you took one that was just right. Rin would be sure to print it out so he could put it in a photo frame.

“_____, look at your face in this one!”


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Sousuke couldn’t help but chuckle at your sudden question, since it was rather out of the blue. As you were about to take a photo of the both of you together, he leaned in and kissed you on the cheek, causing a dark blush to tint your cheeks. Later, Sousuke was more than satisfied to see that same photo posted onto your Instagram account. He liked it straight away and left a few cheeky, teasing comments about it.

“Aw, are you blushing?”


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Momo was actually quite flattered that you wanted to take some photos with him; he didn’t initially think you were into doing stuff like that with each other. After taking the photos, the two of you sat and edited them, choosing the perfect filter and adjusting the lighting and colours. After selecting the right one, you uploaded it. Momo would ask you if you could send it to him, and he might just make it his phone’s background picture.

“Of course we can take a photo together, _____-chan!”


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You… you wanted to take a photo together? How cute! Sei had always wanted to do that with you, but had thought you were uncomfortable with the idea. But now that you had asked him, well, it just made him swell with happiness. The adorable look you gave him when asking him about it was just about enough to make his heart melt.

“Ah, _____, you know I can’t resist those puppy-dog eyes!”


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On the outside, Kisumi was smirking and trying to act all cool about it, but on the inside, he was dying from just how cute you were being. It really made him happy for you to open up and ask him to do things together, since you didn’t really do so normally. After taking the photo, he couldn’t help but let his feelings out and gush over the photo.

“Oh _____-chan, you look so cute in this!”

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Makoto being slightly jealous and cute because his girlfriend is paying more attention to her pet puppy then him

Poor Makoto ψ(`∇´)ψ Thank you for the request!

Makoto watched as his girlfriend rolled around on the grass with her puppy, and he was taken with how cute she was when she played with the small animal. Her smile was brilliant, and her laugh made him want to laugh right along with her. Plus, even though Makoto was more of a cat person, he thought the puppy was absolutely adorable.

He was happy, because she was happy. He really was.

Well, maybe he was a little jealous, too…

His girlfriend had been playing with the puppy for the past hour, since Makoto had come over to visit her. He hadn’t known she had gotten a new pet until he stepped in the front door and she dragged him by the hand to the backyard. She and the puppy played chase, tug-of-war, peek-a-boo, and fetch while Makoto sat to the side, feeling like an invisible third wheel. Whenever he made little comments or called to his girlfriend or the puppy, they seemed unable to hear him. They were in their own world and Makoto seemed unable to enter it.

With a pout and a sigh, he got up to get something to drink from the kitchen, leaving the two playmates to their fun.

As he drank, Makoto considered just going home for the time being. There wasn’t really any point in being at his girlfriend’s while she was so preoccupied, and Makoto knew that he would just end up feeling more lonely if he stayed to watch them any longer.

Just then, a pair of arms wrapped around his middle and a weight leaned against his back. Looking over his shoulder, Makoto saw his girlfriend settled against his back, nuzzling her face into his shirt.

“I’ve been unintentionally ignoring you, haven’t I? I’m sorry.”

Smiling gently, Makoto put his drink down and turned around in her arms so that he could wrap his around her in return. “It’s alright,” he said and brushed a piece of her hair behind her ear. “You’re here now, right?” When his girlfriend nodded and leaned up for a kiss, Makoto gratefully accepted, any jealousy and negative feelings disappearing instantly.

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Bara cafe soumako au

How innocent am I that I had to google bara café? I mean I had a suspicion but I had to make sure :)

Part 2  Part 3

“I’m not sure I’m comfortable with this Nagisa.” Makoto bit his lip, nervously eyeing up the bright “Lucky” sign. The place seemed innocent enough but after some extensive research he realised that wasn’t the case.

“What’s the problem?” Nagisa sighed. “You said you’re desperate for work and this place is desperate for staff. It’s win win.”

“But it’s a topless café!” He hissed, ears turning red from embarrassment.

“So? It’s nothing you don’t show off at the beach.” He shrugged.

“That’s different.” Makoto complained. “People aren’t leering at me.”

“That’s what you think.” He laughed, loud and hard.

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Hello admin. I ended up confessing my feelings to a friend I had a crush on for 3 years now and he rejected me. He's currently liking some other girl while I have to sit and witness it all with my own eyes. It only makes me more depressed, lonely, and question the many flaws about myself that turn so many people off (from past events similar to this/other). I'm in desperate need of comfort. Could you please do Style 5's reaction to their crush(s/o) going through this and comforting them? Thanks.

Omg, sweetie, please think about cute things like puppies, bunnies or Makoto! I know this might not solve big thing, but it’ll make you feel a bit more positive, and probably clear your mind a bit! I hope everything is okay, remember that things get better, if you’re not having a happy ending, it means that it’s not an ending at all. I’ve been through similar things and I know how painful it is, but never bottle up your emotions, just let them be, they are a beautiful part of you. And please don’t feel lonely, you will always have me if you ever need to talk to someone! Thank you for your request (I hope you like it), lovely, I hope you feel much better ❤ 


Haru is a perceptive guy, even when you didn’t tell him how you were feeling, he would notice and try to do something for you. He sort of knew the situation you were in, you  kind of told him about it before, but you never were too specific, you always tried to keep your feelings to yourself and were too considerate about the guy you liked. That was something that Haru liked about you, the way you care about people and worried about them, but the swimmer knew that, sometimes, you pushed yourself too hard. You spent all your days looking at that guy, but never seemed to notice how Haru cared for you. 

The day he saw you in a breakdown, he felt like crying himself, but managed to walk towards you and pull you in a hug.  Haru wasn’t the type to hug and touch people, but he knew you needed it and he did too. “___, please, stop looking only at him, I’m here too”, he said as he looked straight at you and wiped your tears off. Maybe he was right and it was time for you to let it go, who knows. 


Makoto always looked after you, even when you wanted to be alone, he was always there, watching your steps and holding you when you felt like falling. It was hard for him to see you all gloomy and hopeless, so everytime he could, he would give you little gifts to lift your mood up. He knew what was going on, you told him, how you felt, how much you loved that guy, how he didn’t like you back. Makoto knew he was your friend, at least for the past 3 years, but that didn’t give him the right to break your heart as he pleased. He would discreetly try to pull you away from him, not because of him [Makoto], but because you needed to take your distance, so your wounds could heal. He would take you out to the movies, mall, library, anywhere, everywhere. He’d always ask you where you wanted to go and go with you, he would never leave you alone, until you noticed how much he loved you. “Do you feel better now? You know I would love to help you when you need, I really like you”.  


Nagisa wouldn’t ever let you feel alone and sad when you were with him, he would do anything to hear your cute giggles and to see your bright smile. He knew that sometimes it wasn’t that easy to laugh as if nothing happened, but he would do his best to make it easier for you, he’d always talk to you and buy you sweets, ice cream and everything he thought would help. The blonde would try to shine enough to not let you look at that other guy, who was him? Yeah, it’s working! 


After you told him how you were feeling, he spent a whole day investigating how to deal with that uneasiness you were feeling. He found that doing things you liked, going out often and talking were things that might help you, Rei tried to do everything until he felt your mood changed in a good way. “___-san, please tell me when you feel 100% better, I’ll work hard until you do!”, “I’ve learnt how to lift your spirits up, __-san, let’s work together on it!”, he’d always, always tell you dorky things like those, until you recovered. 


He was mad, really mad. How could someone reject you! You, his beautiful ___. That guy was weird as hell, he totally couldn’t see how beautiful, and perfect, and amazing, and awesome you were! 

When he noticed how sad you seemed lately, he would try to investigate your favorite kind of music or bands, or artist, he would buy you their discs and merch. Rin would suggest you to listen to it together, it worked for him and for you, he would spend more time with you and you wouldn’t feel so lonely, a perfect plan! It would take you some days to notices how in love he was with you, and would blush every time you accepted to go and listen music and hang out together”. 

So recently I wrote a MakoRin fic and just posted it on AO3. This is the preview, if you think it’s interesting enough please support me okay? ^v^

Title: Blind Fold

Pairings: MakoRin, MakoHaru, SouRin (onesided), SouHaru (not really), EruRi (this is a troll, but no), Nagi Rei or ReiNagi (up to your preference because they’re really side characters and won’t be having sex in this fic)

Category: Romance, incest but not really I mean no, a bit sad but lot of fluff and smut too.

Link to AO3

Summary: AU where Makoto and Rin were adopted children of the Smith household (because apparently their parents are gay). Rin was one year younger than Makoto and had a brother complex, while MakoHaru were established boyfriends in the beginning of this fic. Rin’s unrequited love to his brother was getting a reply back.


Chapter 1

It was during that summer, that Makoto realized that he and Rin were something else, rather than just adopted brothers.

_Rin… Rin! – Makoto panted. He was almost at his limit now. He moved his hip faster, with more strength. His cock rubbed inside Rin and its tip kept hitting that one particular spot that left Rin’s whole body trembling.

_Nii…chan…Nii-chan! Haa… Haa. – Rin gasped and moved his hip according to Makoto’s movement. Makoto’s hand was playing with his groin while Makoto’s dick was so deep inside him. This gave Rin both happiness and utmost pleasure. He was moaning in such a sexy way that he himself wasn’t aware of, but it turned Makoto on even more.

_I’m… I’m… coming!

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