au | during a rough landing, Superman accidentally hits Stiles’ jeep and Stiles fangirls a little too much.

Holy shit Scott, I just met Superman. THE SUPERMAN, are you listening to me??
HE EVEN OFFERED TO PAY FOR THE JEEP’S DAMAGES, oh my GOD I think I’m a little in love right now.

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*Clears throat* So Derek can't get drunk but let's just say for a moment that something happens to make him accidentally drunk-ish, like he gets hurt and gets put on werewolfy pain meds or something and anyway he's a little out of it, and Stiles prepares for pretty much everything, angry!Derek, sad!Derek, horny!Derek, but there's one thing he doesn't count on, one Derek that he never thought would control the entire Derek when drunk......... nerd!Derek, specifically, HARRY POTTER NERD DEREK 1/?

who is still REALLY upset about Remus and Tonks mostly, he curls up in Stiles’ lap and plays with his hair and starts asking all kinds of weird and yet also kind of interesting lil questions like “Do you think Buckbeak is happy? Is he eating well? Does he go up to people and snuggle with them at random?” and “Why didn’t they ever use the time turner again if it worked so well the first time?” and Stiles thinks it’s the *cutest. thing* and answers all of his questions and talks to him and is just awesome, “drunk”!Derek will spend hours talking about Harry Potter with the most awe and quiet excitement you’ve ever seen.

Nonnie, you don’t understand.

Derek Hale being a Harry Potter nerd is pretty much my biggest headcanon for him.

(You know, aside from all the angsty, painful, soul destroying headcanons I think about daily….*stares into void*)

I can’t even add to this. It’s so perfect. I would read a thousand nerd, harry potter fan!Derek headcanons tbh. He totally names his first dog after one of the characters - Sirius maybe, which Stiles laughs at for weeks because “really, Derek? You’re naming your dog after the only character who can transform into a dog What are you, five?” - and when Stiles learns how much of a HP nerd he really is, you know he uses all the worst and cheesiest HP pick up lines on Derek. Derek, poor, unfortunate buttercup, blushes every time - his scowl does nothing to hide those pink, adorable cheeks and Stiles is smug af

I always imagine how much time Derek actually spends thinking about the world, too. Stiles is the type of guy to question the world building, to nit pick the little things and start arguments over things like Qudditch and why it’s stupid - I can see Stiles actually using something like that as a point in a totally unrelated non-HP argument, this is Stiles after all - but Derek would be the guy asking things like, “do you think Fred is watching over George?” (let’s not think about how he might be thinking about Laura or his family when he asks this) and “do you think Mrs Weasley would knit Draco a sweater, you know, when Harry eventually gets with him?” 

You also know Derek is the biggest nerd for Hogwart’s history and has read anything and everything there is on it. Stiles is pretty sure if there was a Harry Potter History course somewhere, Derek would enrol in the college just to attend it. (Spoiler: Derek also had a go at parseltongue at one point - come on, the guy is a language babe - and is pretty decent at it. Stiles gets weirdly, horribly turned on by it - “Mm, I love it when you go all bad boy on me.” “Stiles I am a werewolf.” “That doesn’t make you bad. That makes you awesome.” “It does not make me - wait, are you implying parseltongue inherently means someone is bad?” “…oh no, not again…”)

Tbh, lay all the HP nerd!Derek Hale headcanons on me. I have got all the time in the world for them.