dog hug???!!!


I was tagged by @dogsbecausedogs and @ofdreamsandomens to post First Photos and Most Recent photos. But since tumblr only lets you upload 10, and since I just recently posted all their recent photos, I just picked a good photo from everyone’s First Photos that I personally ever took (as opposed to photos by their breeder/Charlie’s shelter).

River at 9.5 weeks

Charlie at about 5-6 months

Timber at 7.5 weeks

Luka at 5 weeks

Loki at 5 weeks

Kiba at 5 weeks

I tag whoever wants to do it ;3

Feysand: On Getting a Pet
  • *Rhysand & Feyre lying on a couch together*
  • Feyre:...I've been thinking...
  • Rhysand:About Me?
  • Feyre:*rolls eyes* No, you Prick. I was thinking that maybe we should get a dog, or maybe even a puppy!
  • Rhysand:*Plays with Feyre's hair* Nope, I don't want to risk you loving a dog more than you love me.
  • Feyre:*huffs* You're so needy.