Today we’re introducing a sketch of some of our newest characters! Based on the Japanese term for the sound a dog makes, “Wan wan!” we are releasing these little guys, based off of small treats (bon-bons).

This new line will be called Wan-Bons, and will feature different breeds of very fat little puppies! Featured here are Shiba Inu, Akita Inu, Pug, Corgi, Saint Bernard, and Pitbull!

What other breeds of Wan-Bon would you like to see in the future? Please like and reblog with your favorite puppy breed(s)! You might just see it as a future design!

Couple saves puppy found frozen to ground

A Greenbrier couple is credited with saving a puppy’s life Tuesday morning after they found the dog frozen to the ground.

April Dickerson told News 2 her husband was leaving for work Tuesday when he heard a dog whining in the back yard. The dog was found under a shed.

Dickerson’s husband slowly melted the ice underneath the puppy to free her from frozen ground.

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—And get this…they are considering keeping her and naming her Elsa because she was found frozen.